launch x431 pro3s review

Launch x431 PRO3S+ Full System Bluetooth OBD2 Review

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You may have heard so much about car scanning tools, and there is a wide variety of them available at the super shop, but it is not necessary that all the scanning tools be of good quality. You need to be the most vigilant customer to choose the most suitable and advanced scanning tool for your car. In this article, I will review one of the most splendid car scanners of all time, the Launch x431 pro 3 s+, which is equipped with lots of staggering features; let’s dig deep into the trenches and discuss the ins and outs of this device

  • For Personal & Commercial Vehicles
  • Over 50 Service Reset Functions
  • Full Bi-Directional
  • ECU Coding
  • Key Programming
  • 12+ hours of battery life
  • 3GB RAM & 32GB memory
  • 2 Years of Free Software Updates

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Astounding Features of the Launch x431 pro3s+ Bi-Directional Scan Tool

The Launch x431 pro3s+ is full of tons of emerging features. This scanner can almost scan the top to bottom of the car, and it is incorporated with too many colossal features that make it one of the most unpredictable elements in the scanning arena. In the next phase, we will discuss the astounding features of this scanning gadget.

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Reset

The EPB is used mainly to achieve the optimum locking effect and rejuvenate the braking system performance. If any type of wear and tear occurs on the brake pads and brake pad sense line, then the EPB system generates a humongous sense of emergency that alerts the vehicle’s braking system. The brake pad sense line dispatches a furious signal sense line to the onboard computer to replace the braking pad. After replacing the brake pad, it is necessary to repair the brake pad. If this is not initiated in a proper manner, then all the braking systems may collapse.

Steering Angle Calibration (SAS) module 

If you want to shuffle the steering wheel angle, then you must find out the relative central position of the vehicle, note this point as the landmark, and then start the calculation. The car’s main portion, the  ECU, can evaluate the proper left and right steering angle with no calculation error. Then a replacement of the steering angle position sensor needed to be initiated to figure out where the actual fault was. You must also perform the evaluation of the steering gearbox, steering column, end tie rod, steering knuckle, and so on. In the case of monitoring the four-wheel alignment, you must reset the steering angle. You will find all the diagnosis elements in the single-line Launch x431 pro3s+ scanning model.

ABS Bleeding calculation 

ABS is a mechanism that is architectured to convey and maintain the utmost traction and steering control when the user has initiated extensive braking. If the wheel lock event happens, then the ECU fetches a soft reminder to the appropriate modulator valve to grab, apply or reinvent the brakes as per repercussions. The wheel speed sensors work automatically when the ECU sends a possible signal to this segment. If the ABS computer, ABS pump, controlling cylinder, braking cylinder, braking line, or braking liquid is replaced, the ABS bleeding function acts according to the change. Launch x431 pro3s+ Plus scanning has all the tools to diagnose the full ABS mechanism internally.

TPMS management 

This typical tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is specifically intended for automotive use. It can be taken as the landmark spot to initiate a real-world system based on a complex set of Microchip products. The TPM system is responsible for primarily administering the internal temperature and optimum pressure of the tire of the vehicle. There are a variety of mechanisms that approach the system, although this is one of the most comprehensive auto-location systems. The system components are the TPMS, The TPM system of the following major components: Sensor Transmission Device, RF Receiver mechanism, Low-Frequency administering device, control unit, Tire Pressure Vessel, and many more.Launch x431 PRO3S+ Scanner

IMMO function  

The IMMO anti-theft system is a tremendous addition to the Launch x431 pro3s+. There is an adamant immobilizer that disables the starting procedures of a car’s engine, the ignition system of the car, or the fuel supply. Radiofrequency identification is crucial here to agonize in the ignition key and the radio frequency reader in the steering position. The transponder sends a unification signal to the reader when the ignition key is entered in the car punching loophole. If the code is accurate, the computer initiates the supply of the fuel and ignition systems of the car. And if the code is not in the system, the computer detects the fault code, and the vehicle will be powerless to start until the proper key module is inserted in the ignition.

If you want to impede the unauthorized keypunch, you need to perform the anti-theft key-matching function. The immobilizer control system detects and registers the remote control keys to operate the car.

The instrument panel, ECU, switch key, ignition switch, BCM, or remote control battery need to be rechecked, and the anti-theft key matching should find a portable space to assist the ECU.

The battery management system (BMS)

The most prominent technologies for automotive applications are Lithium-Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminum (NCA), Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt (NMC), Lithium-Manganese-Spinel (LMO), Lithium-Titanate (LTO), and Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LFP) and many more. EV or traction batteries differ from the typical automotive battery in internal combustion engines. All automotive battery chemistries require balancing, monitoring, and cooling systems to control the release of energy, prevent thermal runaway, and ensure a reasonably long life span for the cells.

Lithium-Ion batteries have been available for many years for portable devices such as laptops and mobile phones. Also, BMSs for those devices are available from different IC manufacturers and are already mature. The features of the BMS are Battery modeling, Cell balancing, individual cell voltages, pack current and temperature, Control charge and discharge conditions, Thermal management, Estimation, and communication of important battery parameters. Due to the limitations found on commercially available BMSs, it was decided to develop a new BMS module from scratch using available blocks from main IC manufacturers and add the required targets.

Gearbox repairing 

This function is closely related to the gearbox of the car. The gear-shifting quality is pretty much dependent on this system. When you disassemble or repair the gearbox, it will lead to a shift and delay the initiation of the vehicle. The fuel-air ratio is inevitable for shifting the gear. So the diagnosis tool should also include this to synchronize the scanning system properly. launch x431 pro3s reviews

AFS recheck 

This outstanding AFS feature is meant to be the Adaptive Front-lighting System responsible for light distribution at the frontier headlight so that the guy or vehicle next to the car is vigilant about the running vehicle. It is applied to monitor the adaptive headlight system. With the intensity of the ambient light, the adaptive headlight mechanism may administer the automatically turned-on headlamps.

Bi-directional control

Launch x431 pro3s+ consists of another outstanding feature: the Bi-directional control system. This system can go forward and backward at the same time. It is more like the duplex simulator process in the universal bus system or like the modulator and demodulator system where data can flow on both sides at the same time. Bidirectional control is primarily a generic idea that is applied to describe sending and receiving information between one device and another. The design and initiation of the computer control systems are programmed uniquely to execute the entire scanning system.

ECU Full checking 

The ECU is considered the main governing body of the vehicle. If the ECU turns down, then the whole system may experience a collapse over time. The best feature of Launch x431 pro 3 s+ is scanning in a well-maintained pattern that covers almost all aspects of the vehicle system. The ECU commands the overall modules and internal parts to work correctly and in a soaring manner.

Compatible Vehicle Brands with the Launch x431 pro 3s+

Launch x431 pro 3 s+ is a type of scanner that is almost compatible with the leading renowned brands. It has similar algorithms and software that are mostly compatible with this device. This device consists of the variable OBD2 scanning formation beside the OBD1 module is also evident in the system. So let’s check the inclusive list that shows the compatibility feature associated with this car, Launch x431 pro 3 s+

American Renowned brands

  • Ford, Dodge, Cadillac, 
  • Chevrolet, Jeep, Lincoln,
  • Buick, Chrysler 

Asian popular car brands 

  • Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, 
  • Lexus, Maruti, Holden, Nissan,
  • Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, JAC, JMC,
  • Tata, FAW, SGMW, Changan, Changhe, HAfei,
  • Chery, Mitsubishi, MVM, Mazda
  • Mahindra, Perodua, Jinlong 

European brands

  • BMW, Aston, Martin, Audi, Rolls Royce
  • Bentley, Bugatti, Ford (Europe), Ferrari, Fiat,
  • Jaguar, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz,
  • Mini, Opel, Porsche, Maybach, Rover, Seat, Skoda,
  • Sprinter, Volvo, Volkswagen, VAZ, Vauxhall, Abarth, Saab

Disadvantages of the Launch x431 PRO3S+ Professional Scanner

All products must have some dark sides besides the advantages; the Launch x431 pro3s+ is not an exception. We have seen tons of remarkable features. Now it is time to see some evil sides of this product, 

  • The main disadvantage is that the data and information after scanning can not be printed and have a hard copy of that file because there is visibly no option of the printable live data stream or the freeze frame data.
  • This scanner cannot examine the battery’s health and the position crank and camshaft voltage; when you want to access any PIDs, the overall performance starts to diminish. 
  • The inspection and diagnosis procedures seem too obscure and fuzzy and sometimes require a professional to handle the whole process. 

Warranty and pricing facts

Every purchase depends on the product’s price tag, and you must be happy to hear that this outstanding scanning tool can be availed for under two thousand dollars price tag. This price seems too much for some customers, but the truth is that such a colossal scanning device with so many terrific features should not be too much this Priceline. 

If we talk about the warranty and cashback opportunity, then Launch provides you with an extensive 2-year guarantee that includes any workmanship defect, servicing and mentoring, and 24-hour technical support. That’s not all, and if you have any product malfunction, you can change the item within 60 days or two months of the money-back guarantee. These schemes are so much appreciable, and I bet you are on the way to buying this fantastic scanning device module.

Differences between Launch x431 PRO3S+ and Launch x431 V PROLaunch x431 PRO3S+ vs Launch x431 V PRO

  • Launch x431 Vpro has a quad-core 2 GHz processor; on the other hand, the Launch x431 pro3s+ has eight core 1.8 GHz processors
  • The battery capacity of the Launch x431 V Pro is 5000 mAh, whereas the Launch x431 pro3s+ is incorporated with an 8000 mAh lithium-ion battery.
  • The screen size of the Launch x431 Vpro is 8 inches, and the Launch x431 pro3s+ has a gigantic 10 inches screen.
  • The Launch x431 pro 3 s+ is much more expensive than the Launch x431 V pro. The price differences between these two are massive. Launch x431 pro 3 s+ costs more than one thousand dollars, whereas you can find the other one for less than that price.

Conclusion: Our Launch x431 PRO3S+ Review

The Launch is one of the most demandable market brands that manufactures a wide range of products that bear-related to cars and automobiles. X-431 PRO3 is a powerful Android-based diagnostic tool with several production configurations ranging from commercial to passenger vehicles. Through simple Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication, the scanner diagnoses the full system, including-

  • Reading DTCs
  • Actuation Test
  • Special Functions
  • Clearing DTCs
  • Reading Data Stream

The mobile Internet also integrates One-click Updates, Remote Diagnosis, Repair Data, and Solo Business Manager, which helps diagnose vehicle issues more efficiently, significantly increasing customer retention and boosting shop revenue.  


Does this device have an anti-theft program keys diagnosis tool?

You do not need to worry because this product has an in-built IMMO function that is quite tremendous And works really well in giving sheer protection to your car. The program keys are changed into a different code of conduct if the car is tried to steal. The real information about the car is saved in the VIN mode of this device. So, there is almost no chance of it being stolen. And it is not mandatory to buy any extra protection device to protect the car as it is incorporated with the automatic IMMO function keys. 

Are the special features free of cost, or do you need extra dollars for initiation?

There is no added cost for the initiation of the extra special features. You can access them after buying the device. The basic and special features are both fully free to use, which is a splendid advantage of this device. But if you want to use any additional software for any brand-specific module, you may have to pay that extra bucks, and the validity of that software is normally not more than twelve months.

Is Launch x431 pro3s+ durable enough?

Launch x431 pro3s+ comes with a fantastic enclosed anti-slip and anti-grease protective sleeve that is scratch–resistant. The protective screen layer works as a safeguard and protects it from any type of hazard. Suppose it slipped from the hand and got damaged; worry not. Just change the protective screen And replace it with a new one. This device is also built with super durable materials, so you remain tension-free about the gadget.

Where is the DLC located in the vehicle?

The DLC, which is termed a Data Link Connector or Diagnostic Link Connector, is normally the crucial standard 16-pin connector where the diagnostic code readers interface is located. It is solely connected to the vehicle’s onboard computer system. The DLC is unanimous to the center of the instrument panel or the dashboard; It may be located under, around the driver’s seat, or under the vehicle’s hood. If DLC is not found under the dashboard, there must be a label that indicates the actual location of the DLC. In some Asian and middle east vehicles, the DLC is located underneath the vehicle’s ashtray, which is accessible to the connector. If the DLC cannot be found, then you need to check the service manual that is served while purchasing the OBD2 scanner.


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  1. I like too thank you for the clarification, today people mouths are to eat not to speak. Companies are all computers no personal touch. I will be ordering a 431 Pro-Mini.

  2. I like too thank you for the clarification, today people mouths are to eat not to speak. Companies are all computers no personal touch. I will be ordering a 431 Pro-Mini.


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