can obd2 read odometer

Can an OBD2 scanner read or change the Odometer reading?

can obd2 read odometerGetting car mileage data is very important for every car owner to know their car insurance brands. A car’s odometer is mainly used to measure the mileage or distance a car travels in a given time. And this device can be found on the dashboard of the vehicle. The odometer mainly measures the millage, and the millage is how much a car engine consumes fuel per kilometer. So, both are very different things. When you are a car owner, you always need to keep track of this thing so that you can learn about the car’s engine performance and also because this tracking makes the maintenance of the car easy.

Can OND-II Read Odometer?Yes

Can OBD2 Change Odometer Readings? No

About OBD2 Car Scanning Device:

Now we are talking about a multi-purpose device called an OBD scanner. In 1996, the US government made it a law that every car needed to install this elf diagnostic tool. But science has upgraded it so much, and it’s not only used for finding any trouble in the car but also helps you decode it, clear this from memory, restore malfunction indicator light, etc.; so many people get confused that they can measure the fuel consumption from this device.

Is it possible to read the data on the odometer using the OBD-II scanner?

First, can you read your car’s mileage from the OBD scanner? The answer is yes. But this scanner gives you an inaccurate result. This device is not meant to read the mileage of the car. This device is mainly used to diagnose any car issues by self-diagnosing. It gets some of these features through some applications. If you’ve got an upgraded OBD scanner in your car and it’s android operated, then you can find some applications in the play store for measuring the mileage of the car. But this number is not right all the time, and this OBD only gives you an idea about the mileage of the car. The OBD starts an approximate assumption of millage when you start the car and at the end of the the data on the odometer using the OBD-II scanner

If you don’t need the exact value of millage, then you can use an OBD scanner as a millage reader. But this thing is not reliable at all. That’s why most car insurance companies use many websites to track the car’s fuel consumption. Therefore, keeping track of your car’s mileage using an OBD scanner is not a good idea.

Can an OBD-II scanner change the Odometer reading?

Now we are talking about whether you change the mileage value with this car scanner. And the answer is no. You don’t have access to the odometer result. But reading, finding, and clearing troubleshooting issues is part of the OBD scanner’s job. That’s why many people think they can also change the car’s odometer reading. But the OBD scanner can’t get into the odometer, so it is unable to change the reading of the mileage.

How to change the odometer reading without an OBD scanner

Most cars now have digital odometers. And using the upgraded one is easier than the manual one. If you want to change the reading of the mileage on your odometer, you just need to remove the car’s circuit board. Another way to do this work is to use rollback equipment. This equipment is located under the right hook of the electronic circuit. So you can easily change the reading from the odometer in these two easy ways.


In the end, OBD scanners are updated and have many functions. But this device is not suitable for measuring the mileage or changing it from the odometer. My suggestion is don’t read it and do it the proper way. Otherwise, you can’t get the perfect fuel use of your car engine.

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