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Innova 5610 vs. 7100P vs. 7111: Which one is better for professionals?

Difference between Innova 5610, 7100P, and 7111 scannersMany brands are popular for their unique designs of OBD scanners. Innova is one of the leading brands on the OBD scanner list. There are two types of scanners available on the market: the basic one and the professional one. But many people don’t know the difference between these two types of devices. First of all, professional ones are a little expensive but have so many diagnostic functions. But an affordable one features some limited functions for single use, so the price of this scanner is also low. So if you are an enthusiast-level DIYer or professional (not a beginner), here we will compare three professional OBD2 scanners: the Innova 5610, 7100P, and 7111.

Innova CarScan Pro 5610 OBD2 Scanner: Quick Review

Top of the list of this OBD scanners from Innova is CarScan Pro 5610. This easy-to-use scanner is top listed in the 2022 OBD2 scanner section. Battery-powered, this bi-directional scanner has a lifetime free update advantage. This scanner has a real-time solution for troubleshooting. Just like a professional scanner, it also fixes the complex issue of the car. These scanners are compatible with a wide range of vehicles worldwide. Many people love to repair their car on their own, and 5610 has more functions than a normal scanner but less than any professional one. Just not that after solving any issue from the car, it can remove the code from memory.

This device gives you deep access to an emission tests, like smog tests, ABS, SRS checks, etc., and all these tests help a driver maintain their car easily and ensure the safety of every passenger of the vehicle. The Air bleeding function of this device is mainly used to purge Air from the braking system. Additional 5610 has given you TPMS live data, catching many hidden issues before they happen. These features help to avoid issues while driving the car, and if you failed to recall this, then the NHTSA function called for safety automatically and gave a technical service bulletin to fix the issue. Some pros and cons of this scanner are given below so that you can easily learn about their best part in a moment:Innova CarScan Pro 5610 OBD2 Scanner Reviews

Innova 5610: All the Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use,
  • Intuitive button for using the functions,
  • Huge vehicle coverage,
  • Read and reset the engine code
  • Free mobile application for operating,
  •  Bi-directional system test, etc.


  • No carrying case for safety.

Innova 7100P CEL/ABS/SRS Scanner: Quick Overview

Another best Innova scanner is 7100P, which is also battery-powered. So you don’t need to hassle with wire and use the scanner anywhere, any range, with the help of DTC severity used in this scanner for diagnosing the issue from the vehicle. It can also find the issue of the engine, ABS, SRS, etc., and turn on the malfunctioning light as a warning. After fixing the problem, you can delete and reset the system with this scanner. From live graph data, anyone can easily locate any faulty sensor. Oil light resets were also added after 1996, and with that, it also provides step-by-step solving.

And a manual guidebook comes with this package; if you got this, you could solve any issue by following them easily. Battery registration helps users know about the battery’s performance and makes it easy to do proper maintenance. This scanner is suitable for normal to hybrid, minivan SUV, etc., vehicles, and it’s preferable for old to updated cars. So it also has huge coverage of car brands worldwide. 

In the package of this 7100P scanner, you get a single scanner tool, a USB cable for connecting devices with another device, and one quick manual book. The main interesting part of this scanner is that you can find the manual book’s online version, and you store this on your device or mobile. Now I know you can’t go without your mobile, and you don’t need to use the book one. I/M readiness, test O2 sensor, DLC locator, etc., and more than ten additional features of this device.Innova 7100P CELABSSRS Scanner Reviews

Innova 7100P: Advantages and Setbacks


  • Battery operated,
  • Check engine,
  • Read and clear code,
  • Wide coverage of vehicle brands,
  •  Additional buttons make it easy to use, etc.


  • No bi-directional system check,
  • No case included.

Innova 7111 Bi-directional OBD2 Tablet: Full Details

In the market, Innova 7111 is popular as a smart diagnostic tool now. It comes with a large LCD screen, allowing easy access to easily find the issue from the car. And if anyone loves to fix their car on their own, then a 7111 scanner is best. It has more functions than an ordinary one. But some features and build quality of premium one. Like a professional one, you get brake pad life, oil system, tire pressure, etc., and read and reset the troubleshooting code. But the main interesting thing about this scanner is it has multiple language options, like English, French, and Spanish. You can change the language to your preference from the settings if you want. 

With the help of a bi-direction testing system, it can test ABS brake bleeding, enable and disable fuel injector,  battery reset, full vehicle network system check, etc., and a self-diagnostic system can help you to know about the emission rate of the car, run smog test, ensure Airbag, etc. for safe drive experience. With the help of a lithium-ion battery, it gives you more running time and operates without any wire. And you can use these long distances without any hassle. And just like another scanner, it has a lifetime service warranty and is easy to handle. It covers a vast number of car brands all over the world now. But this mid-range scanner is best for newbie car technicians or DIY. Innova 7111 OBD2 Scanner

Innova 7111: Positive and Negative Reviews


  • Wide LCD screen,
  • Easy to use,
  • Read and clear trouble issues from memory,
  • Multi-language options,
  • Get access to reading engine codes,
  • Test bi-directional system, etc.


  • No additional case for carrying the scanner.

What is the difference between Innova 5610, 7100P, and 7111 scanners?

Let’s make the difference between these three scanners below:

  • Compare Size: the size of Innova 5610 is 7×3.75×1 inches, Innova 7100P is 10.55×7.95×2.87 inches, and Innova 7111 is 8.5×6×1 inches. So you learn the size and pick which one you need.
  • Weight: carrying the scanner is not easy when it’s heavy. And the weight of these 5610, 7100P, and 7111 scanners are 1.25, 1.51, and 4.5 pounds. But 7111 is the best, so if you want some extra features, go with the heavier one. It’s really worth it.
  • Battery: the 5610 scanner has 3AA batteries, and the Innova 7100P has 1AAA batteries. But 7111 has a lithium-ion battery, and this gives you more running time than the other two. And that’s why it’s heavier than the other two scanners.
  • Bi-directional system test: Innova 5610 and 7111 scanner has the bi-directional testing ability. But Innova 7100P doesn’t come with this type of feature.
  • Multi-language: only the 7111 scanner has this type of function. That means you can get a different language in Innova 7111. The other two don’t have this type of feature.
  • Screen: only 7111 has an intuitive LCD screen, and using this color screen helps people to get the issue very easily. But the other two have a normal and smaller screen.
  • Price Comparison: here is the most updated and rich features scanner in Innova 7111. And you must know the price of the scanner is mainly dependent on the number of functions, but they don’t compromise the quality of the device. If your budget is $600, then you can get this. But if you get a budget of around $300, then you can get 5610 or 7100P. But 5610 is the latest one if you want you can get it.

Innova 5610 vs. 7100 vs. 7111: Who is the winner?

The winner of these three scanners is Innova 7111. Because it has many extra features, I know the price and weight are a bit higher than the other two, but other functions easily cover these two cons. 

Who should buy Innova 7100P?

So if you need an ordinary scanner for using it in your regular use car and your budget is low, then you can get the basic one that means Innova 7100P. It’s really lighter in weight and cheap in price. Get you more features than an ordinary one.

Who should buy Innova 5610?

If your budget is around $350 and you also want a handy scanner, then Innova 5610 is the best one. This is the most updated scanner in this price range in the market. And it also has many features that will help to maintain your car as usual.

Who should buy Innova 7111?

Finally, if you love cars and are passionate about their maintenance specialists, the Innova 7111 is the best choice for you. This scanner is a little bit expensive, but every penny is worth it. It has a big LCD screen to find the issue fastly and is easy to use. This battery-powered device also has a long run time, so you don’t need to worry about charging it. So in the end, this one is best for everyone.


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