Can OBD read mileage

Can OBD read mileage? How to check the mileage on a car?

There are many updated scanners available on the market now. Each and every one comes with tons of extra functions. So people get confused with all these features. Like decoding the trouble code, turning off the MIL, clearing the trouble code from the car, etc., but the main thing about this OBD is finding any issue in the car in a single moment. But for others, additional features come with this in-one device. Just like that, knowing the mileage is crucial for maintaining your car. So here we are talking about whether you can get mileage data from the OBD scanner or not.

Can OBD read and show mileage data?

Knowing the mileage is really important for car insurance, and that’s why many companies attach a device like an OBD2 scanner. But this is not a perfect solution to use OBD for checking the millage. I know this scanner has versatile you can use this for checking the mileage for many purposes.

The first option OBD scanner makes for checking trouble issues in the car. So this scanner doesn’t get you an accurate reading of the millage of the vehicle like an Odometer. But OBD can give you an approximate reading about the car’s mileage from its start to the end of the driver tips, so this is just an assumption of the distance from the beginning to the end of the destination. The result is inaccurate, so measuring millage with an OBD scanner is not recommended.How does OBD2 measure the mileage

Another thing is this scanner needs to be installed correctly. Otherwise, it can quickly stop working after some time. And that’s why it’s not only giving you the wrong mileage but also sometimes causes a car’s battery to die. So it’s mandatory to place the OBD scanner perfectly.

Suppose you are seeking a policy that many car users know how to unplug the OBD scanner from the car. So when they go for a long drive, they just unplug the device very easily; after some time, they just put it back in an older place. So policy people don’t measure the actual number of cars driving. So using the OBD to measure the mileage of any car is not a good idea, but you can use it for the mileage idea. But this device doesn’t give you a perfect measure of distance.

How does OBD2 measure the mileage?

To find the mileage of any car with the help of an OBD2 scanner, first, you need to install software for this. You can find many apps in the play store, and if you got an Android system scanner, then go to the play store and install one of them like Triplog. These cans give the scanner access to the Odometer reading directly. And from there, you get a perfect error-free millage, they claimed. You can try this way, but I can’t assure you that’s work or not. Nut, you get an idea about this easily, I think.

How do you measure the mileage of a car with an OBD scanner?

Now you may think, what is the process or device that can help you out from this and give actual mileage? You can find many VIN-related websites on the internet. From this, you can get the comprehensive history of your car. And this information can easily get about the car’s mileage. 

Now every car is smart and upgraded. And they use API technology to find the millage. This kind of information is very important for every car insurance company. And API helps them out. This can easily read the Odometer, giving an accurate mileage output. And using this technology is very easy and reliable.

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