Scan Tool vs Code Reader

Code Reader vs Scan Tool: Comparison and Recommendation

While driving a car, you may have some terrible experiences. The technical problems are sometimes awful on a long drive. You may find the engine light turning on as a sign of the issues. The engine light is a sign that presents all of the car’s problems. But, how can you find out the specific case of the vehicle?

As an engine light can not specify the definite issue, you need to use the code reader or the scan tool to identify the problem. When you read the codes, you will quickly understand which part of the vehicle is problematic. Then, you can go to the function to repair and get the problem fixed quickly. In this article, you will learn about the OBD II system. You will also get information about the two different sectors of the OBD II code reader and scan tool. This article will assist you in identifying the best one by comparing the two items.

What is OBD II System?

The abbreviation “OBD” is the alternative to “On Board Diagnostic,” which refers to a process that indicates a vehicle’s problems. It identifies the issues and shows the result by presenting some code numbers. Different codes are displayed on the OBD II screen for various difficulties.

An engine light shows the vehicle’s issue at the first level. When any system in your car becomes problematic, the engine light turns on. It is a sign that any function in your vehicle has a problem, and you need to check it. But, the question may come to your mind; how can you identify the issue when the engine light presents all of the problems? The answer is the OBD II system. There are various OBD codes for a large number of issues

The system is a combination of a computer and some sensors. When any sensor can identify any specific issue, it sends the message to the computer. The computer makes a signal to show on the engine light. Thus, the engine light turns on and shows you that the vehicle has a problem with any function.

Code Reader Vs Scan Tool: What Are the Differences?

Generally, when you get your vehicle’s engine light turned on, you can realize that some problems are happening. But, which functions are problematic in your car? A car’s continuous functions include engine, chassis, steering, ABS, wheels, etc. Opening all of the parts and checking one by one is not possible. It can be time-consuming and terrible for every user. The code readers and the scan tools are the two kinds of equipment to check the problem by checking the error codes. Both of them are the same in working. So, how can you differentiate the two instruments?

The OBD II Code Reader: Definition, Introduction, and working Process

If you want a simple device to identify your vehicle’s problems, you can go for the code reader. You can take the reader to realize what’s wrong with your car to solve the issue quickly.

The first step of working on the code reader is reading the trouble code. Then the reader displays the code on the screen. At last, when your repair of the specific issue is complete, you can clear the trouble code from the reader. The device that works to identify the problems is cheaper than the scan tools. So, the code reader is affordable to buy. OBD II Code Reader

The code readers are for the use of the general people. They are cheaper and handy to use. So, they are advantageous to the owners of the cars for easy operating and affordable price. As the work is not complex, the code reader is straightforward for every driver. Although the reader presents with limited functions, it has enough working ability to identify your vehicle’s issues to solve.

The most effortless using process of the code reader made the device usable for everyone. There is an OBD II port below the steering wheel. You have to plug the code reader into the port, and it will start reading the code. If there are more than a single code, even many codes, the reader will show you everything. You can check the code numbers by pressing up and down arrows and scrolling the reader. 

Pros of the OBD Code Reader

The code reader is a simple device made for general people’s use. Private car users who use their vehicles to go to the office or other important places can use the device. The code reader is scanning equipment for the general people as they can get the trouble codes when their cars have a problem.

  • Simple Using

The use of a code reader is effortless. You will plug in the device with your vehicle’s computer line and get the result. There is nothing more to do with it. 

  • Affordable

The code reader scanners are very low in price. The producers made the scanners the necessity of the general public. As every personal car user can use the scanner, they can get the code reader at an affordable cost. 

Cons of The Code Reader

Not Advanced

The code reader is only for general people’s use at a low cost. So, it is not an advanced scanner. The code reader can not be perfect and helpful like the scan tool reader. Comparatively, it is a pretty low standard both in price and the working efficiency.

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The OBD II Scan Tool: Definition, Introduction, and Working Process

A scan tool is not for using the common public. The devices are mainly designed for use in vehicle repairer centers. It is more advanced than the code reader and can solve more complex problems. So, these extended sets of tools are the joint partners of the automobile shops. 

The scan tools can provide us with the opportunity for testing, diagnostic, and more things about the vehicles. The working process of the scan tool is suitable for the mechanic’s uses. The device can read pending, generic, and manufacturer-specific codes. The feature can be appropriate for repairing the vehicles of every mechanic store. OBD II Scan Tool

The scan tools can give you the live data and their meanings. Firstly, it will present the trouble codes. Secondly, it will tell you the meanings of the codes. For the two advantages, the scan tools are excellent for getting the instant result of the vehicle problems. Sometimes the scan tools may seem the same as the code readers – because both have the plugs and the ports. Both of the scanners do the same things. But, things are only basic, like checking the code, finding the specific issue, etc. 

In some cases, the scan tool is different and quite more than the code reader. The scan tool can save the result of the vehicle as graph data and send it to the computer and even the smartphone. You can even print out the data and the codes to show the result to the repair center or automobile shops. But, these features are present only in the advanced scan tools. The instruction manuals of the scan tool are essential for you. They show you how to use the device and get the trouble codes.

The feature is exceptional for the automobile shop’s mechanics. They can utilize the rules of repairing by reading the instructions if they need to know something challenging. More code readers are another reason for making the device more popular. The automobiles owners can read the codes and understand the problem of the vehicles. Thus, they can get the way repairing the trouble code even without having recourse to the experts. But, it can be a big suggestion that you do not need the scan tool if you are a general vehicle user. The extended features are valuable for the mechanics only. 

Pros of The OBS Scan Tools

OBD II scanners are high in quality and full of many advantages. Mainly, they are appropriate for use in car repair shops. 

  • Modern Diagnostic Tool

The professional scan tools are the modern equipment to repair the vehicles. They are complete with many advantages and have become the contemporary solution for the vehicle’s problems. 

  • Advanced Features

The features, including data reading, playback features, knowledge-based diagnostic, etc., are related to the scan tools. So, the mechanics can get comfort by repairing the vehicles with the scan tools.

  • Complete Package for The Automobile Shops

The scan tools are mainly necessary for automobile shops. Personal car users can also use this scanner, but there is no need to bear such a high cost for minor uses. But, automobile repairers have to solve several problems every day. So, they need the scan tools to make their work easier and save time. 

Setbacks of The Scan Tools

  • High Price

Although the scan tools are more comfortable and appropriate for providing more data about the vehicles, they are costlier. So, the price determines that they are not suitable for personal use. But, the mechanics and the automobile shop owners can use this item easily for their business purposes. 

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Which is Better: Scan Tool or Code Reader?

There is a considerable similarity between the two sectors of the OBD II—the scan tool and the code reader. So, it may be hard for ordinary people to choose the most appropriate one. People without experience cannot understand why we should select the scan tool and the code reader. But, there is a simple way to decide and collect the best one for your use.

If you use your car every day, you can use the basic code reader scanner. The code render will be appropriate as a simple scanner for using it daily. On the other hand, if you are a mechanic, you need to check the error codes daily. Moreover, you have to understand the perfect meaning of every code instantly. So, as a mechanic, you have to use the scan tool. It will be your assistant to repair the vehicles quickly.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we can decide that the code reader scanner is the best for personal usage. On the other hand, the scan tools are suitable for automobile shops. Those who use the scanners for their business purposes do not care about the massive cost. So, they can collect the scan tools at a higher price by investing them in their business. On the other hand, only the essential services are enough for personal vehicle users to check their car’s error codes. So, they need the code reader instead of the scan tools. The budget can also determine the choice between the code reader and the scan tools.

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