Total Car Diagnostics Review- Best OBD2 Software For Windows

One of the most irritating things when driving a car is seeing the check engine light turn on. Not only does this light make you worry, but it also means that you have to visit a mechanic. But in some situations, the cases are so minor but will cost you several dollars.

If you want to save money and time when the check engine light comes on, you should get a reliable OBD/OBD2 scan tool. Nonetheless, since there are many OBD2 software tools on the market, you need to acquire dependable software like Total car diagnostics. So it is important to go through the full Total Car Diagnostics review article.

Total Car Diagnostics Reviews in 2024

Also referred to as Toad Pro, Total car diagnostics software is easy to use and has many functions compared to other popular OBD2 software. This tool will save you time and money but still ensure that your car runs smoothly.

CEO: Alex E.
Brand Origin: Australia
Developed in: Australia
Head Office: Byron Bay, NSW 2481, Australia
Phone: (+61) 401 605 241
Warehouses: Australia, Canada, USA, UK, and Singapore
Supported Systems: Engine and Transmission
NOT Supported Systems: ABS, SRS, Brakes, and Airbag
Operating System: Windows (32/64 bit)

Supports Controller Modules Protocols Supported OBD Protocols
  • CAN Bus
  • ISO-14230 (KWP2000)
  • ISO-15765 (CAN)
  • SAE-J1850
  • ISO-9141
  • CAN [11bit and 29bit]
  • ELM327
  • OBD1 & OBD2
  • JOBD
  • EOBD
  • ADR
  • JDM

How Does Toad Pro Work?

The Toad Pro works straightforwardly. This tool comes with a graphic interface that is straightforward to read and excellently organized. Like other OBD/OBD2 dongles and software, Total car diagnostics software communicates with your car’s computer to tell why the check engine light is on and other and provides other diagnostic information.

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Moreover, the device can as well as help you to alter the software in your car. As a result, you get better gas mileage and extra horsepower. One of the most vital uses of the Toad Pro OBD diagnostic tool is its ability to interpret optimal parameters. The device will tell you when one of the parts of your car is outside optimal parameters. This is important as it can save you from having a dead battery that can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Pros: Why buy Toad Pro?

  • It is pretty affordable.
  • The device offers both OBD2 software and ECU mapping
  • The software lets you know if the system is outside normal parameters
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of cars
  • The scan tool resets warning lights on your car
  • It comes with a wireless version for ease of use
  • The device comes with 17 software systems to make sure you’re always up to date
  • It has lifetime system updates across all programs
  • It comes with a 1-year warrant

Comparison: Why Choose Toad Pro And Not Any Other OBD2 Software?

Even though there are several OBD software and dongles on the market, a few are better than the Toad Pro software. Some of the software that competes with Toad Pro are FORscan and Auto Doctor.

FORscan is a popular OBD software with outstanding features. However, this scan tool is not better than the Toad Pro for several reasons. First of all, this tool is compatible with a handful of car makes, including Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, and Mercury vehicles.

Secondly, FORscan uses only a lite version of the tool on mobile phones. Therefore, if you desire to enjoy all the features of this OBD2 software, you will need to use a tablet or windows-based laptop. Additionally, despite this software allowing some free readings, most functions have to be purchased.

Another popular software that you may have come across is Auto Doctor. This OBD2 software is popular because it is free to download. However, the manufacturer uses this hack as the software is not totally free. You will have to purchase the License, or most of the information will stay locked.
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Aside from requiring a License, Auto Doctor will also need an ELM327-based adapter to function, which of course, you guessed right; you will have to buy it.

Unlike FORscan and Auto Doctor, Toad Pro doesn’t come with such challenges, and that’s why many people prefer this OBD/OBD2 software over its competitors.

What features do Total car diagnostics offer that the FORscan and Auto Doctor software doesn’t provide?

As stated above, the Toad Pro scan tool has a lot of benefits than the FORscan and Auto Doctor OBD software. Aside from that, this tool comes with more features than the FORscan. Some of these features include supporting Controller Area Network (CAN). Other features include IMMO keys, DTC lookup, ECU programming, Full Systems Diagnostics, Key programming, and reset/regeneration/calibration/relearn systems.

What functions does the Toad Pro perform?

  • Read and clear the check engine light – no need to visit the mechanic when the check engine light comes on. Besides, it lets you know what fix you need and the budget.
  • Pass emission testing – no need to cue and waste time as you can know the emission status of your car in good time.
  • Monitor real-time data – it allows you to check on different parameters when the car is running. Things that you can view in real-time include ignition angle, speedometer, battery voltage, LAC Value, RPM, engine temperature, and much more.
  • Read freeze-frame data – it is a crucial function as it helps to recover a snapshot of OBD2 sensor data when your ECU keeps error codes.
  • Support multiple protocols – some of the protocols it supports are CAN, CAN BUS, SAE-J1850, ELM327, ISO-9141, ISO-14230, and ISO-15765.
  • Read identification – it also assists in identifying the control unit by showing a part number, software version, manufacturer-specific, and much more.
  • Vehicle manager – it can check various vehicles and owners.
  • Offers alerts – it notifies you when specific parameters go out usual operating range, such as a coolant temperature.
  • Actuator function – it enables you to activate various car sections into test mode to verify that they are functioning well on a physical level.
  • DPF & Regeneration – if you want to regenerate on a diesel vehicle, you will have to remove and disable the DPF or EGR condition.

Who should acquire Toad Pro?

Toad Pro is ideal for any person who wants to avoid splashing thousands of dollars at the car repair shop for a simple fix. So, whether you’re a casual car owner, a DIY enthusiast, or a professional mechanic, this tool will be good for you. Besides, car repair shop owners or even start-up mechanics can still use this tool to diagnose different issues.


Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a professional mechanic, or have a car repair shop, you need to have a dependable OBD scanner that you can use to diagnose different cars. The Toad Pro diagnostic software is an ideal tool that covers the engine and transmission and works on vehicles made worldwide.

Additionally, this tool is cheaper and easier to use than other cars diagnostic software like FORscan and Auto Doctor. Despite having a few shortcomings, such as a short USB cord, it is still one of the best OBD diagnostic tools to use because of its convenience.

Cons: Why avoid Toad Pro Software?

  • It is pretty cumbersome to use for DIYers and casual drivers
  • The software is more costly than other OBD software-only devices
  • The USB cord is somewhat short without the wireless setup


Is TOAD Pro compatible with USA car makes?

Yes, TOAD Pro is compatible with all cars made after 1996. This includes all vehicle makes and models from the USA, Europe, Asia, and other places.

Can Toad Pro scan both the engine and transmission?

Yes, Toad Pro can scan both the engine and transmission. All you’re required to do is make sure that the software is appropriately connected before starting the diagnosis.

Do I need to buy an OBD dongle or interface before using Toad Pro?

No, you don’t have to. This is because Toad Pro comes with its connecting dongle.

Can I use Toad Pro software with any system?

I have already mentioned in our Total Car Diagnostics review article that the software is not compatible with all systems. Therefore, you will have to use specific systems. These include Windows systems, such as XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. But if you have Mac or Linux systems, then the Toad Pro OBD software won’t work with these systems.

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