P242B Code

P242B Trouble Code: How to Decode and Fix the Issue?

P242B CodeWhat is the meaning of the P242B code? 

The P242B code is one of the most dominant codes that are underneath the maximum and unfavorable circumstances in the preceding generic powertrain codes. This code determines the “Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Range and Performance Bank 1 Sensor 3“. This code is deeply related to the Exhaust Gas Sensor Temperature Circuit, and the EGR is responsible for over-starting the exhaust gas. It reduces temperature and combustion pressure and controls nitrogen oxides.

The exhaust gas temperature sensor’s function is to monitor the recirculation system’s temperature. And adjust the flow accordingly with the EGR valve, which is built based on a conventional temperature-sensitive resistor sensor. When the PCM reads extremely low voltage and the valve timing fuel ratio is not at the standard level, it will be pretty much obvious that it sends a signal to the MIL. The CEL has been illuminated through this signal, and thus, it has been tempted as an error code.

Short Overview: Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor 

Mainly, the Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor is an integral part of the exhaust and combustion chamber. It is surmounted in the exhaust manifold or near the EGR valve, which is very much decisive in the system. The working temperature for the Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor is within the standard range. The SCR system maintains the engine control strategy. This sensor is capable of withstanding more than 1100 degrees Celsius. The moisture-proof compound and the flexible pigtail connectors are the prime attraction of this sensor. The circuit, including the sensor, can resist 1000 ohms, and the supply voltage operates around 5V. The maximum current that can pass through the sensor is 2.7 mA. That’s how this sensor plays a vital role in managing the exact temperature in the Exhaust Gas chamber.

What are the symptoms?

The primary driver symptom of a P242B code is a MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) illuminated. It is also called Check engine light is on. Let us have some symptoms checked in this phase. The control lamp may illuminate the control panel and will light up when the code is saved into memory as it is a dangerous intruder in the system. Increased emission of harmful particles in the exhaust may be one of the perilous symbols of the P242B code.

The engine noise might be soaring up and reach its limit of the subdued outfall; The worst rattling may also be present in the vehicle. Black and white fume emission from the exhaust pipe might be the clear symptom that the car is facing some disastrous effects inside it. Excessive exhaust odor is another daylight symptom. These symptoms can be turned into symbiotic misleadings when it exceeds the limit of the ongoing crisis in the system memory.

What are the common causes?

Reasons behind the propagation of the DTC P242B could be some of the shocking adjustments in the inherent system of the vehicle. Those common causes are depicted here in a detailed manner. What are the common causes

  • Extreme leakage in the gasket valve and the exhaust gas temperature sensor tank might be so excessive that it destroys the imbalance in the gas tank.
  • The wiring harness and sensor may be damaged. Intermittent roleplay with the control unit might be injured badly. The exhaust gas temperature sensor can face extreme hostility and corrosive effects due to the lack of fluids in the respective compartment. 
  • The defective exhaust system causes severe pressure problems at the juncture between the foremost signals and the rearmost wheels. The exhaust gas temperature sensor feels agony. As a consequence, the ignition fails to operate smoothly.
  • Exhaust gas temperature bank one sensor three circuits might be experiencing bad electrical connection. The hierarchy in between these compartments may be doing with haphazard implications. The PCM is enduring the worst effects of an ancestral software package that needs an upgrade. 

How to diagnose and troubleshoot error code P242B?

The adroit mechanics can simultaneously diagnose and fix the error code P242B. So here I am elaborating on the diagnosis and repair process in a step-by-step procedure, 

Check electrical components

In the very first stage, you need to have a visual inspection of all electrical components, including all the mismanagement and the exhaust gas temperature sensor circuit, getting the maximum priority in checking the internal components. The position of the cam and the crankshaft must be in a dubious positive that the internal sensor can fix the collaboration between them. Then attach the smart OBD2 scanner to the main port of the car. That’s how primitive diagnosis and repair are in the process.exhaust gas temperature sensor circuit

Check if there is any leakage

In the next step, you need to read all stored data, including the error codes. After that, visually inspect the exhaust gas temperature sensor. Keep in mind that you should pay close attention to the exhaust gas leakages as they could be very dangerous for the car. Also, check the sensor itself and the wiring harness that fits into the juncture. Excessive temperatures can damage plastic and rubber wires. If the damage has been done, then there is no other choice but to have the forthcoming multitudes in testimony.Check if there is any leakage

Voltage and Sensor

For testing the sensor, you can use an ohmmeter. The resistance should drop when the sensor catches temperature. You must perform the filter cleaning routine so that OCV can have a smooth journey to the end of the diagnosis procedure.

Examine the resistance and the voltage of the car and use the multimeter and odometer in case to get the perfect summation. Inspect if the voltage short is happening on the scanner. Some car brands make too much sense with this code. Audi, Chevrolet, Dodge, Mercedes, Land Rover, and so on are some of them. These cars have a smart and spectacular alignment of battery adjustments. So checking and repairing the resistance and the voltage of the battery is very much crucial.

Clear the OBD2 code

In the last stage, replace the quirky sensor that is attached to the particulate filter. Replenish the defaults in the wiring and the connection to the exhaust temperature sensor. Carefully adjust the defects in the PCM for a short circuit. Delete Error Code Permanently by pressing the delete code option. Disable DTC Error Code for P242B in the ECU. Option to permanently remove the function of the specific error code. Then clear the error codes and test drive the vehicle. Update the new package software for the PCM, and that’s it. You are ready to have an error-free vehicle.

Codes that are similar to the DTC P242B

There are a bunch of codes almost harmonious to the DTC P242B, and if you acquire enough prudence about the ins and outs of about only one code. These similar codes have almost the same symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and repair process. So have a keen look into these codes so that you can acquire the benefit of the all-in-one dynamism of trouble codes. 

Error codesElaborate meaning of the code
P242AExhaust Gas Temperature Sensor and Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 3
P242DExhaust Gas Temperature Sensor 3 Circuit High Voltage
P242EExhaust Gas Temperature Sensor 3 Circuit Intermittent Bank 1 Sensor 3
P242BExhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Range and  Performance Bank 1 Sensor 3


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