P0733 Code

P0733 Code: Dirty/insufficient transmission fluid in 3rd gear

P0733 CodeDTC P0733: What does it mean?

The vehicle’s main control unit, which we call the ECU, relentlessly monitors the main engine’s speed and RPM. The transmission output speed and throttle position must be in a particular position to diagnose the error codes. The DTC P0733 refers to the “Gear 3 Incorrect Ratio,” denoting that the shifting into the 3rd gear has not been elevated appropriately. This refers to the vehement issue that takes place in third gear. Because of this inconvenience, the car lost its actual speed and mileage as it failed to shift the 3rd gear in the advancing position.

The automatic transmission to the 3rd gear position is being hampered due to excessive dirt in the file, or maybe the transmission fluid is not enough in the valve solenoid. The PCM is responsible for controlling the electric and diagonal transmission at the gearbox. More than one gear ratio spikes the vehicle speed and also the energy to the maximum output. The particular difference between the rotational speed of the RPM and the transmission output speed sensor can vary in some prospects. The ECM can measure the compounding speeds in various gear positions, starting from the first gear.oil control valve

Possible Reasons

Here I am depicting some of the valid reasons for emanating the DTC P0733.

  • The main cause of the erection of the error code P0733 is the plunged transmission fluid level in the car’s main oil control valve. The transmission speed sensor could be feeling the downside that creates a haphazard situation in the vehicle. 
  • The transmission fluid might be contaminated, or the mechanic might have used the wrong viscosity oil in the car. Transmission clutch issues can also propagate the error code P0733. 
  • Transmission oil leakage can badly harm the mileage of the car. Low fuel pressure could be the biggest culprit for building up consequences in the third gear. Corroded hard shifts can be one of the causes of emanating the error code.
  • The PCM is the sole survivor that makes the shifting of the gears in the right vehicle speed and throttle position. The transmission control module is wrenched in the worst way.
  • Sometimes, transmission slippage can happen in the combustion and exhaust chamber. Corroded and chafed electrical wiring may be very much insignificant for the gear system of the car. 
  • Overheating due to extreme speed can also be painful and emanate from DTC P0733. If the connections or pins are worn out, then it can also create severe discrepancies. 

Common Symptoms

There are so many symptoms that the error code P0733 insisted on, and as many as codes can be put down through the normalized tenure. Let us some of the common Symptoms of the error code,

  • The lack of intermittent conditions can be one of the most typical Symptoms of the error code P0733. There should be much importance to their codes’ diverse interim abilities. The lack of engine power might be one of the most natural symptoms of all time. Reduced engine performance can be the most effective canvas for the car.
  • Slow speeds can be one of the most indigenous Symptoms of this code. Harsh shifts can also be prominent in some brands of cars. Some cars may propagate the transmission slipping very often. You must be in a stance about counterattacking the slippage issues of the engine. Erratic gear shift patterns can be indigenous to the system.
  • The transmission of the engine may be faulty in case there are not adequate fluids in the system, and the generation of sludge and clogs can also cause the smooth circulation of the deliverables.
  • The vehicle is not shifting into the right gear. It means that gearing might be having some effects on the interim fuel control system. Engine stalling may be one of the vehicle’s biggest gambling because it has a tremendous rendezvous on the engine’s upholding system.
  • The car may show indications of getting stuck in 3rd gear. That means this car cannot instantly reach the next gear shift if not checked properly. Poor fuel economy is a constant symptom of the vehicle.

What are the conditions for running the code P0733?

There are some preconditions for running the diagnosis and the inspection of the error code P0733. If these conditions are not activated, then you can face extreme interruptions in performing the diagnosis. Here are the ideal conditions that must maintain, 

  • You must remember that ample pressure is being created on the hydraulic expansion system. The internal speed of the output must be greater than 200 RPM.
  • The initialization of the main engine must be shut down. If it is on them, the diagnosis could face some rustic situation.
  • There should be no shifting as well as no idling in the combustion chamber. You must maintain an optimum temperature while performing the diagnosis. 

How to Diagnose and Repair DTC P0733? 

The diagnosis and repair process can be performed simultaneously. In this phase, I will elaborate on these insiders in a settled manner. 


First, connect the professional OBD2 scanner with the car and check for further codes. Depending on the code, you might need to address these at the very beginning. Then detect the codes and try to resolve them by pressing the delete code option.


After that, check the fuel’s transmission oil level and viscosity and maintain the least possible temperature in the combustion chamber by adding the correct amount of oxygen to it. Take a test drive of the vehicle to check the operating temperature.


Examine the speed of the sensors. Perform an unplugging if the transmission speed sensors are not working properly. You can apply a digital multimeter to test resistance values within the sensor.


Check the circuits. Take help from the service manual guide to identify the perfect wires attached to the speed sensor circuits. Check the shorts and openings in the wires. Replace sensors if they have been devastated in the process. Finally, repair the ECM software.  

Other error codes related to P0733:

You may find a lot of codes that are related to the error code P0733. If you give a close look at these codes, then at a time, you can manage a lot of error incidents. Those similar codes are, 

Possible codesPossible Meaning of the code
P0729Gear 6 incorrect ratio
P0731Gear 1 incorrect ratio
P0732Gear 2 incorrect ratio
P0733Gear 3 incorrect ratio
P0734Gear 4 incorrect ratio
P0735Gear 5 incorrect ratio
P0736Reverse incorrect gear ratio


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