Ancel FX2000 vs. FX3000 vs. FX4000 vs. FX6000Ancel is one of the leading car scanner-producing companies nowadays. And from single-car users to expert technicians, all types of people love every product, which is why they obtain their place on the first list. Each and every car scanner comes with a simple user manual. That’s why Ancel will be your best friend if you love DIY car maintenance-related work. Here we are comparing four of their mid-ranged professional scanners: FX2000, FX3000, FX4000, and FX6000. First, find the similarities between these four scanners, and then draw the line between their differences so that you can easily decide which one you need for your garage.

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Ancel FX OBD2 Series Comparison Chart

ABS Bleeding:NoYesYesYes
Battery Maintenance (BMS):NoYesNoYes
SAS Calibration:NoYesNoYes
EPB & Oil Reset:NoYesYesYes
ECU programming:NoNoNoYes
Check Brake System:NoNoYesYes
System Diagnostics:4 systems6 systemsAll systemsAll systems
Suspension and Steering Systems:NoYesYesYes
Check Exhaust System:NoNoYesYes
Fuel System:NoNoYesYes
Diagnose Electrical Systems:NoNoYesYes
Check Ignition System:NoNoYesYes
Special Functions:No5 functions3 functions5 functions

What are the similarities between FX2000, FX3000, FX4000, and FX6000 scanners?

Here are the full four scanners from Ancel. That is why this has some of the same types of features. Let’s discuss this first:

The similarities list is high, I know. But there are also many differences between all these four devices. And let us see this difference at a glance:Ancel FX4000 OBD2 Scanner

Ancel FX2000 vs. FX3000 vs. FX4000 vs. FX6000: Key Differences

All these four scanners were launched on the market at different times. That’s why the difference remains. Let us check the list of differences between these four scanners:

Final Recommendation

Here is the fundamental difference and similarities of Ancel FX2000, FX3000, FX4000, and FX6000 scanners. Buying a scanner is really a challenging job. Because the user has many requirements, every brand wants to fulfill them as much as possible. Just like that, you don’t get every feature in one scanner. You must choose it from this perspective. If you want many more features in one scanner in this list, you get FX6000, but the price is a little bit higher than the other three.

On the other hand, if you want a scanner in a low range but professional level, then you can get FX2000. It’s easy to use and very compatible in size. You can easily carry the scanner here and there. However, the price of this scanner is also very low. All these details mainly help you to choose the right scanner for you. So before you buy any of them, study them briefly. 

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