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How to determine a car battery replacement cost?-Guide and tips

Do you know where your car is getting the power to start? Yes, the battery provides it with the necessary energy to get started. Sometimes the battery faces grim consequences. It may have experienced some error or may be out of order due to some unknown issues. In that case, it’s mandatory to replace the battery. But how much money is needed to replace a car battery? In this article, we will discuss the cost, replacement procedure, and many other significant aspects of the car battery. So let’s get started.

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What Is a Car Battery?

A car battery is the most significant part of your car’s system. It works with a rechargeable mechanism. The thing that charges the battery is called the alternator; it converts the physical power into electric power and constantly supplies energy to the battery. The battery has liquids inside it that are called the electrolyte, a mixture of water and sulfuric acid. This electrolyte sinks the cells. Generally, the electrolyte is called the battery fluid. There are two lead terminals on the top of the battery having the plus and minus terminals where the wires are connected. This is almost an overall construction of a battery component. The battery must be replaced when it is worn out. A shabby battery decreases the car’s overall performance and reduces the vehicle’s mileage.

Why do you need to replace the car battery?

There are tons of benefits of replacing a car battery. A shabby and outworn battery may cause harm to the entire engine control system. So it is wise to replace the battery if it starts to show any bad symptoms. I will discuss some of the outstanding benefits of replacing the car battery, How to know if car battery needs to be replaced

  • Expands the lifespan 

Replacing the battery will help to expand its lifespan. When a brand new battery is added to the car, it can increase its durability. 

  • Reduces the discharge rate 

A good quality battery is always a handy one for the engine of the car. It minimizes the overall discharge rate compared to the battery types. A decent quality battery is always an assent for the engine of the car. It can possibly reduce the chance of the sudden collapse of the main engine.

  • Increases Charge efficiency

A newer battery is always advantageous as they have a decent charge efficiency rate. That means they take minimum time to recharge and also drain power charge slowly like the carrying capacity is pretty much well.

  • Increases the cost-efficiency

Apparently, it seems a costly chore to replace the car battery, but in the long run, you can acquire more benefits from it; a new battery gives better performance, and it facilitates the other internal parts in the car to work efficiently. That minimizes the chance of collapsing the other car parts like the main engine, OCV, timing components, etc.

  • Bolsters durability of the battery

A new battery works more efficiently than ever. It increases the speed, mileage, and power of the vehicle. You don’t have to face the stalemate and limp mode anymore. The check engine light won’t illuminate, and the electrical wirings and connectors get tremendous support. A new battery will ameliorate each and every part of the car. 

Common Symptoms: When should you replace a car battery?

The vehicle will produce some natural signs if the battery is facing any inconvenience. Let us have a look at those common symptoms,  

  • The car is not starting.

The main symptom of a failing battery is that It will fail to start the car for experiencing a lack of power. The vehicle runs on the battery’s power, and if the main part is damaged, how will a vehicle start? Sometimes the battery is not fully but partially damaged; it may start the car but can not hold power for a long time. They may face an idle while driving or may face a stalemate. The engine may turn on the limp mode, which may stale the car sooner or later. The battery must be replaced really soon to save the car from any future shock.   automatic car not starting

  • Check Engine Light is on

The most common symptom of a damaged car battery is the illumination of the check engine light. If the car suddenly faces any internal problem, the check engine light or the malfunction indicator light will illuminate. The CEL may come alive for some reasons like, 

  1. The actuator or the oil control valve may be suffering from any irregularities. The engine filter may have collected unnecessary sludge that blocks the natural flow of the engine fuel. 
  2. The engine oil level may not be up to the mark, or the car is using the wrong viscosity oil.
  3. There may be some irregularities in the rotation of the camshaft and the crankshaft. The ignition might produce shivering or cranking. 
  4. The ECM may have sneaked out the alternator failure, or there may be corrosion at the battery cable or fluid leakage from the battery. The battery case may have been bloated. The entire battery may have been damaged.
  • Electrical Wirings and circuit issues

The car engine may have some internal discontinuation issues regarding the electrical circuits. The main headlight of the car may fail to turn on or may show weak lighting symptoms. This means that the headlight is not receiving enough power from the battery to turn on. The vehicle’s Internal sensor system may be facing irregularities. They fail to sneak the information and also fail to convey the right information to the ECM. Check the wiring connection of the battery and fix it. car electrical wiring repair cost

  • Foul smell from the battery

In general, the battery does not produce any smell; if you feel a pungent rotten egg-like smell, then consider that the battery is leaking acids. This leakage may be very much harmful to the main engine; the seepage of the oil may cause internal damage to the vehicle.

  • Shabby Battery condition

Every product has a specific lifespan. The car battery is not an exception, and it also has a particular expiration date. If you have a car purchased a long ago, you must regularly check the car’s battery. The battery will damage anytime soon. So take the car to the nearest auto garage and check the battery; it won’t cost much.

Why do car batteries fail to operate?

The car battery is the most sensitive car part. They can be damaged if not maintained properly. There are hundreds of reasons why car batteries fail. I will try to depict the major ones, 

Overheating can cause a failure of the battery of the car. When the temperature goes up, it negatively impacts the battery. Bad cells can collapse the battery, and a low level of electrolytes also deteriorates the quality of the battery. As we all know, the battery has negative and positive terminals. Acute corrosion and rust can damage the battery badly. A malfunctioning charging system and alternator can cause a bad impact on the battery. Most of the batteries give service for five to ten years. If you know the basics of a battery, then you can expand its overall lifespan. 

Grim consequences of not replacing the battery

Your car may face severe shocks if the damaged battery is not replaced in time. The acid spillage from the damaged battery can cause damage to the internal wirings and connections. The battery must be replaced if you smell something burning out. 

How to replace the car’s battery?

Replacing a car battery is not an arduous job; it will take only a few minutes to complete the process. All the car batteries are not located in the same place. The location of the battery varies in different models of the car. In some cars, it is located under the hood or the bonnet; in other models, it may be located behind the driver’s seat. If you can not find the actual position of the battery, then check the car’s manual and locate it. The replacement procedure can be divided into two parts, 

Step-One: Pull out the old battery

The first thing to do is to park the vehicle on an even surface. Then locate the battery. After you have found the battery, remove the cables from the battery. The positive and negative terminals attach the wires. Remove those red and black wires out of the battery. Check the other factors like acid spillage or burnt wire. After checking all the parts, remove the old battery from the car and keep it in a dry and cool place.

Step-Two: Add the brand new battery

After removing the old battery, it is time to add the new battery to the car. Then you need to clean the clamps. Remove the dirt, corrosion, and rust by using chemicals. Swipe and clean the place. Then place the new battery on the actual spot. Reconnect the positive and negative terminals. Then check the car, turn on the engine, and you have successfully replaced the battery if it gets on. You can go for a small test drive if you want. 

Factors That Set Car Battery Prices

There is a wide range of car batteries available in the market. You may be confused about buying the right one compatible with your car. Some hidden factors affect the pricing of the battery. Those factors are discussed below, 

The Type of Battery

The most efficient factor behind the pricing of the battery is the particular type of battery. There are lots of battery types, from which we will discuss the most common ones. 

The lead-acid battery is the most familiar type of battery that is used in most car models, and They are really cost-efficient and easily available. Next comes the lithium-Ion Batteries. They are pretty costly. The price of a Lithium-Ion Battery ranges from 200$ to 250$ per kWh. There are other complex types of batteries that are also super efficient and durable. Some of them are enhanced flooded battery (EFB) and absorbent glass mat battery (AGM). They are used in more advanced vehicles and cost relatively lower than Lithium-Ion batteries. 

Manufacturing period: The expiration date of the battery

Another prime factor on which the cost of the battery is dependent is the manufacturing period of the product. It is natural that the product’s quality and efficiency degrade as it ages. A brand new battery that is unboxed before a few hours is naturally more efficient than a shabby old battery. Furthermore, the battery faces a phenomenon called “self-discharging.” Here, the battery loses its actual power over time and dies within a few days if it is not charged properly. So the manufacturing date is an important prime factor before buying a battery. Always examine the sticker and manual to know about the product information and manufacturing date. Some dishonest sellers will try to cheat you by giving an outworn battery to you. If necessary, take someone with you who is an expert on batteries.

Battery brand

Battery brand is always an utmost consideration when buying a battery. You should not just buy a battery that is not known to anyone. Popularity always matters; if you buy the product from a popular brand, then the chance is minimal that the product is of lower quality. For your convenience, I am enlisting some of the popular battery brands, like  Duracell, Odyssey, NAPA, Optima, etc.   

How to increase the car battery’s life?

If you follow some of the instructions correctly, it may increase the battery’s life. Here I am giving some of the basic guidelines on expanding the average life of a car battery.electric car battery lifespan

  • Ensure that the battery gets in the actual place; corrosion may affect the battery’s lifespan. So, always keep a vigilant eye on the exterior of the battery.
  • Voltage is the blood life of the battery, and The normal battery voltage is 12.7. Use a voltmeter to read the voltage; if the voltage fluctuates too much, then repair the voltage as soon as possible. 
  • Always drive your car on a regular basis; that will keep the internal parts going, including the battery. Always shut off the headlight when the engine is off, as it will consume unnecessary power. You should park your car in a cool place as extreme heat can damage the battery.

How much does it cost to replace a car battery?

Replacing the car battery is pretty much costly. You can try replacing it in your home. In case you fail to replace it, take help from a professional. The overall cost of Replacing a Car Battery by a professional may cost about 75$ to 300$. Replacing any parts related to the battery may cost within 70$ to 450$. To avoid the technician cost, you can give it a try, for that you need some basic tools like wrenches. It may save you lots of dollars. 

I hope you have figured out all the ins and outs of the car battery. Make sure that the battery is replaced in a proper way. Otherwise, it will create unwanted suffering.

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