Snap On Solus Ultra

Snap On Solus Ultra Review (OEM-Specific Scan Tool)

Finding the right scan tool for your car (s) is not easy, as there are many brands and models to choose from. So, before rushing to select any OBD scan tool on the market, it is essential to know what you want so that you can land the best tool for your vehicles. Some of the best-selling OBD brands are Autel and Innova diagnosis tools. But one of the least talked about, but a reliable car scanner brand is the Snap On. Read this Snap On Solus Ultra Review to know more about this product.

This brand creates affordable but dependable scanners that many car enthusiasts and professional mechanics have fallen in love with. And one of their most popular diagnostic scan tools on the market is the Snap On Solus Ultra scan tool.

Technical Specifications of the Solus Ultra Snap-on Automotive Scan Tool


Snap On Solus Ultra

Display screen: 7” diagonal, daylight-readable LCD; 800 x 480 pixel; Color; Resistive LCD touchscreen
Steady Charge: battery technology charges directly from vehicle
Removable:rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, 7.4V
Plug and play :automatically powers up when connected to vehicle
Super-fast boot up:ready to use in just 10 seconds
High-capacity microSD™ card:contains the diagnostic software and stores your data files
One-Touch Full Vehicle Code Scan & Clear:Yes
Custom controls: PID trigger, zoom, freeze frame, custom data list, screen capture, snapshot, movie and cursor functions
USB port for PC connectivity:Save, print and share results using Shopstream Connect™ software
Read and clear codes:Yes
Upgradable software on microSD card:Yes
User-programmable shortcut key:Yes
Dimensions:Width 11”, Height 6”
Weight: 2.6 lbs

The Snap On Solus Ultra automotive scanner is a sturdy and reliable tool that will help you to diagnose both OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles. You can check the difference between OBD1 and OBD2 scan tools in our previous article. It is compactly constructed and durable enough to withstand harsh garage floor working conditions. What’s more, it covers more than 49 vehicles makes and models. It will also help you to check and test different fault codes so that you can drive your car peacefully.

Snap On Solus Ultra Review 2024

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Sleek and sturdy construction

Unlike most scan tools in its price range, the Snap On Solus Ultra scan tool is sturdily made out of hard plastic. Also, it has excellent grips on the sides of the unit for the firm holding of the device during use. With such superior construction, this is a fantastic scan tool to invest in regardless of whether you’re a startup mechanic or a professional mechanic.

Extensive vehicle coverage

Another exciting thing about this scanner is that it works on a variety of vehicle makes and models. You can use it to diagnose OBD1 or OBD2 cars. For OBD1 vehicles, you will have to buy a separate OBD cable as it doesn’t come with one.

The Snap On Solus Ultra diagnostic scanner covers more than 49 vehicle makes and models. This includes domestic, Asian, and European vehicles. So, in case you handle different car makes and models in your small garage, this tool will assist you in diagnosing most of them. Always check for compatibility before buying the scan tool.

Some of the vehicles make that this unit is compatible with include Jaguar, Ford, Subaru, Infiniti, BMW, Porsche, Toyota, Nissan, and much more. But the price is far more expensive than Foxwell NT624 and Foxwell NT644.

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A wider range of functions

This is not your ordinary entry-level code reader. The Snap On Solus Ultra diagnostic scanner can be used to diagnose a variety of error codes and perform various services. Some of the primary functions include reading & erasing error codes, relearn, adaptation, viewing/graphing/recording live data, etc. You can also read various car systems such as the engine, ABS, Airbag, and Transmission.

Apart from primary functions, this device can also conduct advanced tasks such as bi-directional control, TPM, HVAC, Radio, etc. The best part is that no keys are required, unlike many scanners that need keys to program-specific functions.

Besides covering all OBD II functions, this unit also provides detailed code descriptions for a complete diagnosis. As a result, you won’t be left guessing after identifying the error code.

User-friendly design

When it comes to the usage of this diagnostic scanner, there is nothing to panic about. Thanks to its user-friendly interface that makes using it a breeze. The display screen is wider than other popular scan tools like Konnwei KW850 and Autel AutoLink AL319. It features a 7-inch diagonal, daylight-readable LCD. This large screen does reading and erasing of error codes to be straightforward and fast. Alternatively, you can use the 4-way keypad to access different tests and functions on the device.

On top of the large screen and intuitive keypad, this unit has an embedded operating system that makes using this tool to be fast and reliable.

Excellent battery life

The removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, 7.4 volts, is another vital feature of this unit. Not only is this battery durable, but it also holds the charge for long. This means that the battery may not be used for some time, but it will still have power. Also, it has a unique steady-charge battery technology that recharges it when the OBD cable is connected to the car.

Troubleshooting tips and tests

This plug and play battery offers users with various troubleshooting tips and tests. This is because it features an Exclusive Fast-Track Troubleshooter function. As a result, you can get diagnose your car quickly as you will get tips and information technicians with an outstanding experience.

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Updateable on MicroSD

What’s more, you can update this unit to have the latest software if you want to diagnose old OBD1 cars and the latest OBD2 cars. It works with 1980 and newer domestic vehicles, 1992 and more modern European vehicles, and 19833 and newer Asian vehicles.

Durable carrying case

Storing this unit as you travel from your garage to an auto repair shop is easy as it comes with a custom-fit blow-molded carrying case. This sturdy case will also securely keep this compact scanner if it is not in use. I have given some advantages and disadvantages of this product in this Snap On Solus Ultra Review.


  • Durable plastic construction
  • Broad vehicle coverage
  • Large display for quick reading of results
  • It diagnoses a wider range of functions such read engine, ABS, Trans, Airbag, etc
  • Backlit display for reading results even in the dark
  • It has quick boot-up time
  • Long OBD cable allows diagnosing the car comfortably from the driver’s seat
  • It can be updated to have the latest software
  • Convenient to use with the 4-way keypad
  • Excellent battery life and it holds the charge
  • It diagnoses both OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles
  • It offers thousands of troubleshooting tips and tests
  • The sturdy carrying case of proper and secure storage


  • It has compatibility problems
  • The updates it provides are a year back. For instance, if the updates are for 2014, that means they will work for 2013 vehicle models and not 2014 models.
  • The troubleshooting tips are not for free as you have to subscribe to Snap On tech tips and log on to their website for tips.

After looking at the Snap On Solus Ultra diagnostic scanner review, it is right to say that it is a reliable and sturdy can tool. This compact and durable unit comes with all the essential OBD2 functions and several advanced functions. That’s why it is recommended for both small auto-repair shops and car enthusiasts. But note that Snap On Solus Ultra and Snap On Solus Edge are not the same model.

The Snap On Solus Ultra automotive scan tool is user-friendly, covers different car makes & models, it is updateable, and can work on both OBD I and OBD II vehicles. With its reliable battery, you will love using this device to read/erase check engine light, do relearns & adaptation, and fix many other trouble codes.


Question: What should I look for when picking a diagnostic scan tool?
Answer: The most important thing to consider is the type (s) of the vehicle you’re going to diagnose. Not every diagnostic scan tool that you see on the market can diagnose every car make and model. For example, if your car is Audi, you have to buy Audi supported scan tool. That’s why you should ensure that the scanner you intend to buy is compatible with your vehicles. Other things to consider are the function that it covers/offers, ease of use, accuracy, and if it can be updated or not.

Question: Does the Snap On Solus ultra automotive scanner come with the OBD1 cable?
Answer: No, it doesn’t. So, if you want to diagnose OBD1 vehicles, then you will have to buy a separate OBD1 cable. Unlike other scanners, this unit comes with software to work on OBD1 cars. With the Snap On software, you can update it to access several functions on the most recent and oldest car models on the market.

Still, have questions after reading this Snap On Solus Ultra Review article? Comment below.

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