P2299 Code

P2299 Code: Fix Brake/Accelerator Pedal Positioning Issue

P2299 CodeA digital car scanner is always attached to every car to self-diagnose the whole system. If there is any issue that faces the engine control module of the vehicle, it just finds it out immediately and sends it to the car’s computer. And when the car faces any issue with the brake pedal system, it detects a code P2299 and sends it to the scanner. From that user, notice it on the dashboard of the car. If you are still new to your car, then all about this car and the repair process are given below, and I hope it will help you out.

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What is the brake pedal of the car?

The car’s brake pedal is located on the ground side of the car and to the left of the accelerator. When you press this brake pedal, it mainly controls the car’s speed. That means it is slowing down or stopping the car at the moment. To operate, you must use your right leg. Many automatic cars now have brake pedals on the left side. This exact force on the pedals is mainly behind every successful car stop. Always try to use this part of the car very carefully, because it is very important to control while driving it at high speed. You may face a big accident while driving if it gets damaged anyway.

What is the meaning of trouble code P2299?

The generic code P2299 mainly shows the issue with the brake pedal position or accelerator pedal position. The engine control module, or ECM, of the car, when feeling any disposition of the brake pedal, shows the P2299 code. Sometimes these issues also happen when the accelerator position has any throttle open simultaneously. But the brake position is different from one car to another. That this is not an easy-going issue, professionals take this issue very seriously and work hard to solve it. And sometimes this issue won’t be solved by following the manufacturing manual book.

What is the reason behind this P2299 error issue?

There is no single issue that is causing this trouble code in the car. Various reasons are behind this code. If you want to fix the car on your own, you must know the main reason for creating this issue in the car. The main reasons are:

  • Faulty brake pedal position,
  • an issue in the position of the accelerator pedal sensor(APPS).
  • Open or short harness on the APPS.
  • APPS with a loose or damaged connection
  • Continuously pressing the accelerator or brake pedal by the driver
  • damaged switch,
  • APPS stuck or brake displacement
  • spotlight failure

What are the symptoms?

If you are experienced at repairing your car, then I think you don’t need to know about this, but if you are not so familiar with car tools and parts, then you need to know about some basic symptoms of this trouble code P2299, so for your further investigation, we listed some regular symptoms of this issue below:

  • engine warning light,
  • limited acceleration,
  • The automatic limp mode is activated.
  • failure of the cruise control system,
  • Blam smoke comes out from the exhaust side.
  • A continuously blinking rear brake indicator light.
  • They face issues when operating the car engine.
  • ECM goes into failure mode.

How do you diagnose the error code P2299 in your vehicle?

You need to follow some basic steps to diagnose the car’s ECM system and find the issue P2299. Every professional also uses this method to check the code in the brake system and solve it. Those steps are given below.

  • Connect the car scanner with the dashboard’s port and scan the system. After that, reset it and drive the car for a test. To ensure the error code, again scan the system with the scanner. If you get the error code on the screen, then the error is in your system, not the device’s stored memory.
  • Check the frozen frame data from the scanner.
  • I deeply investigate the ECM and found whether the pedal remains in its exact position or not because displacement is also one of the major causes of this error code P2299.
  • Examine all connections and wiring to the brake and accelerator sections.
  • From ECM, check the accelerator pedal position to show the closed throttle or not.
  • If you are in a repair position, then ask the driver of the car if he/she presses the gas and brake pedals with one leg or not.

Diagnosing Mistakes

You can make some common mistakes while finding the error code P2299 from the car system. The first one is to clear the memory of ECM before checking the freeze frame data. If you do this, the system simply duplicates the previous issue in memory and displays it every time. If you attempt to turn off the ECM, it will also save this code in its memory. Most of the time, people in a rush don’t scan the whole system and attempt to repair the code from the car. At that time, they just repair the car with their assumption, and if it’s not turned out to be true, then you again end up with the car after you repair it from the technician.

How to fix the error code P2299 in the car?

It is now time to fix and remove the issue from the car. First, check the APPS or accelerator pedal position sensor and test if it is in good condition or not. The main reason for this error code is mainly this APPS issue. If you find any issue, then repair it and perform a continuity test to ensure this sensor is operating properly or not. If it is needed, then you can replace the old one.

After that test, the brake and accelerator are in their exact position or not with a pinpoint test. I then recited it with the help of the manual. You can get every tool and device location from a car manual with a diagram. So you can easily know where its position is, and that’s how to repair this.

The most important one is to restore the OBD sensor before starting any fixing work. Another important part is that the car driver should use the brake and gas pedal with two feet, not use single feet for pedals. Also, don’t press this pedal continuously, as it also creates an issue in the brake.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any devices or sensors, then you can use your car’s manual book. If you get lucky, you may also find this issue and its solution. But if you are still in darkness, I suggest communicating with your mechanic. The brake system not only assists you in controlling your vehicle but also protects you from many accidents. So try to fix the issue, and also, if you are the owner, now you know how to use the brake and gas pedal.

What is the significance and cost of error code P2299?

The first sign of trouble could be a P2299 code associated with the brake and accelerator system. If you drive your own car, then you must know that these two things help you control the car’s speed. However, technology now makes it simple to maintain our vehicles; most cars’ ECMs throttle up whenever they encounter a problem. This programming condition ensures the brake system gives every car user safety.

We are now talking about the cost of repairing the trouble code P2299 from the system. It’s really hard to tell because there are tons of new and different models of cars available on the market. With that, their systems and sensors are different from one another. In this case, the price is also variable. But a maximum of one hour of labor is needed for a professional to remove the code from the system. With that, the labor fee also differs from one origin to another. Most car repair shops charge $80 to $150 per hour for labor. So you just need to add the price of the broken part, and you are all set to repair your car.

Bottom Line

In the end, this issue mainly happens when the user presses the brake and gas pedal simultaneously. As a result, I initially advised them not to do so in the future. If they continue to do this and press both pedals for 5 seconds, the engine check light will turn on, and the ECM will fail. This system can easily mitigate this issue while also ensuring user safety. But if you have an old car, then try to fix it as soon as possible because this vehicle does come with built-in protection from brake issues.

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