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Repairing ABS module: How much does it cost to repair ABS? 

abs system repair costABS is a vehicle braking system. It utilizes the pressure changing system by releasing and pumping the brake and slowing down the car. The car or motorbike applies the approach when heavy braking is necessary at an emergency time. Sometimes the ABS can be hampered. The sensor contaminated with debris or metal shavings are reliable for causing the ABS hampering. Malfunctions of the system, reckless driving, and sudden breaking out of control can hamper the anti-lock braking system. If there is an issue with your vehicle’s ABS, you have to repair it quickly. Otherwise, it can significantly harm your vehicle.

ABS Repairing Cost: $200-$500
ABS Replacement Cost: $350-$1200
Installing New ABS System (4 Wheels): $1800-$3500

So, it is essential to know the actual cost of repairing the ABS. We will divide the article into three parts. First, we will show you the reasons for the ABS to be fixed, then the initiatives to repair the ABS, and finally, the repairing cost of the system.

What is an ABS System?

The ABS, an abbreviation for the anti-lock braking system, is a braking function for cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles. It uses the pressure of the tire to break the vehicle’s wheel efficiently. The name of the braking system has a significant relation with its work. The anti-lock braking system prevents the car’s wheels from locking when it breaks. So, the system has extensive safety with efficiency. Now, the system has become popular worldwide.

ABS Type:

  • 1 Channel
  • 3 Channel
  • 4 Channel

ABS Parts:

  1. Wheel Speed Sensors
  2. Valves
  3. Pump
  4. Controller
  5. Brake fluid

ABS Light On

Why does The ABS System need to be repaired?

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) is prevalent in this generation. Nowadays, vehicle users can not imagine running their vehicles without using ABS. It works powerfully to break cars, motorbikes, and other cars. There are some problems with the ABS. When they occur in your vehicle, you can not help repair the braking system. 

  • If The braking system becomes Slow or inefficient

You have used the ABS for some years with its enjoyable performance. But, after some time, you feel that your braking is not working as the previous days. When you realize that the ABS can not provide you with a good performance of sufficient braking, you need to quickly replace or repair the system. 

  • If The ABS Contaminated with Debris or Metal Shavings

Sometimes when you go to an adventurous place, your vehicle may get dirty with debris. The sticking debris and metal shavings make the ABS weak day by day. As a result, the system can be problematic and need to be repaired one day. 

If you find the issues mentioned above, you must immediately change or replace your vehicle’s ABS. It will help you keep the car’s condition well and last it along. 

What Are The Symptoms of The Problematic ABS?

For repair, the problematic ABS must be identified. Otherwise, it will be harder to repair or replace. Replacing the ABS without judging the symptom is like treating any patient without getting the possibility of disease. So, getting the symptoms is a must before repairing or replacing the ABS. 

  • ABS Light On

The ABS light indicates all of the issues related to the anti-lock braking system. Even it shows signs of other problems with your vehicle. So, it is the first identifiable symptom of the issue related to the ABS. 

  • A Problematic Speed Sensor

The ABS module is reliable for causing the speed sensor’s problem. When the sensor becomes faulty and can not work efficiently, it is a significant sign of problematic ABS. 

  • Bulb Check Error

There are some vehicles related to checking the bulb. When you start your vehicle, you can notice that for specific cars. Then all of the dashboard lights come on in a few seconds to notify you of the problematic situation. You will see the ABS light turn on without any reason. 

  • An Irresponsible Brake Pedal

The brake pedals have to work appropriately to ensure the perfection of the anti-lock braking system. But, when they do not work successfully, and the braking system becomes looser, you can realize that the ABS has a problem with its strategy. how to depress brake pedal

  • Failure of Speedometer

The speedometer shows you the result of your vehicle’s speed. But, when it fails to deliver the mark for any problem, the ABS becomes problematic. 

  • Traction Control Working Stops

When the ABS brakes the vehicle, it stops the wheels. On the other hand, The traction control slows down the wheels at an accelerating time. The traction control uses a valve in the ABS module to connect the braking system. But, when the module gets broken, the traction controls working can be problematic. Then the ABS becomes unable to use and must be repaired. 

  • The Brake Locks Up

The ABS works to prevent the locking of your braking system. Its function with your vehicle’s wheel works to avoid locking. So, the braking system can be usual and effective without hampering the vehicle’s wheel. But, When the brake locks up sometimes, especially at the time of hard braking, you can realize that the ABS is problematic. 

How to Repair the ABS System?

It is terrible to have problematic ABS. The ABS is essential for braking the vehicle efficiently without locking the wheel. Additionally, it uses tire pressure to ensure a strong brake and make the car safe for driving. 

If you find any issues with the ABS, you may be confused about repairing them. Don’t worry; you will get the initiatives to fix the ABS and make your work easier. 

Firstly, you need to be sure that the vehicle is problematic by judging the mentioned above symptoms. Then, you will choose the best vehicle repairman to solve the time-worthy task efficiently. After finishing his work, you recheck your vehicle as if it is okay. The servicing depends on the material you use and the repairer. So, you have to always try to spend sufficient money to select a good repairman and the best equipment. 

ABS system repair cost

Do you know how many parts you need to replace your ABS? The control module and the wheel sensors are two main parts that need to alternate for the issues. On average, you need $2000 to replace the control module and the four-wheel sensor. Generally, the price range is $1500 to $3500, and you can choose your choice. But keep in mind that you must give priority to the standard. 

Repairing The Control Module:

The control module is one of the parts causing the ABS repair. It is a small computer. Do you know why the module is essential to replace? It is the central control unit for the ABS to maintain the braking system efficiently. It detects the information from the wheel sensors. Then it analyzes and determines the time of applying and releasing the braking pressure. 

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Now, it is time to know about the replacement cost of the module. It is first necessary to determine the repair cost of the entire system. On average, $1000 is the cost of buying a new control module. But there is also a variation of the prices by the item’s standard. The price range of the module varies from $800 to $2000 as per their standards—no need to think that it is a variety of labor prices. The cost varies for the standards of the module. 

The ABS modules are the processors to keep the vehicle’s braking system well. If you have a question about why the replacement cost of the control module is high, you can get the answer to the control module. Incredibly, this part of the advanced cars is costlier than the previous ones. So, you might have to spend more to get better vehicle parts. 

Repairing The Wheel Sensors:

It is also another significant part of the ABS. The sensor has a significant relation with the control module for efficient braking of the vehicle. Detecting the wheels’ speed and sending the result to the control module is the principal work of the sensors. Therefore, the module gets the signal and prepares for braking at the correct pressure of the current speed.  

The control module can not get the signal properly when the wheel sensor becomes problematic. It is a significant restriction against braking the vehicle at the proper speed. So, you have to replace the wheel sensors immediately.Repairing The Wheel Sensors

Most of the cars include four-wheel sensors. If one sensor is problematic, you do not need to repair the entire set. But, it is considerable for you to replace the whole group every seven years. It will keep your vehicle’s wheel sensors well for a long time.

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Each wheel sensor costs around $200. But, you can find the difference between the prices of various models. The price range depends on the models of multiple cars. Generally, the price range is between $80 to $300 as the standard of every car’s model.

The wheel sensors are comparatively cheap to buy. You know, a car includes four sensors. But the old ones include two pieces. So, there is a difference between the old and new ones. Before buying the sensors, you have to be sure as your vehicle is a two or four-wheel sensor. 

Factors Determining The ABS System Repair Cost

The ABS repair cost is in many different ranges. Think about repairing the wheel sensors. You can fix it by expending $300, even $80. But how does the price range vary in different amounts? Some determining effects will affect the price range of the repairing cost of the anti-lock braking system.

  • ABS Type

Three types of anti-lock braking systems are available. They are four-channel, three-channel, and one-channel by the standard of their work and repair costs. You need to pay more for repairing the four-channel. They have four sensors. They are also costlier to buy. ABS. Comparatively,  the three-channel and the one-channel are lower in standard. Their materials are also less valuable. So, it is enough to cost less money to repair the lower-standard ABS.

  • Vehicle Model

The model of the car is the essential factor in determining the ABS repair cost. Some new model vehicles are high in quality, and their parts are also costly. But, low-quality vehicles include less expensive components and low repair costs. So, the repair cost of ABS depends on the model of the car and other vehicles.

  • Vehicle Using Duration

The age of the vehicle is also essential to fix the ABS repair cost. Suppose a new car was brought about a year ago and needs to change the ABS. How much can it cost? Comparatively, less expense will be required for the repair. But, when your vehicle is ten years old, you must change the many parts of the ABS and expense more. So, the time duration of using the car determines the repair cost also.

Things you must avoid

When repairing the ABS, you have to be careful whether the mechanic is an expert or not. ABS is a vital part of your car. It controls the vehicle without locking the wheel. But, when the system becomes problematic, you have to repair it from an experienced repairer.

The mechanic must do some essential work to repair the system.

  • First, he has to identify the problem. He has to confirm that the ABS of the vehicle is problematic. Without having trouble, he must not start the repair process.
  • You have to remove the faulty ABS module. Then he will replace the new one.

Flushing The Braking System is essential. The total braking system should be flushed. The repairer has to flush the braking system for better working of the brake next time.

  • Then he has to add new brake fluid from a sustainable brand.
  • At last, the repairer has to look at the other problems related to the ABS.


The ABS is essential for the appropriate control of your vehicle. You can not get the proper control without ABS when trying to stop your car. So, the system must be problem-free anytime. The user should repair it quickly when there is an issue with the anti-lock braking system. Otherwise, it can lose control and can be reliable for an accident. Moreover, faulty ABS can decrease the comfort of driving. 

The repairing cost of ABS is measurable. If anyone can afford to buy a new model vehicle, he can easily carry the cost of $2000. So, according to the vehicle’s model, the price is related to the user’s ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Replace My Own Vehicle’s ABS System?

If you are not a professional, you can probably not repair the ABS yourself. The system is the coordination of many procedures. So, you have to get a firm idea about the total braking system. Even special equipment is necessary to repair the car’s entire braking system. Without knowing, it is not possible to fix the system yourself.

  • How Long Does An ABS Last?

The durability of an ABS depends on its use. If the user uses it carefully, it can go on for many years. But, if he has a bad habit of rough driving, he can not use the braking system for a long time.  Careful use can assist you in getting the durability of the ABS. A typical ABS can go about 100,000 miles. When you push the brake, it slows down your vehicle gradually. The hard braking stops your car in a moment. But, when a problem occurs, you will find difficulty braking the vehicle, including slowing down your car’s speed and having a terrible sound from the wheels. If you have the lousy practice of pushing the hard brake,  your vehicle will last 50,000 miles.

  • Can I Fit A Low-Standard ABS in A High-Standard Vehicle?

If you use a high-class vehicle, especially the modern one, you must use a costly ABS. When the control module of ABS is hampered, it should cost about $2000. Replacing the wheel sensor, it costs about $300. So, the new model and high-standard cars can not suit the lower-cost ABS. If you try to fit them, the ABS can be hampered.

  • Is Driving Risky When ABS Light Is On?

The ABS light shows you the problematic situations with your vehicle. It shows that you have to check which part of the car is problematic. There is no fear of causing an accident or unwanted event with the ABS light. But it affects the ABS system gradually. Moreover, it does not affect the conventional braking system.

  • How Can I Be Sure That My ABS Is Working?

When the ABS light is turned off, you can be sure that there is no confusion about the natural working of your ABS. As the ABS light turns on for the issues, it has no problem when it remains off. But, another way to assist you in testing the ABS directly exists. Take an icy or loose patch of ground. Now, try to lock up the brakes. If you succeed in doing this, you will understand that the system is okay.

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