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21 Car Maintenance Tips: Must-Know Information for All Car Owners

types of car maintenanceHave you ever thought about how essential car maintenance is? It is one of the vital needs for a vehicle after purchase. Suppose you take care of your vehicle to keep it sound. But what would it be like if you didn’t care about it? The vehicle becomes damaged and sometimes is unable to be used. The best way is to fix every minor problem after finding them. It will free you from having massive issues with the vehicle.

A car has an unlimited function. You can not imagine how many systems are in the vehicle. So, it is needless to say that you have to get an uncountable car design and check it regularly. It may seem to some car users that their maintenance process is terrible. However, if someone can become an expert by learning the small tasks required to maintain their car, they will enjoy the work immensely.

21 Tips: How to maintain your car to last many years?

There are many ways to maintain your car in the best way. If you can follow them, you will enjoy using a superb, comfortable vehicle.

Tips-1: Be Careful in the Brake-in Period

The brake-in period is one of the crucial times for using a vehicle. After purchasing the car, the first 1000 miles (1600 km) is considered a break-in period. The longevity depends on the use of the vehicle at this time. How nicely you can use the vehicle, the better result you will get. There are some cautions in using your vehicle at this time. 

  • Keep your vehicle speed under 55 mph (88 kph) during the brake-in period. The speed may vary with the standard of the car. You will find the proper speed in the brake-in period in the owner’s manual. Overspeed in this period will be a reason for damaging your car fast.
  • Do not drive with high acceleration during this period. Always try to keep the engine RPM limit within 3000 to use the vehicle safely. Even in the first few hours of driving, the RPM should not increase. 
  • You have to avoid heavy loads during the break-in period. Both vehicles, including cars and motorbikes, have the feature. It is easy to carry a massive load on the car after finishing the brake-in period because the car becomes suitable to carry the weight. So, carefully using the vehicle in this short amount of time will give you pleasure for a long time.
  • Be careful about the oil pressure on the engine during a break-in. The perfect measurement of engine oil in this period can increase the car’s durability. Generally, different vehicles need different care. You can follow the owner’s manual of the car. 

Tips-2: Park in The Place with A Shade

Where do you park your car? The garage is the most suitable place for parking it safely. What do you mean by safe parking? The parking place should include some possibilities. They can provide the safety of your car. 

You can face many problems with parking your vehicle. The bird droppings can grime your car when you keep it under a tree. Sun rays can be harmful if you place the vehicle in an open place for a long time. Moreover, the raindrops can damage the car’s outlook and worsen it gradually. 

So, the parking place must have a shade on it. The shade will protect your car from damage by the harmful sun rays. Moreover, it can also protect your vehicle from rain, storm, and other calamities. So, you can park the car anywhere if a parking place is available, but you must look for a shade in the area. 

Tips-3: Change The Engine Oil

Any motor vehicle, including a motorbike, car, microbus, etc., needs engine oil. When the oil’s expiration date is over, you have to change the oil soon. Replacing the engine oil after use is necessary to keep the vehicle safe and relaxed. 

Change Engine Oil:Every 15000 kilometersEvery 8000 kilometersEvery 3000 kilometers
Ideal Mileage:14.22 KMPL12 KMPL50 KMPL
Recommended Fuel:Octane/GasolineDieselPetrol

Do you know why the oil is so necessary for the engine? There is a simple way to understand it and get the answer. First, put the palms of your two hands together. Now, start rubbing your hands. How are you feeling at this time? Are the hands getting hot? Now, smear some oil on the palm of both your hands. After that, rub the hands again and observe the temperature. Are they getting hot in the same way? Not at all; they are getting less hot from using the oil. The oil made the rubbing easier for you and helped remove the temperature. So, the engine oil helps keep your vehicle cool after use. Change Engine Oil

Every vehicle has significant heat. Random use of the engine oil in the car gets hotter day by day. So, the oil has a specific time of use by measuring in miles. Generally, it is safe to use the engine oil for three thousand miles or three months. After completing the duration, we have to replace it with a new pack.

If your vehicle is new, you do not need to change the engine oil randomly. Changing the oil every six months or every six thousand miles is enough to keep the engine and the vehicle sound. You can decrease the oil change duration when it goes for a long time. 

Tips-4: Clean The Engine Exterior

The engine is the heart of the vehicle. If it is not safe and sound, the car can not go freely. The internal engine works to run the car using fuel. It needs engine oil to work frequently. But, if the exterior engine is not clean, the inner part can not do the work perfectly. Moreover, a layer of debris can harm the outer and cause much damage. 

When you clean the outside of the car, you also have to clean the engine outside. The practice of keeping them clean will be one of the most positive sides of maintaining the vehicle long-lasting and well-conditioned. The clean engine exterior will be perfect for the best performance in your car. 

Tips-5: Brake Maintenance

If a person is careless about his vehicle, he can not take proper care of it. Significantly, the carelessness about the braking system is furious for everyone. Can you think about how essential the braking system is? If the braking system is not well, a person can fall into an accident at any time. 

You must check the brake pads and rotors to see if they are in good condition. There is a process for the braking system. When you need to brake in an emergency and press the brake, the brake pad and the rotor begin to contact the tires. After that, they stop the wheels by pressurizing the tires. The brake pads and the rotors pressure with full force. So, they can be damaged at any time by severe abrasion. As a result, the braking system can sometimes be weak and can not provide you with safety control. So, check the braking system timely and maintain it for your security. 

Tips-6: Check and Maintain The Tires

Can you imagine what will happen if your vehicle’s tires get damaged during your long journey? It is a furious experience for everyone. The tires are one of the essential parts of the car. They help to stand the car on the land and also help to take the vehicle smoothly for miles. 

Sometimes the tires can be damaged for many issues. It may happen by rubbing the outside surface with the road. If the roads are damaged and rugged, the tires can be hampered. Moreover, using it for several years makes the tires forceless. 

Checking the tire pressure is so crucial for maintaining the tire sound. You can do the task every week or twice a month. Thus you can understand the tire condition and increase the pressure immediately if it is low. Always keep the tires at the recommended pressure. Generally, you will get a recommendation from the showroom. So, maintain the pressure limitation and do not keep the pressure too low. 

Tips-7: Testing The Headlight, Backlight, And Indicator Lights 

I can not explain how necessary the lights are for driving a vehicle safely. If your car or other vehicles have defective lights, they hamper your safe journey. Significantly, the headlights are the key to safety for the car to look at other vehicles at night. Headlight Testing

The indicator lights are also valuable for maintaining the proper safety of your vehicle. When it is time to determine the other vehicle drivers you are choosing, you have to turn it on. If any indicator light is defective, it will be the reason for causing a significant accident. Suppose you want to go to the right side and turn on the indicator light. But, you overlooked that the right side indicator light is defective and not working. The whimsical task is a big issue of causing a big accident and hampering your vehicle. If the light does not turn on, the other drivers will not get the signal which may cause a massive conflict. 

Tips-8: Avoid Exceeds Loads on The Car

Do not load too many things on the car out of its ability. It can hamper your car’s condition. There is a specific weight limit for every vehicle. To maintain the safety of use, you have to follow the boundary of the vehicle owner’s manual and keep a limitation in loading. Generally, it is safe to carry from 150 to 200 pounds to have a safe journey. If the weight of the load exceeds, it can be harmful to the appropriate maintenance of the vehicle and a reason for the hamper. 

Tips-9: Keep The Automobile Tools Near You

No one is guaranteed to fall in any unwanted accident. So, it is natural to face the problem at any time. Sometimes, it may be hard to find a car repairman instantly. So, you have to be prepared for that time with the repairing equipment. 

There are some tools you have to carry with you. Wrench set, Socket set, jack, jack stands, fluids, electrical tapes, etc. These types of equipment may assist you in repairing the damaged car at any time and save you from any danger. 

Tips-10: Take The Selective Loads to Avoid Scratches

When you take some loads on the vehicle’s roof, you must consider something. Do not put metal items on the top of cars, including cars and microbuses. If the metal items somehow rub with the roof surface, they can damage and discolor it. 

Loading the essential equipment in a car is natural. It will not cause any harm. But, the metal loads should not be rubbed with the vehicle’s roof to avoid rust. You can take an alternative way to carry the metals. Divide them into some small catalogs and keep them under the seats. You can get a vast space here, and you do not need to be worried about scratching. The places under the seats are not relatively scratched. 

Tips-11: Replace The Air Filter of Your Vehicle

The air filter is a piece of equipment that should not be dirty. If you use the vehicle for a long time, it becomes full of dirt. The vent can reduce pollutants in your car’s air filter. But, the air filter should be busy with its essential job. So, if the filter is polluted, the vehicle will be damaged gradually. You have to replace the filter at least every year. The air filter’s entire AC unit replacement cost will be $1000 to $4000.Air Filter Replacement Cost

Tips-12: Checking The Car’s Battery

You can easily understand how vital electricity is for a car. It runs the vehicle through the power. The car battery is reliable for carrying electrical power with the car every time. It helps run the car and distribute the electricity among the lights, horns, control systems, and other electrical functions. 

If the battery becomes damaged, the car will be looser to work. It will hamper your driving by creating many issues. So, you have to check the car’s battery to ensure the perfect journey. The extreme temperature can affect the battery and spoil the connection. So, you should test the temperature and judge if it is natural or not. If you get any abnormality with the battery, check it and take it to the repairman for repair or buy a new battery

Tips-13: Checking The Spark Plugs

If your vehicle’s engine becomes problematic and gives you trouble, you have to check the spark plug. It is a connection between the ignition and the engine. The plug works for running the engine and continues the car’s speed. If you feel any problem with the engine sound or working process, you can check the spark plug. The plug can be replaced, but you can also use the old one by cleaning the spark plug nicely if the problem is not significant. 

Tips-14: Wash Your Car Regularly

When you use the car, it gets all of the specs of dirt in everyday use. In the rainy season, it gets dumped; in summer, it gets sand and the bird’s droppings and tree saps. After a long journey, its outlook becomes unbelievable to imagine when you return with your car. Will you feel comfortable using the dirty vehicle? 

For enjoyable use, you have to wash the car regularly. Use soap and water and then make water flow through a pipe. The easy process will be able to clear all the dirt from your vehicle. Scrub the car’s body with a soft synthetic cloth that can not make scratch it. At last, wash it with water flow and wipe it with a dry and soft towel. 

Tips-15: Maintain The Good Mileage

The mileage is essential for the economic people. If your vehicle is reliable for using more fuel than necessary, it will financially harm you. Moreover, it is a big issue and a matter of worry that there is some problem in the system.

Therefore, you must go to the repairman to ensure good mileage. The engine or chassis problem can cause the usage of a considerable amount of fuel and decrease the mileage of your vehicle. So, when you go to the automobile shop, the repairman will solve the problem to ensure the excellent mileage of your car. It is necessary to save your money and give you more journeys. 

Controlling the pick-up is an important initiative that you can do. You have to avoid rash driving. Driving the vehicle in a full pickup becomes a reason for hampering mileage and using more fuel. It also creates a weird sound that is not preferable to any person. As a result, your cost increases, and your vehicle loses mileage. So, always drive the car with a low pick-up and smooth sound.  

Tips-16: Covering Your Car

Suppose you are not using the vehicle. Your car is kept outside your home. If it becomes dirty with sand and other small materials, you need to work hard again to wash it. So, you have to cover the car. The cover will save your vehicle from sands, rain, and other materials and keep it clean for a longer time. 

You have to choose the cover carefully. The inner part of the cover must be smooth as it can not create any scratch or other harm. The outer part can be rain protective, so it will save you from wetting your car with water. 

Tips-17: Take Care of Anti-Lock Brakes

The sensitivity to moisture in the anti-lock brake system can ruin the ABS pump. It can also hamper the system from decomposing the ABS line from the inside. So the ABS should have to take extra care for its durability. The brake fluid should be refined and bled at least every three years. If you do not do this, it will gradually attract moisture and hamper the vehicle.  

Tips-18: Run The AC in Winter 

If you stop using the air conditioner in winter, it will become damaged. So, it can be problematic after turning it on for a considerable amount of time. So, do not stop running it entirely in the winter. You can turn the AC on sometimes and check the power and working process. It will increase the product’s sustainability and decrease your trouble.

Tips-19: Coolant-Antifreeze Usage

Sometimes the engine becomes so hot that it becomes a reason for harm to the car. So, it should be at a natural temperature every time. There is a coolant-antifreeze level inside the mechanism system of your vehicle. The coolant and antifreeze help your engine keep cool and prevent being extremely hot sometimes. So, when the engine gets extremely hot, the antifreeze keeps the balance. There is a fettle coolant-antifreeze overflow tank. You have to check it often, and if you get it empty, you have to fill it with a 50-50 solution of coolant-antifreeze and water. You can also get the ready-made premix coolant-antifreeze mixed with water. Pour the mixture directly into the coolant-antifreeze tank without mixing it with water.

Tips-20: Cleaning The Car Inside

The seats, glasses, door handles, seat belts, buckles, etc., are the essential inner parts of a car. When the driver and the passengers sit inside the vehicle, they need to feel the place comfortable and get happy. The dust accumulation on the seats and other parts hampers the pleasure of using the car. So, the inside should be neat and clean. If you clean the inner part of your vehicle every day, it will be attractive to look at and hygienic to use. Cleaning The Car Inside

Tips-21: Insurance Review

The cars and other vehicles are closely related to the accidents. The furious cases can harm you and also damage your favorite vehicle. So, you have to get the proper solution to get rid of the problems. You can keep your mind safe from the obsession if you have insurance. If any problem occurs accidentally, the insurance will be able to replace the money for repair costs after the vehicle.

The Average Lifespan of A Car

Typically, a car goes for 12 to 15 years with your best use. If you can take proper care of your vehicle and maintain it the best way, it can go up to 15 years. The vehicle’s lifespan depends on the perfect use and the best maintenance. Measuring the length duration, a can go about 200,000 miles in its lifespan. It can go more or less than the exact time, depending on the use. 

Final Thoughts About Car Maintenance

If you list the favorite vehicles of people, the car will come to the top of the list. It is a necessary item to go to your office, your children’s schools, colleges, and markets. Moreover, the car is the leading equipment for traveling. The vehicle can give much pleasure and safety for a delightful journey. But, if you can not maintain your vehicle correctly, you will not be able to use it with much comfort. The car will be damaged and unsuitable for your use day by day. As a result, you may change the vehicle and replace it with another one. But, if you can maintain and take proper care of your car, it will go on for years.

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