Autophix 7910 vs. ANCEL BM700 vs. Foxwell NT510

Autophix 7910 vs. ANCEL BM700 vs. Foxwell NT510 Comparison

Autophix 7910 vs. ANCEL BM700 vs. Foxwell NT510Scanners are the main part of every car. After 1996, the USA govt. Declares that every car needs this scanner for safety reasons. From there the car, automotive companies started inventing a new type of scanner. There are many car brands in this list, like Topdon, Autophix, Ancel, Foxwell, etc. this scanner is not only used or technicians; people also need this for single use. For single use, all those companies are the best on the list. Here we are talking about three scanners from three different brands: Autophix 7910, Ancel BM700, and Foxwell nt510. So let’s check which one is the best and why in this list, but first start with their brand, then their three of the scanners.

Comparison Table: Autophix 7910 vs. Foxwell NT510 vs ANCEL BM700 Scanner

FeaturesAutophix 7910ANCEL BM700Foxwell NT510
Dimensions:9 x 4 x 2.5 inches6.1 x 4 x 1.2 inches7.87 x 1.5 x 3.94 inches
Display Size:3-inches2.8 inches2.8 inches
Operating System:Windows 7Windows 7, 8, and 10Windows 7, 8, and 10
Weight:1.25 pounds1.31 pounds1.35 pounds
Bi-Directional:  NoNoYes
Support OBD1 Function: NoYesYes
Vehicle Coverage:BMW 1998 and later, Rolls-Royce RR Series (1-56)BMW, MINI, and Rolls Royce from 1976 to 2023 with OBD2 16 PINBMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce 1987 and later
Price:Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Autophix 7910 Scanner: Features and Functions

About Brand:

Before talking about the scanner from Autophix, first, learn about their brand. This company is very popular in the market for its best-quality automotive product with easy-to-use procedures. And just like that, car scanners from them are very compatible to carry and also very easy to use. Not only that, but this brand also has plenty of professional-level premium quality scanners for technicians, and they also love every automobile product.

Autophix 7910 scanner

Diagnostic Features:

So now, talking about their single-use scanner serial number 7910 scanner here. This battery-powered scanner has a windows seven operating system. There is also a special edition of this scanner for BMW cars. Read the code, clear it after fixing the issue from the major part of the car, etc. basic system comes with this scanner. It supports old to new cars and covers a huge number of car brands. It also shows other data like ABS, SRS, SAS, ASC, DPF, TPMS, etc. .some special functions are also added with this device like oil reset function, ETCS reset function, DPF, etc.

This device supports 12 languages, and it makes this preferable for everyone globally. Data record and playback are one of the most important parts of this scanner because sometimes this is very important for solving any issue of the car. The automatic health diagnosis process also helps maintain the car easily; after that, the car owner gets the report. Maintaining this result helps every car owner learn about the engine’s performance. 


The screen size of this device is 8 inches, and I think this size is perfect for finding issues easily. And the design is also very compatible and light that you can easily carry with you. This fast diagnostic scanner saves you time and also can reset the ECU system. Every user gets a lifetime free online update with this scanner. 

Ancel BM700 scanner review

About Brand:

Ancel car scanner is now in the top ten car scanner brands, so you must imagine their product quality. And that’s why they are a top-rated and grossing company right now. They try to make every product for every type of customer. And also, they invest their money to make a user-friendly device so that any customer can easily use it for their single car, otherwise in their professional side. Most car scanners can read and erase code from the car.

Ancel BM700 scanner review

Service Functions:

Just like other updated car scanners from Ancel, this BM700 is also battery-powered. They update this device from time to time so that windows 7/8/9 is also available in the store. But the screen size is a bit disadvantageous for my respective, and it gets only 2.8 inches screen. And it’s really hard to check the result in depth on this small screen. This scanner is mainly designed for BMW cars but is also suitable for Rolls Royce, MINI, etc., versions of the car. This device not only supports OBD2 code but also supports OBD1. But you just need to connect this device to the 20 in the adaptor, and it is included in the package. 

This scanner also has many functions, like supporting six modes of OBD2 functions, as it can easily turn off the engine light, save gas and help improve the car’s performance. The transmission issue is also a big deal for every car owner, and this device also helps you. This scanner has access to scan the whole transmission system so that you can easily find any issue from there and solve it very quickly. It also supports airbags, ABS, DPF, batteries, oil, etc., systems.

Advanced Features:

With the help of its immobilizer option, it provides you with the safety of the car from being stolen. You also find a button to check the car’s emission status so you can learn the performance of the car engine. And updated scanners also have more features than others, like adjusting steering angle, EPB brake system, EGS clear options, injector reset, engine control module, etc., so if you are interested in buying this scanner, make sure it’s the most updated one or not. 

Foxwell NT510 Scanner: Quick Overview

About Brand:

Foxwell is a globally recognized automotive material company. This brand has headquarters in many countries like China, the USA, the UK, Australia, etc., but most of its devices are made in China. And from the beginning to now, they have kept their product the same quality but rich in features. Foxwell achieved the first position in customer choice of best budget scanner.  And this scanner does not have many special features, but this is a very inexpensive way to maintain your own car.  Here we are talking about their professional scanner NT510. Foxwell NT510 Scanner Reviews

Screen Size:

Foxwell nt510 scanner is battery powered, and the display is TFT.  This bi-directional scanner has all component test access.  It supports Windows 7 to the latest version with lifetime free updates. But the main disadvantage of this device is it has a small screen, only 2.8 inches. It’s really uncomfortable to find little issues in this size scanner. This scanner can also be an OBD option; you just need to connect the scanner with the adapter coming with the package.

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This scanner is preferable for all updated vehicles, and with a multi-language function, you can change the language from settings. It can read and clear all diagnostic trouble codes and also reset every system of MIL. from the live data option, and it helps to give a data graph of the troubleshooting issues. It also has the option to retrieve the ECU information, and support many services like deactivation brake, reset service, steering calibration, etc. 

What are the similarities?

There are many similar things in these three scanners. So if you don’t get confused, we make a list of those below:

  • Support all OBD2 systems,
  • Easy to use,
  • fast diagnose car system,
  • multi-language options,
  • battery powered,
  • lifetime free software update,
  • best for single use,
  • support engine, transmission, navigation system, etc.,
  • wide range vehicle compatibility,
  • eligible for many popular brands like BMW, Rolls Royce, etc.,
  • support all system diagnoses,
  • ABS, SAS, ESP, SRS, etc., system support.
  • TFT color display.

These are the main similar things you can notice in these three scanners. Let’s check the difference between these devices below.

Autophix 7910 vs. ANCEL BM700 vs. Foxwell NT510 Scanners Comparison

The difference mainly helps you choose the right scanner for you. and here, we draw all dissimilar things by list so that you can easily find the right one for you:

  • Operating system: Autophix scanner has a windows 7 operating system, but the other two have an update facility. Both support Windows 7, 8, and 10. and that’s why Ancel and Foxwell are preferable for the latest car. The updated operating system is easy to use and gives the fastest diagnostic result. So it also saves time there. 
  • Display size: A big screen size helps find the issue quickly. Autophix has a 3-inch display, but Ancel and Foxwell have only 2.8 inches. So if you want a little bit of a big screen, then choose the Autophix; it’s easier to use than the other two.
  • Bi-Directional Controls: Only the Foxwell NT510 is a bi-directional controllable scanner; the other two do not.
  • Support OBD1 function: Autophix 7910 doesn’t support the OBD1 function, but Foxwell and Ancel’s devices support this OBD1 function. An extra adapter comes with the scanner for this purpose. And just plug it in with your old car and get the result of OBD easily. That’s why these two scanners are preferable for new and updated cars. It’s also helpful when you get an old car from 1996.
  • Price: talking about the most expected difference between these three scanners, and that’s their price. All these scanners are not the same in price. All these three scanners are available if your budget is around $200. The most expensive one is Ancel BM700, it’s priced at around $190, but the other two are available for between $150-$130. But each product is the best in quality, and there is some difference in the number of functions.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of the same things in both three devices; just like that, there are also some differences you can see there. In my opinion, Foxwell NT510 is the best choice, and it’s rich in function and also cheap in price. But the other two are also good, so after reading this, I think you can easily make your decision.

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