P246F code

P246F Code: Exhaust gas temperature sensor 4 bank 1

P246F codeWhat does the P246F code mean?

Generally, the P246F code is denoted as one of the most vital and strange types of generic powertrain code. The P246F error code elaborates on “Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Performance Range Mismatch (Bank 1 Sensor 4)“. The EGT is one of the vital components in the vehicle as it is the portion that is capable of the right circuit continuity. The PCM monitors the sensor of the Exhaust Gas Temperature, and the PCM sends an error code to the OBD2 scanner, and then it is visible to the monitor; it generally signifies that there is something fishy in the combustion chamber and you need to fix that as soon as possible.

Quick Causes for P246F Code:

  • Malfunctioning Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) sensor.
  • Blocked or damaged DPF.
  • Faulty wiring or connections in the DPF circuit.
  • Engine control module (ECM) issues.

Quick Solutions:

  • Inspect and replace the DPF sensor if needed.
  • Clean or replace the DPF.
  • Check and repair wiring and connections.
  • Diagnose and rectify ECM problems.

Where is the Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit located?

The exhaust gas temperature sensor’s function is to monitor the recirculation system’s temperature. And adjust the flow accordingly with the EGR valve, which is built on the basis of a conventional temperature-sensitive resistor-type sensor. It is mainly located in front of the diesel oxidation catalyst chamber. There could be another location where you can find the Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit, and that place is in the frontier section of the diesel particulate filter (DPF). If you see the EGTS is failing in a miserable way to conform to the factory reset specifications, the powertrain control module (PCM) is responsible for setting the error code P246F.

What are the Particular symptoms of DTC P246F?

You might be in a stance when you find something that is not that usual with the car, and there has been something peculiar in the understanding of the vehicle. In this section, I am bringing you to the most shocking symptoms of DTC P246F, 

  • One of the most common symptoms of any error code is thinking of It is such a kind of symptom that it is the most primitive one.    
  • Excessive rattling noise from the main engine could be one of the biggest symptoms of a defective vehicle combustion and exhaust chamber. 
  • Previous black and white fumes are other forms of the blackness of fitness of the car. It is a typical symptom of any error code.
  • The car could be fainting while turning the ignition key, and a stalling mode may be turned on to save fuel on the car. The limping mode might be in the operation of these codes that are ready to appear. 

Possible reasons for DTC P246F?

The reasons are so simple and understandable after all those obstacles and symptoms have occurred. Let us see the possible reasons for the DTC P246F.

  • There may be an unpredictable type of leakage in the gasket of the exhaust gas recirculation temperature sensor, which makes the combustion procedure more haphazard.
  • The exhaust pipe leaking out the crack inside the combustion chamber may be one of the prominent causes of this code’s invincibility. The wiring harness circulating the electrical wiring in a suitable condition must be why this code is in action.
  • A faulty PCM Is always considered one of the main reasons for any code in action. The Short circuit to the ground may be one of the main causes of disastrous error code propagation.
  • The ignition key may be somehow damaged, and the vehicle’s fuse could be facing something stringent that indicates it has been experiencing a bad blown a fuse; this is one of the massive causes of exerting the DTC P246F. 

How to diagnose and Repair the DTC P246F?

The diagnosis and repair of the DTC P246F can be made tremendously harmoniously in a simultaneous mechanism. Let us witness the diagnosis and Repair process in a stage-by-stage manner.

Check electrical connection

In the very beginning, you need to have a visual inspection of the wirings and electrical connectors. In the next steps, you need to diagnose if the Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor was working in a righteous manner. Then it could be stated that The sensors must be repaired and replaced if they are erroneous. 

Leakages Check

In the second stage, you must visually inspect the exhaust gas temperature and search for leakages in the internal combustion chamber. If there is any kind of error in the readings of the resistance and the voltage, then repair those with the help of an ohmmeter and multimeter. 

Install the latest software

It would be colossal if you diagnosed the exhaust gas temperature sensor harness so that it can detect unfavorable conditions in the vehicle. Check and fix these harness module systems. Then check the PCM if it is providing the best service it needs. If not, then update the software of the PCM and try this upgraded one.

Check valve & filtering system

Check the oil control valve and the oil filtering system if they have gathered any sorts of adamant clogs and sludge in the particular location. If the oil level is not determined, then the vehicle cannot reach the mileage that it needs to do so. The oil density and temperature must all be checked and replaced to eradicate the error code.

Other diagnosis codes related to the DTC P246F?

Some other diagnosis codes are very much similar to the DTC P246F, and if you know about those codes, you will cover almost every code that is related to the Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor, no matter which bank or sensor it is, just follow one code very seriously and take as the benchmark. Here is a list of some possible codes that are more or less similar to the DTC P246F, 

P2470 is denoted as the “Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Low Bank 1 Sensor 4.”

P2471 this code is for the “Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit High Bank 1 Sensor 4.”

P2472 code is crucial in justifying the “Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Intermittent Bank 1 Sensor 4.”

P246E is the representative of the “Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 4.”

What are the ideal conditions for running DTC P246F?

The error codes do not emanate from any condition. It needs some particular conditions to operate. Let’s have to see those ideal conditions for the DTC P246F, 

The engine must be running for at least a certified time, which is noted as within 300 to 327 seconds. The engine’s speed should be within 700–3000 RPM in a single minute. The exhaust gas temperature sensor 4 operates at an optimum temperature that is less than 7°C in an inclusive five-second time-lapse. The fuel rate per serving must be between 10 to 80mm³ in a single minute and inclusive. The DPF regeneration or exhaust gas temperature monitoring must be activated for several minutes as it can repress the ultimate calculations in a specified time section. The temperature of the exhaust gas sensors and the engine coolant temperature sensor values should not exceed 3 degrees Celsius. You need to stabilize the engine after it reaches a certified temperature. Always remember that high resistance in an exhaust gas temperature sensor circuit adds fuel to propagate the DTC P246F.

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