Fix P2047 Code: Issue with Reductant Injection Valve Circuit

A car is an essential part of daily life. An OBD2 scanner is a device that primarily assists you in self-diagnosing all of the car’s systems. And if you are familiar with automotive components, you should be familiar with the emission-reducing part of the car. And on occasion, this part fails to function properly, and when the car detects it, it generates a trouble code P2047 on display. Today, we’ll discuss this error code’s specifics and its solution.

What is the reductant injection valve circuit of the car?

While driving, your car emits toxic gas. And technology is constantly working to control this. One such example is the reductant injection valve. This valve’s function is to reduce the amount of gas emitted from the injection of air or chemicals, depending on how the car is used. As a result, using this section primarily saves the environment from pollution. This circuit has some issues after using the car for a while. And the ECU detects this and generates the trouble code P2047.

What is the meaning of error code P2047?

The P2047 diagnostic code is primarily a transmission code, and it indicates that your vehicle’s reductant injection valve circuit is open in block 1, bank 1. When the PCM system detects no voltage in the control system from the reductant injection valve, this code is primarily stored in the powertrain control module. This code was saved from the second engine bank as well as the first SCR or selective catalyst recovery system from bank 1, which contained cylinder number one.

What are the symptoms?

You can find some basic symptoms in your car when it faces error code P2047. Those are:

  • Illuminated check engine light,
  • Decreased engine performance,
  • Emit black smoke from the exhaust system of the car,
  • Other issues related to SCR,
  • Sometimes engine automatically turns on the emergency operation mood,
  • Decreased engine power.

What are the reasons behind this error code?

There are some primary reasons for the error code P2047. And if you want to fix this, then you need to know about the cause, and that’s given below:

  • Damaged reductant injection valve,
  • The reductant injection valve has an open or short circuit,
  • insufficient amount of DPF in the tank,
  • A programming error in the system,
  • Faulty SCR controller,
  • An issue in the reductant control module,
  • Loose or damaged connection in the reductant control system.

How to diagnose the code P2047 from the system?

You can take some basic steps to resolve this issue in the system. And first, you’ll need a digital car scanner to test the entire car’s system. The system was then reset, and the car was tested again. Then, scan the vehicle again to ensure that the code is still in the system. Then conduct a thorough visual inspection of all systems. If you examine all of the sensors and circuits and look carefully, you should be able to find them. Check if there are any loose or faulty connections in any circuit system. A multimeter is used to test the power of the SCR control system.

Also, test the fuses with a loaded circuit to avoid misdiagnosis in this section. You can also check the reductant injection with a multimeter, but you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Because another component fails this test, you must inspect this specific part of the vehicle to find any defects. If you don’t find any multimeter readings in there, it means the code is stored there. Furthermore, this device can help you figure out whether there is any input or output in the PCM or SCR. If you are unfamiliar with various car parts, you can obtain help and support from a car manual book, which includes all details of the automotive components with pictorial illustrations and also saves you time. You’ll find the solution in that book if you’re lucky. So hold the book in the car, and you can possibly help yourself out of any bad situation.

How to fix the trouble code P2047?

The repair method of the error code P2047 from the system is mentioned below with details:

  • Carefully read all current and old stored code from the car OBD memory and when and where this error code occurred in the vehicle.
  • After that, remove the code from the car memory and start the engine for a test drive. If you use an OBD scanner to check the entire car system and find an error code on the screen, the problem is with the system. This problem occurs when the car stores a previous code in the system and displays it to you. However, this is an old code stored in the memory. Before performing any other test, all mechanics must follow these rules. It’s simply confirmation that the code does not exist in the scanner or on the system.
  • Examine all of the reductant injection wiring and connectors, as well as the nozzle. If you discover any problems, repair them if they are repairable. Replace it if it is not possible.
  • Check that the reservoir has enough recovery fluid. If it is insufficient, fill it out as soon as possible.
  • Check that there is enough recovery fluid in the reservoir. If it’s insufficient, fill it up as soon as possible. 
  • If you still have problems after doing all of this, check to see if the PCM is working properly. Check the programming code in there as well. It should be repaired as soon as possible.

After all your attempts, consult your car mechanic if the code remains in the system. Only they can guide you through these troubles. If you still have issues after doing all this, ensure the PCM is operating correctly. Investigate the programming code as well. It must be fixed as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

This is a common issue for many car manufacturers, including Ford, Dodge, Mercedes, Toyota, and Volkswagen. So, if you discover a problem in the system, don’t panic; simply go to the cat mechanic and have it fixed. This issue primarily controls the level of exhaust gas, so if it is damaged, you will be unable to control the rate of black smoke from the system; It simply increases air pollution. Please try to fix the problem with your car to stop air pollution and save the planet.

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