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Ancel FX Series Comparison: FX2000 vs. FX3000 vs. FX4000 vs. FX6000

Ancel FX2000 vs. FX3000 vs. FX4000 vs. FX6000Ancel is one of the leading car scanner-producing companies nowadays. And from single car users to expert technicians, all types of people love every product, which is why they obtain their place on the first list. Each and every car scanner comes with a simple user manual. That’s why Ancel will be your best friend if you love DIY car maintenance-related work. Here we are comparing four of their mid-ranged professional scanners: FX2000, FX3000, FX4000, and FX6000. First, find the similarities between these four scanners, and then draw the line between their differences so that you can easily decide which one you need for your garage.

What are the similarities between FX2000, FX3000, FX4000, and FX6000 scanners?

Here are the full four scanners from Ancel. That is why this has some of the same types of features. Let’s discuss this first:

  • OBD Modes: all these FX2000, FX3000, FX4000, and FX6000 scanners support all ten modes of OBD2. That means all these devices are eligible for all OBD 2 scanner modes. 
  • Live data stream: live data helps most of the time to find the central issue from the engine. And that’s why every car technician loves these features in their professional-level scanner. FX2000, FX3000, FX4000, and FX6000 have live frame data for deep examination of the car engine system.
  • Read and clear codes: Mainly, scanners are designed to read any issue from the car. All these scanners are self-diagnostic devices, so they can easily find the problem themselves. But after that, it can also remove the coder from the car memory. So the scanner can clear told issue data and prepare
  • I/M readiness and VIN: Knowing car details is crucial to fix any issue. Because every car has its own way of improving, it’s essential to learn about the car’s details before setting it. And this FX2000, FX3000, FX4000, and FX6000 scanner has all these features so that any technician can easily find all about the car from one device. 
  • Comprehensive car brand coverage: Every car scanner is mainly designed for every car user. There are vintage to modern cars available on the market. Many people love to have vintage cars for their collection. So keep this in mind every car scanner is designed for every product. And a car scanner is one of them. The main part is that these four scanners cover all types of car brands worldwide. So these are usable globally and cover a wide range of car brands. One device is enough for the car technician to examine different car brands.
  • Internet update: Ancel FX 2000, FX 3000, FX 4000, and FX 6000 devices are internet upgradeable. So after some time, you need to connect the device with an internet connection to get the most updated version. And this mainly helps connect the scanner with the new and updated car and fastens the speed of car troubleshooting. That’s why every technician always tries to have an updated scanner.
  • Multi-language: as a global scanner, it sometimes needs a multi-language option. So that anyone from anywhere can use the scanner very easily. All four scanners have multiple language options like English, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, etc. And all these things make these scanners globally usable.
  • Supported Vehicles: FX2000, FX3000, FX4000, and FX6000 scanners support all OBD2-supported cars, SUVs, and 12V trucks. 
  • Read and erase ABS/SRS/Transmission trouble codes: All four scanners read this type of code for troubleshooting and can also erase the code from the memory after it solves. 
  • O2 sensor test: These four devices have the ability to test the O2 of the car engine. The O2 sensor is used to measure whether the fuel mix is burning rich or lean. And Learning about the ratio of the fuel is very important so that you know about the engine’s performance. And both four devices can check this ratio.

The similarities list is high, I know. But there are also many differences between all these four devices. And let us see this difference at a glance:Ancel FX4000 OBD2 Scanner

Ancel FX2000 vs. FX3000 vs. FX4000 vs. FX6000: Key Differences

All these four scanners were launched on the market at different times. That’s why the difference remains. Let us check the list of differences between these four scanners:

  • Applications: the main difference between these four scanners is the number of applications. Ancel FX4000 and FX6000 can diagnose all systems of the car. But the other two only show limited data, like ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, etc. So the other two are the winners here.
  • Compare screen size: the screen size of FX2000 and FX 3000 are the same, 3.5 inches and 480*272 in dimension. On the other hand, FX4000 and FX 6000 has 4.3 inches screens and 480*272 sizes. All these four scanners have a TFT screen. But finding any minor issue on a little screen is hard. So if you want to use it regularly, choose the wider screen one because it is crucial to find small to significant issues with the help of one device. And the big screen helps you out from there. So choose between the last two scanners if you want to find any minor issues with the scanner.
  • The number of system Diagnoses: there is a slight difference in this number of system diagnoses. Ancel FX2000 has access to 4 systems, FX3000 has six systems, and FX4000 and FX600 have access to all methods of diagnostic parts.
  • EPB system check: only FX2000 has no access to this EPB system, but the other three can diagnose the EPB or electronic parking brake system.
  • Fuel, electrical, brake and ignition system: Ancel FX2000 and FX3000 are previous model scanners, and that’s why both of these devices don’t come with all these features. But FX4000 and FX6000 have features that can give you access to these three systems. 
  • Oil and EPB reset: only Ancel FX2000 has no oil and EPB reset function.
  • 11 OBD connectors: Only FX6000 comes with an extra 11 OBD connectors. This is an essential component for many upgraded cars nowadays. That’s why FX6000 covers more cars than the other three scanners. 
  • Price comparison: at first professional scanners are more expensive than regular use ones. in the scanner list, most functions, and the premium one is Ancel FX6000. And that’s why the price is also higher than the other three. You can get this multi-tasker scanner if your budget is around $400. But if you got mid-budget, then FX3000 and FX4000 are your best choices. But if you want a professional-level scanner in a cheap range, you can get FX2000. If your budget is around $200, you can quickly get this scanner.Ancel FX3000 OBD2 Scanner Reviews

Final Recommendation

Here is the fundamental difference and similarities of Ancel FX2000, FX3000, FX4000, and FX6000 scanners. Buying a scanner is really a challenging job. Because the user has many requirements, every brand wants to fulfill them as much as possible. Just like that, you don’t get every feature in one scanner. You must choose it from this perspective. If you want many more parts in one scanner in this list, you get FX6000, but the price is a little bit higher than the other three.

On the other hand, if you want a scanner in a low range but professional level, then you can get FX2000. It’s easy to use and very compatible in size. You can easily carry the scanner here and there. However, the price of this scanner is also very low. All these details mainly help you to choose the right scanner for you. So before you buy any of them, study them briefly. 


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