Is it safe to get power from the OBD2 port for the dash cam?

Get power from the OBD2 port for the dash cam

In a digital car, the dash cam is a very popular function. Most of the new model cars have this type of camera. This dashboard cam mainly records video, and an onboard camera is used to get this for a car driver. This view helps to know about a vehicle’s front windscreen and also in rear windows.  

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Can a dash cam get power from the OBD2 port?

The dash camera operated with a battery. But the capacity of this battery is not so big, so it needs to supply power externally. And most people love to carry an additional power bank to recharge the battery of the dashcam for operation. But you also get an OBD port in your car. Now you think if you use the OBD scanner as a power bank for this dashcam, is it possible? And the answer is yes. You can use the OBD port as the power supply for your car’s dash cam. It’s safe, but you must keep some issues before using this.

How to connect dash cam with OBD2 port?

First, look after the 16 battery-positive pins or power pins. It needs to be unwitted, which means always connected to battery power. And the camera needs to be able to handle 4.0A because many times, people use multiple dashcams in their car, and one OBD port can supply this much electricity for each cam. So before attaching the camera to the scanner, calculate the voltage of the device. Or it drains all power of the scanner in a moment. And the last one is this power supply also needs a fuse. This thing protects both devices of the car. 

Is it really safe?

So yes, we can use an OBD battery as the power bank of the dashcam. But this is suitable for emergencies. Don’t do this type of work every day. It may harm the total OBD scanning system. But this is a totally safe way to use the PBD battery as a second option for the dash cam. This mall camera is beneficial. It’s located on the windscreen and records everything in front and some distance from the driver. This camera t only gives a  clear view to the driver sometimes, and this recorded clip gets mortises or insurance money for many people. And that’s why the most updated car has this camera. 


As a dash cam’s battery capacity is very low, carrying a single power bank only for this camera will be great for you and your car. Because continuous power from the OBD scanner can reduce the battery backup of this device, buy another power bank to supply power to your dashcam.

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