5 Must-Have Wrench Tools for Professional Mechanics

Wrenches are used to remove every single part of a car or other vehicle. There is a huge collection of wrenches and mechanic tools. In this article, we will discuss what they are used for.

5 Essential Wrench Mechanic Tool Names

Impact wrench

An impact wrench is one of the most common tools vehicle mechanics use. It is a type of socket wrench power tool that is used for removing the nuts and bolts from the rusted areas of a vehicle. So this wrench is often used because the mechanic has to repair the old vehicle every day.

Adjustable wrench

There are different sizes of fasteners. This adjustable wrench’s jaw is suitable for adjustment with different sizes of fasteners. So, you can utilize the open-ended wrench in several activities with various sizes of things. The thumb screw of the wrench controls the movable jaw and increases the wrench’s capacity when necessary.

Spark plug wrench

The spark plug wrench has been designed to be the proper size so that you can remove and reinstall the spark plug in your vehicle. First, you have to fit the upside-down part on the spark plug nut. Then you can turn the wrench counterclockwise to remove the plug.

Lug wrench

This wrench is also known as a non-ratcheting socket wrench. Its handle is so big that it is very easy to hold. However, this big handle makes the wrench easier to operate for removing the nuts and bolts, which are extremely poorly attached to the vehicle.

Socket wrenches

This part is another division of the different types of wrenches. Now we are going to discuss several types of socket wrenches.

  • Speed wrench

The different sizes of wrenches are manufactured for different parts of the vehicle. A speed wrench is an exceptional tool that is used for driving a socket. There is a cranked-shaped handle with a speed wrench that helps remove the nuts and bolts faster.

  • Ratchet wrench

The ratchet wrench comes with excellent leverage, so it is popular among mechanics and vehicle users. The specialty of a ratchet wrench is providing continuous motion. But it does not remove the socket to turn the wrench again.

  • Breaker bar

You can easily loosen the nuts and bolts from your vehicle with this breaker bar. This instrument has a large handle to hold it. So, the breaker bar can easily make a large amount of torque to hold the strong and steady nuts and bolts.

  • Torque wrench

It is a very popular wrench that can be found in almost every vehicle repair shop. You can use this wrench to assemble the parts of the car. However, this wrench is used for measuring torque to pre-indicate the amount of torque.

Special tools

There are some other types of wrenches that are exceptional, and they are also used in different mechanical tasks.

  1. Chain wrench: These wrenches are also known as “straps,” which are used for removing the cylindrical oil filter.
  2. 4-way lug wrench: These wrenches are also called tire spanners. These wrenches are socket-type wrenches. If you want to remove the car wheels, you can use them.

Bottom lines

When you want to collect any of the wrenches, you must collect them from a trusted automotive shop. However, there are also some popular online marketplaces that ensure the quality of the products.

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