Both automotive mechanics and vehicle users must keep their automotive tools with them. Significantly, the mechanics need the tools for every essential repair task. A mechanic’s toolbox should be filled with all types of equipment necessary to fix common car issues.

Tool list for automotive technicians

We can divide the types of automotive tools into two different categories:

  1. Basic tools
  2. Secondary tools

What are the basic tools?

Basic automotive tools are defined as the types of equipment that are cheaper in price and must stay in each automobile shop. If some of these tools are present, the automobile repairman can avoid facing a big problem because the basic tools are necessary for almost every task.


If you want to tighten the nuts and bolts of the vehicle you are repairing, you must use the proper size of pliers. If you have a good budget, you should keep several sets of pliers in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, you can remove every nut and bolt from your vehicle when necessary.

Hand gloves

There is no alternative to hand gloves for the vehicle owner and repairmen. Every vehicle uses several types of automotive chemicals and oils. These types of materials may affect your skin if it has a high level of sensitivity. So, you must use hand gloves to protect your hands.

Hand cleaners

An automotive mechanical store is a dirty place. Moreover, it is not possible to wear hand gloves at every moment. So, automotive mechanics must wash their hands expertly after closing their automotive stores every day. Choose the best hand cleaner that can disinfect your hands with the best performance.

Paper towels

Paper towels are necessary to keep your garage free of dust or bad stains. So, you can wipe down your garage instantly when it looks dirty. You can also use a piece of cloth instead of a paper towel, but a paper towel can be a smart solution.

Air compressor

Filing the vehicle’s tires is essential in small and large automotive shops. So, the shop owners must have air compressors. This device also runs pneumatic tools. Impact wrenches are also these types of tools that can be run by air compressors.

Brake degreaser

Vehicle users and makers know how important the brake is. The brakes cannot be controlled properly if they have too much grease or fluid. As a result, there is a high possibility of an accident. So, the repairmen should keep a brake degreaser in their automotive shops so that they can remove grease and fluid from the brakes and make them perfect for work.

WD-40 is a famous lubricant material.


The hammers provide leverage not only for carpenters but also for other professionals. When any part of a vehicle is attached so strictly that it is hard to remove, you should use a hammer to apply the proper force to the part and remove it.


Sometimes, you must work in the dark. When you face load shedding or other types of disconnection of electricity, you have to use a suitable flashlight so that you can repair the vehicle instantly. Therefore, you should not wait for electricity.

What are the secondary tools?

The secondary tools are examples of those kinds of tools, which may not be available in all mechanical shops. But these types of instruments are also essential for repairing a vehicle entirely. Significantly, the larger automotive repair shops must have these types of tools because they have to face various types of issues with several vehicles.

Car creepers

You may not feel proper comfort when you start working beneath your car. But, when you sit or lie on the car creeper, you will get a comfortable surface while repairing the vehicle. Moreover, you can be free from the pain in your knee and other joints.

Molding removers

Mold removers are the necessary tools for removing mold from the body and parts of the car. These molding removers are made from plastic instead of metal so that the parts and body of our vehicle are not scratched. However, mold removers are trusted products because vehicle owners have recourse to them when they do not have any other solution to clean the mold from their vehicles.

Torque wrench

The torque wrenches are applied to the fasteners, like nuts or bolts. Every tire-changing activity mostly needs these wrenches. Moreover, car mechanics also use wrenches for transmission and engine rebuilding tasks.

Flexible magnet grabber

This magnet grabber is used for lining up the north-seeking poles of the atoms in the same direction. The flexible magnets are made from flexible rubber blinders. We should extrude the sheets to make them magnetic. We can easily roll the material and give it a good shape because the binder is also flexible.

Bottom Lines

Both small and large instruments are necessary to keep in an automotive mechanic’s shop. So, you should be sure that your shop has enough space to include these types of automotive handy tools.

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