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Autophix 7910 BMW Scanner- Update, Battery Registration & Review

If you’ve been looking for the perfect BMW diagnostic scanner, your search ends here. The Autophix 7910 diagnostic scanner provides factory-level diagnostics functions at an affordable price. You can use this quality OBDII scanner tool to read/erase error codes, do maintenance functions, and diagnose all four major systems with all 10 OBD2 test modes. Read this Autophix 7910 review to know more about this BMW Diagnostic Scanner Tool.

The Autophix 7910 diagnostic scan tool is also beautifully constructed for ease of use. Like other OBD scanner tools such as Foxwell NT301 and Autel AutoLink AL319, the device doesn’t come with a small screen. It has a large LCD screen for displaying results, and the buttons are well-labeled for ease of use. Outside of the basic functions, this scanner also performs various unique and advanced functions. Hence this is not your basic code reader that can only execute a handful of functions.

  • Why is AUTOPHIX 7910 scanner can’t reset the brake service?

First, park your vehicle and don’t push the brakes. Now release the electronic handbrake and start the diagnostic process.

  • Is the Autophix 7910 scanner only for BMW vehicles?

No, if any vehicle supports OBD2 protocols, you can use this tool to check SAS, ABS, TPMS, SRS, etc.

  • Can this device register a new DPF?

Yes, it can.

  • Is it compatible with the BMW G20 (2019)?

Yes, it supports this vehicle model.

  • Is the Autophix 7910 scanner supported by multilingual?

Yes, you can change it from the primary language (English).

  • Can you use this scanner for your BMW motorcycle?

No, it is only compatible with cars.


Autophix 7910 Battery Registration Tool

Display:2.8-inch TFT 262k true color LCD screen
Read & Clear Fault Codes:Yes
Reads freeze frame data:Yes
Display Live Data:Yes
Clears codes:Yes
 Reset Fuel Pump:Yes
Force DPF Regeneration:Yes
 Battery Health Check:Yes
Dimensions:9 x 4 x 2.5 inches
Weight:1.3 pounds
Software Update:life-time Free software upgrade
Vehicle Coverage:BMW, Mini, and Rolls Royce car makes and models
Warranty:1-year warranty (100% Money Back. If you are not satisfied)
Price:Autophix 7910 ReviewCheck Today’s Price

Autophix 7910 Auto Fault Code Reader Review

If you’ve been searching for an exclusive scan tool for your BMW car make and model, you’re in the right place. This review will help you make the right choice as we discuss the features, pros, and cons of the Autophix 7910 scanner.

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Autophix 7910 automotive scanner is designed with a sturdy drop-proof case to protect the unit from harsh working conditions. On top of that, it features a 2.8-inch TFT 262k true color LCD screen that shows all the outcomes. Moreover, it has a silicone keypad that is well-labeled and makes carrying out different functions easy. But the scanner doesn’t provide a large display screen. You can use Autel Maxidas DS808, which offers a 7-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1024×600 resolution.


The unit performs several functions on a variety of vehicles. However, most of its functions are built to diagnose BMW vehicle makes and models. The unit can read/clear fault codes from all major systems, including the engine, SRS, ABS, SAS, TPMS, Oil service, replace DPF, Force DPF regeneration, EGS clear adaptation, battery health check, and much more.

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Besides, startup mechanics can use it to read/clear fault codes, turn off MIL and I/M readiness, vehicle identification, and read data stream. Other top functions include battery maintenance, injector, TPMS, electronic parking brake service, electronic throttle position reset, and check engine function.

Some of BMW’s basic functions that it performs include read/erase error codes, read data stream, oil service, battery registration, Evap system, test vehicle information, and I/M readiness status.

Extensive vehicle coverage

Astonishingly, the Autophix 7910 diagnostic scanner can also diagnose BMW, Mini, and Rolls Royce car makes and models. You can also use it to diagnose OBD2-compliant vehicles. The only challenge is that it may not perform all the functions on other scanners like BMW car makes and models.
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Ease of use

Featuring a large color screen, clear buttons, and a plug-and-play function, the Autophix 7910 scan tool is straightforward and convenient to use. You don’t need to be experienced in using this BMW scanner as it is not as complex as Snap On Solus Edge or Fixd OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool.

Multilingual menu

If English is not your native language and wants to change the device to a language you understand best, this scan tool allows that. You can change from English to Spanish, French, or German. You’re not limited to one language alone.

Extremely affordable

When you consider the features that the Autophix diagnostic scanner comes with, you may think it is costly. This is not the case, as the device is affordable and efficient in performance. You get value for your money.

Lifetime free software upgrade

What we like most about this scanner is that it comes with lifetime free software updates. This means that the tool will always have the latest software to diagnose the latest BMW models and other cars. This is important as some brands charge high fees to have their devices updated. The only challenge is that you’ve to update it through windows only.

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One-year warranty

Autophix offers buyers a one-year warranty. To enjoy all the benefits that their warranty offers, you need to register the unit. Even though the guarantee is short, it is better than having none.

Pros of the Autophix 7910 diagnostic scan tool

  • It comes with rugged construction to withstand harsh garage floor conditions
  • The large LCD screen makes reading and interpreting results easy
  • It is fitted with a multilingual menu
  • It covers a broader array of vehicles
  • Autophix 7910 performs several functions
  • It is straightforward to operate
  • It is inexpensive
  • The device has lifetime free software updates
  • It comes with a one-year warranty

Cons of the Autophix 7910 Scanner


The Autophix 7910 diagnostic scan tool is one of BMW’s best diagnostic tools. Also, Mini and Rolls Royce owners will love it. The device is affordable but offers multiple functions that most scanners at its price don’t offer. Therefore, you get more than you want to pay for. On top of that, it can diagnose most vehicles with OBD2 protocols. This means it’s not just limited to the cars we’ve listed above. And with its rugged, compact, and intuitive design, using this tool is fun.

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However, it has a few challenges that you will have to deal with. These include compatibility problems if you’re not a BMW owner. Also, it can only update its software via windows 7, 8, and 10. Generally, this is an outstanding scan tool with many features that pros and DIYers will both love to have in a scanner. I hope that this Autophix 7910 review article has given you a clear idea about this scanner.


Can I use this scan tool on non-BMWs vehicle make and models?

Answer: Yes, you can. The Autophix 7910 scan tool can work on non-BMW vehicles. This scanner is compatible with most modern cars on the market. The only challenge is that it will not diagnose non-OBD2 systems such as transmission, airbags, and computer problems. On top of that, the reset and maintenance functions are available for BMW vehicle makes and models.

Will the Autophix 7910 diagnostic scanner work on hybrid, electric, and diesel engine vehicles?

Answer: The Autophix 7910 automotive scanner works on most diesel vehicles. However, it may have issues accessing some functions of electric cars. For instance, battery maintenance will not work on electric car batteries. But when it comes to hybrid vehicles, the scanner will execute most functions without many challenges.

What’s the difference between Autophix 7910 and 7810 scan tools?

Answer: These scanners are meant to diagnose BMW vehicle makes and models and some Mini and Rolls Royce vehicle makes and models. However, they differ in performance, as the 7910 diagnostic scanner is more advanced than the Autophix 7910 scanner. It comes with additional features, such as an oil reset and a TPMS reset. Apart from that, it is slightly bigger with a large screen for quick and easy interpretation of results. That’s why it is somewhat more expensive than the Autophix 7910 scanner and Foxwell NT510 BMW scanner tool.

Can I use this scan tool to diagnose a motorbike?

Answer: No, you can’t. Since motorbikes don’t feature the OBD2 diagnostic port, this scan tool will not function on them. They will only read vehicle information and not motorcycle information. On the contrary, the Autophix 7910 automotive scan tool is built to diagnose vehicles only, such as cars, SUVs, minivans, and pick-up trucks. If you own a commercial vehicle, you should get in touch with customer support and find out if it’s supported.

The Autophix 7910 is not able to reset the brake service on my 2008 BMW 535 car model. What is the problem?

Answer: The scanner should reset the brake service on your car make and model. If it has failed to reset, maybe you’re not following the right procedure. If it’s an electrical brake, make sure to park the car on flat ground and don’t engage the brake. Proceed to release the electronic handbrake and test the brake service. This should work.

How to get the Autophix 7910 software update?

Answer: You need a PC, which must be connected to the internet. The operating system it supports is Windows 7/8/10. Now connect the Autophix 7910 scanner to the PC via a USB cable.

Go to Autophix’s official website, click “Support,” and then “Download.” Now select your scanner model and download the file.

When the download is finished, open the folder and run “Update.exe” The upgrade process will automatically start.

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  1. Diarmuid Quillinan

    I had to replace a brake line on my e53, so now I need to cycle the ABS for brake bleed. will the autophix all me to do this?

  2. Nicholas Martin Press

    Purchased this for R56mini one with VANOS on both inlet and exhaust. Tried to use it to clear adaptions so I can reset the VANOS and it reports communication error. All other functions appear 100percent including reseting variable camshaft lift.
    Is this device supposed to allow this functionality? Using latest sw from Web site.

    1. That’s a coincidence as I’m trying to reset Vanos adaptation for my R55 Cooper S with N14 engine and get a communication error but all other functions seem to work, even reading the current angle numbers demand and actual from the Vanos. Seeing your message has just convinced me to sent mine back!

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