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Fixd Reviews 2024- Professional OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool

Fixd Bluetooth scan tool is a compact and lightweight sensor that is used to read and erase error codes. The device works by the sensor being connected to the OBD port and an app. Typically, it is a diagnostic scanner like the Bluedriver scan tool. The device is connected to the app on your phone via Bluetooth. So, it operates wirelessly. Read our Fixd reviews to know more about this Bluetooth scan tool.

Free additional features: No
Are basic features free?: Yes
Need a yearly subscription?: Yes (for additional features)
iPhone compatibility: yes
Clear & reset the error code light: Yes
Premium App Fee: $59.99
Free trial: 7 days
Drain the car battery: no
Monitor tire pressure sensor: Yes
Battery: Not required
Show engine codes: 7000+
Gas-powered vehicles: 1996 -newer
Diesel vehicles: 2008 -newer

Just like Foxwell NT201 and Autel AutoLink AL319, Fixed is a low-budget beginner scan tool. The scan tool is easy to use and helps you to turn off the check engine light. Additionally, the scan boasts a broader range of features that make using this device fun and easy. For instance, the device covers more than 7000 car problems, and it can be connected to more than one vehicle at once.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesFIXD OBD2 Car Diagnostic
 Wear Items:Keep track of battery life, tire tread, and wipers
I/M Readiness STATUS:Yes
Reads freeze frame data:Yes
Display Live Data:Yes
Read/Clears codes:Yes
Vehicle Info Retrieval:Yes
Read Enhanced Codes:Yes
Diagnostic Reports:Code Definition, simplified explanation with additional resources for repairs
Multilingual menu options & code definitions:English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Russian, and Portuguese
Dimensions:1.5 x 0.5 x 1.8 inches
Weight:0.96 ounces
Mileage Detection:Yes
FIXD Vehicle Coverage:Works on all gas-powered vehicles(including hybrids) made after 1996 and Diesel-powered vehicles 2008 or later
Multi-Vehicle Control:3-year warranty
Price:Fixd ReviewsCheck Today’s Price

Continue reading our unbiased Fixd reviews and find out other features, pros, and cons.

Fixd OBD2 Reviews- Wireless Scan Tools for iPhone & Android

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Compact and lightweight

The Fixd Bluetooth scanner is a small and lightweight device. This means that you will move around with it efficiently and without burdening you. Storage isn’t an issue as it will fit in your car compartment or even backpack without occupying a lot of space. Comparing OTC 3211 or OTC 3893 Scan Tool, the scanner doesn’t come with a wider screen.

Wireless connection

No more tangling power cords, as you don’t need them. The Fixd professional scan tool is equipped with Bluetooth, hands-free technology. So, all you need is to download the Fixd app on your phone and link it. After that, you don’t need to worry about the scan tool, as you can diagnose your car from anywhere.

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Easy to use

This is one of the most straightforward scan tools to use, as it doesn’t come with advanced functions like other high-end scanners. After you have plugged it in the OBD port and linked it to your phone, the rest is easy. Simply clear codes from your smartphone.

View more than 7000 car issues

One of the vital features of this wireless scanner is that it allows you to view at least 7 000 car problems from your smartphone.

Provide detailed explanations of error codes

Apart from viewing car problems, the scan tool also gives you a detailed report about what the errors are and how much it will cost you to repair the car. Of course, this varies from one region to another, and it will give you the actual prices or costs in your area.
Check Today’s Price

 A broader range of functions

What’s more, the device has the ability to not only read and erase error codes but as well as perform some additional functions. This includes reading advanced codes such as transmission, tire pressure, ABS, and airbags on a few cars makes and models. Also, the device can monitor wear and tear, freeze frame data, live data, battery life, and windshield wipers.

Control several vehicles at once

A unique feature of the Fixd scan tool is that it can diagnose several cars at the same time. So, if you have more than three cars, you can diagnose them at once. All you have to do is to connect the cars with the app, and you’re good to go.

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Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Before you purchase this Bluetooth scanner, you should take note of this point. The scan tool doesn’t work with windows, but it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Therefore, if you have a windows phone or laptop, you should stay away from this scanner as it will not work.

Remainders about maintenance

Using this gadget is fun as you will always drive your car without any worry. The scan tool reminds you when your vehicle requires maintenance. As a result, your vehicle will still be in a good state as you won’t have to go for checkups now and then.

Vehicle History

The Fixd scan tool can get information concerning health and functionality problems in the car as soon as there is a problem. The best part is that it stores the history of your car problems so that you can refer back when the need arises. This is a unique feature you may not find in other Bluetooth scan tools such as BAFX 34t5. This helps you to know if the problem is repeating itself and how to handle it in the long run.

Continuous monitoring

Unlike other OBD scan tools on the market, this Bluetooth scanner will keep you updated on the status of your vehicle. Hence, you will never have to worry about your car having an issue that you don’t know about.

Pros: Why Buy FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool?

  • It can diagnose many vehicles at the same time
  • Fixd scanner is simple to use
  • It is cost effective
  • It is lightweight and small for ease of storage and transportation
  • Wireless connection
  • Problem details help you diagnose your car easily
  • Works with Android and iOS devices
  • Accepts third-party apps
  • It is very convenient to use as you don’t need to be in the car to read the error codes.

Cons of the Fixd Scanner

How do I use the Fixd OBD2 scan tool?

Using the Fixd car scanner is very easy. But first of all, you need to ensure that your vehicle is compatible with the scanner. The device is compatible with most of the US-made cars from 1996 and newer. If the car is not US-made, then it should be 2006, and the later car makes and models.

Secondly, you need to have an Android or iOS smartphone. This is because it is not compatible with windows phones. Note that it should be iOS 11.4 and above or Android 4.4 and above. So Windows users should use OBDLink LX Bluetooth Scan Tool.

Last but not least, you need to download the Fixd app to your phone and connect it. After that, you should ensure that the app has a signal of three bars or more for optimal performance.

What does Fix Maintenance club mean?

This is an added advantage of owning the Fixd scan tool. When you sign up for Fixd maintenance club, they will send you the parts you need to fix your car. All you need is to send your card information to Fixd, and the company will send you the replacement parts.

Furthermore, the service allows you to decide when your maintenance car parts will be sent. Nonetheless, being a member of this club is free, but you will be charged for parts. Also, the prices charged vary depending on the parts that you’re buying.

How important is the Fixd OBD2 App?

The Fixd scan tool cannot function without the app. As a result, you will have to download the app to your phone to get started. The app enables you to monitor the status of your car and find out if there is a problem. What’s more, the app provides a detailed description of what the error is and its consequences. Therefore, you can tell if your car will pass the emission stats test or not.

The only challenge is that the app only works on iOS and Android devices. So, if you have a windows phone, then the app won’t work on your device. Also, It is not an OBD scanning device for iPhone and MAC users.

Besides, the device gives you milestones so that you are aware of when to diagnose your car. Furthermore, the apps send push notifications so that you understand what is happening in your car at the moment. If you’ve linked several cars, you can simply choose one car and see its status.

Who will use the Fixd Bluetooth scanner?

Since this is not an advanced scanner, it is best suited for domestic car users and not professional mechanics. However, mechanics can still use it to diagnose essential scan tool functions. Besides, this scan tool is very convenient as it allows the user to link it with their phone and diagnose the cars from there.

Conclusion: Is Fixd worth it?

The Fixd wireless scan tool is a reliable and straightforward diagnostic scanner that you will love having on you always. It is compact and lightweight, which means carrying it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Furthermore, it is very convenient to use, as it covers several vehicles at once. As a result, you will always be updated about the issues your car is facing.

However, this is a basic scan tool and not a great professional scan tool to use. Also, it has compatibility issues, which means that you should check for compatibility before buying. Overall, this is a fantastic wireless scanner that will help you to read and erase error codes. Also, it won’t leave you guessing as it provides detailed explanations of the error codes detected. I hope you have got a clear idea after reading this Fixd review article.


The Fixd sensor is not connecting; what should I do?

First and foremost, start by checking the Bluetooth setting and ensuring that it is on. Then, turn on your vehicle ignition system. And if it still doesn’t connect, there is a chance that your sensor is bad or the OBD II port on your vehicle is not receiving power. When you plug in the scanner, there is an LED light that is supposed to flash. So, if the light doesn’t flash, then this means that the OBD-2 port is not getting power. Turn on the ignition. If the sensor does not power up, then you may have blown a fuse.

Can the Fixd Bluetooth scanner help in passing the emission status test?

No, it can’t. However, it will enable you to clear the check engine light. And the moment you remove the light, all the emission systems will be at rest. So, if you take your car for emission testing, the inspector will be capable of seeing that the check engine light was cleared. Afterward, you will be told to drive the car for some days and then come back for testing. When you drive the car for some days, it will automatically reset the emission system. And if the problem is not handled after the check engine light has been cleared, the light will come back on.

Do I have to recharge my Fixd scan tool?

No, you don’t. This is because the Fixd scan tool takes power directly from the car. And because of this, you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or recharging the unit. When you turn on your ignition, you also turn on the Fixd sensor.

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How do I tell if Fixd will work on my car or not?

Fixd Bluetooth scanner works on all OBD2 vehicles made after 1996. But if your car is made in the US, then you should get in touch with Fixd customer support and find out if it’s compatible or not.

Will the Fixd scanner diagnose all the car problems?

No, it won’t. When a scan tool clears error codes, it doesn’t mean that it has fixed the car problems. Instead, it monitors and gets rid of the codes from the engine control unit (ECU). Clearing codes will only turn off the check engine light, but it does not imply that you have tackled the real car problem. So, when you start the car, the ECU will commence monitoring different sensors again, and if it detects the same issue or another problem, the light will turn on.

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