P06DE CodeTechnical description of DTC P06DE 

There are tons of error codes, and the powertrain control module(PCM) sneaks through these codes in the shortest possible time. The DTC P06DE is a common generic code that denotes the “Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit Stuck On.” That means that the engine oil pump features seven contagious vanes concerning some Pressure Control Circuit elements. These continuously adjust to maintain a regulated oil pressure supply. Sometimes the pump displacement can even occur, which is devastating for the main engine of the car.

The PCM interprets any changes in resistance as the actual oil pressure at that moment. The engine speed also depends on the voltage signal and the pertinent oil pressure. The PCM is solely programmed to recognize a vast range of signal voltages. These have been compared to the vehicle’s primary oil pressure range. In the end, the PCM detects an abnormal signal voltage and signals the check engine light in operation. That’s how we get to know that there is something wrong with the vehicle’s internal system.

Car brands that show DTC P06DE

This DTC code also made my life burdensome since I observed this problem a few months ago. This particular issue is initiated when the check engine light is in operation when you are driving the car. The CEL is very much sensitive to sneaking something irrelevant, and the main proceedings in the process are when the sensors and wirings are in a state of unforgiving hazards.

Each time the light came on, I got amused to see such an incident. I examined the oil pressure that has been counting on 30-40PSI. This pressure should be in a state where it meets the sample resources, and the range must be at the standard level. Otherwise, it will create a severe resurgence in the system. Though I was driving a Ford, some other car brands are also prone to producing this code, like the Dodge Caravan, jeep Wrangler, Chevrolet, Mazda and Cadillac CTS, and so on.

Particular symptoms of DTC P06DE

There are so many progressive symptoms of DTC P06DE, and here we will take the toll to describe the symptoms in a befitting manner,

Probable reasons for DTC P06DE

A car is very prone to emitting error codes, and it does not matter which model of the car you own; just keep in mind that you will be affected someday by the deadly error codes. To avoid these errors, you need to be acquainted with the Probable reasons for DTC P06DE. Without further ado, let us witness the reasons behind the initiation of the DTC P06DE, Engine oil pressure sensor

How to diagnose the trouble code P06DE?

We will observe the complete diagnosis process in some simple steps, 

Oil Filter

At the very outset, you must diagnose the oil filter chamber and those subjects related to the engine fuel consumption. Ensure that an OEM-specified oil filter is in a triggering point, and you might also be checking the oil change history to ensure that the oil has the correct viscosity and density. Correct intervals and proper oil viscosity are crucial for the perfect gesture in the oil compartment.Oil Filter

Oil Pressure Sensor

In the next stage, diagnose the Oil Pressure Sensor, then turn the ignition on so that the car remains at a balanced temperature. Test drive or operate the vehicle with the scanning tool that is available to you. Then read DTC and record the repair order unanimously. Oil Pressure Sensor


In the next stage, check and diagnose the resistance, reference, and grounding voltage. Then take the manual and compare it with the values you exerted from the primitive diagnosing. Then turn your attention to the sensors, check the circulation diagram of the sensors and then compare that with the manufacturer’s specific manual. diagnose the resistance and voltage


The PCM sometimes explodes as it gets outdated, and it needs a reinstallation of the system and the software that has been excruciating internal observations for a long time. Ahead of the game, you can diagnose every skeptical arrangement obstructing the normal ongoing procedures.PCM

Complete the Troubleshooting process of DTC P06DE

The repairing process of DTC P06DE is as simple as its diagnosis process. Let us check the complete fixing process of this code, 

At the very beginning, Clear the codes manually by pressing the delete option shown in the scanning tool. Then check and repair the fuel level and correct the oil’s viscosity and density. Nonetheless, also repair the oil filter and remove all the clogs from this segment. Check the oil pressure with a mechanical pressure existence gauge. On top of that, check the sensors and the connectors of the system with the defined tools. Finally, check the timing components, including the timing chain and tensioner. Furthermore, install a new software system for the ECM and make sure that the software package is purchased from a certified outlet. By following these guidelines, you can easily repair the DTC P06DE.

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