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Topdon Phoenix Series OBD2 Comparison: Pro vs. Plus vs. Lite

TOPDON Phoenix Pro vs. Plus vs. LiteIn this twenty-first century, science is racing against time. And the development of technology is remarkable. You can see it everywhere. And if you are a technology lover and also a part of the car maintenance specialist world, then you will need a professional-level scanner for your daily work. But this high-speed progress of this OBD scanner makes you confused and don’t know which one is best for you. So here we are talking about one of the best professional OBD2 scanner brands, Topdon, and their three incredible scanner models. And if you list these three, you can learn the main difference between their three devices and which one is the best choice for you.

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About Topdon Brand:

Topdon is a China-based automotive technology brand, but all of its products are well-known worldwide. And the OBD scanner from their brand is suitable for almost every type and the old car now. More than 28 maintenance functions make this perfect for every use and make the best choice for every car maintenance professional. And don’t you think about their product quality. Topdon provides the best type of car scanner tools, and the budget mainly depends on the number of functions this device has. So if you want a regular one with limited function, then they provide this at a very low price, but if you want a premium type professional device, you can also find this at an affordable price.

Topdon Phoenix Lite Wireless Professional Scanner Review

Topdon Lite is a professional-level scanner with 34 and more maintenance services. This also has OE-level features that can support ECU coding. Most of the top brands of this device support all these extra services. More than 108 car brands cover the Phoenix lite scanner. For Examining the depth of the vehicle, every electronic system can help to scan every vintage to modern car system. Compact size, this scanner helps every technician to use this very easily, and it’s really handy to move here and there. The most useful thing about this scanner is wireless, so you can move this device here and there. After all that, this scanner also reset many common procedures, like oil reset, steering Angle, sensor calibration, DPF regen, etc. The android base lite scanner comes with a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, and this can speed up the car diagnosis process.Topdon Phoenix Lite Wireless Professional Scanner Review

Like another Topdon scanner, it comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty and 1-year free update. A 5mp rear-facing camera helps to examine the depth of the car engine for further information. A 3000mAh rechargeable battery helps to make this scanner wireless and gives you more running time. With all this, it comes with a VCI module, battery clamped cable, password envelope, and USB power adaptor.

Pros and Cons: Topdon Phoenix Lite

  • Easy to use.
  • Very lightweight to handle,
  • Multi-language options,
  • Wide touchscreen,
  • Comparatively cheaper in Price.
  • No storage case comes with a package.
  • Old android version.

Topdon Phoenix Pro All System Bi-Directional OBD2: Quick Overview

Topdon pr is an Intelligent scanner, and it helps any professional with accurate solutions for repairs and diagnoses of the whole car system. The 12 inches touch screen is mainly used to find the issue from the car’s internal system easily. An 8 mp flashlight autofocus rear and 2mp front camera help this device give access at a depth of the car engine system. The gravity accelerometer sensors also give many more languages for using the scanner worldwide. 2GB RAM and 64GB ROM is a very wide range of memory, so it can store a lot of data there. Android operating system 5.1 of this device also has many input and output ports like a microphone, dual speaker, headphone jack, etc.

For communication access, it also has wifi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB 3.0, SD card, etc. Like other professional scanners, it also has more than 34 maintenance services. ECU or ECM programming can access these updated 13 car brands, like Benz, Porsche, Nissan, Hyundai, etc. Topdon pro helps technicians configure the car with online coding and provides customized service without additional software. Some car actuators also support active testing, and an anti-theft matching system provides more security for every car and officially authorizes a new key in your old car. Just like another scanner, it is not only finding the issue from the car. After that, it also helps to remove this from there and reset the whole system after actuation testing. So it covers all systems of OE level.Topdon Phoenix Pro Scanner

One lithium-ion battery mainly helps make this scanner wireless and has a great running time. This rechargeable battery is easy to handle and makes the perfect device for car maintenance specialists. If you face any issues after buying this, then you can get help from the Topdon brand because this comes with a two years service warranty and an additional one year of free updates. 

Advantages and Disadvantages: Topdon Phoenix Pro

  • Big screen, easy to examine the engine.
  • Long run time battery,
  • Wireless device,
  • Many maintenance systems,
  • Complete OE system diagnostic,
  • Find and reset the issue from the car.
  • Expensive in Price,
  • No protection cover comes with it.

Topdon Phoenix Plus ECU Coding Scanner Review

Topdon plus is one of the most updated scanners now on the market. This bi-directional scanner has advanced ECU coding with a guided functional system. Just like the last two scanners, it also has 34 car maintenance services like SAS, EPB, DPF, IMMO, ETS, Gear, Brake reset, ABS bleeding with scheduled systems, and many more language options. The OE level diagnostic tool supports most of the popular car brands like Benz, Porsche, VAG, etc. With bi-directional control, it also has 28 and more hot services like all system diagnostic, Auto VIN, auto scan, etc., and it also comes with 16 pin connectors. Topdon Phoenix Plus ECU Coding Scanner Review

Topdon Phoenix Plus, the scanner has the most advanced technology, and that’s why it has android system 10.0 as the operating system, and it’s the most upgraded one in the market. With multitasking, the processor of this scanner has a 2.0 GHz processor with 10 inches wide touch screen. This screen also makes every professional find issues from the scanner. All of these features make a perfect scanner for almost all car brands all over the world. With that, it also has no IP limit, and it’s mainly designed for the global version, perfect worldwide. 

Advantages and Setbacks: Topdon Phoenix Plus

  • most updated operating system,
  • fast diagnosis system,
  • easy to use,
  • global version, no IP limit,
  • more than 28 hot services, 
  • scan Bi-directional system,
  • comparatively cheap,
  • cover more than 130 car brands.
  • Two years free update.
  • Not support key programming,
  • No safety cover for storing the scanner for further use. 

Topdon Phoenix Plus vs. Pro vs. Lite: Key Differences

Before deciding on the best scanner from these three scanners, some key points must be kept in mind. Those are:

Operating system:

Of all these three scanners, the most updated one in Topdon plus has an android system 10.0 operating system. But lite one has android version  7.0, and pro has android version 5.1 operating system. The older one is the Topdon phoenix pro scanner. And if you are a professional, you must know that the most updated operating system has the fastest scanning process and saves time for them. So here, Topdon Phoenix Plus is the best one and winner here.

Compare size and weight:

The next one is the size and weight of the scanner. Because a handy scanner is compatible in size and lightweight, and the weight for Phoenix lite is 2.6 pounds, Phoenix pro is 23 pounds, and Phoenix plus is 13.7 pounds. If you are thinking of getting a light one scanner, then Topdon Phoenix lite is the lightweight scanner. And if you want a medium-weight scanner with many upgrade features, then Topdon Plus is the best option for you.

Screen size:

This is a very important thing for every car mechanic. Because when you get a wide screen size scanner, you can easily find issues from the screen. Here, the widest screen scanner is Phoenix pro; it has a 12-inch touch screen, and the other two have 10.1 inches screens. But all this scanner has an HDMI connection point so that you can connect with any big screen and find any small issue from there.

Price Comparison:

This is the most important part for everyone. Because price matters for everyone. And the product price mainly depends on the number of features and usability. Here the most expensive scanner is the Topdon Phoenix pro one, and the other two are budget-friendly. This scanner has a big screen with a good battery capacity, and that’s why its Price is a little bit high. In my suggestion, the best scanner at a budget-friendly price then, Topdon Phoenix plus, is the winner, cheap in price but the most updated one in the market. 

Product and software warranty:

Topdon Phoenix Pro and the lite scanner have two years of free service warranty and one year of free software update; on the other hand, Plus has vice versa. Here is the main down point of the Topdon Phoenix plus scanner. But I think their build quality is so impressive, and that’s why you don’t need to worry about any damage in a little time. 

Final Recommendation

At the end of the discussion, the Topdon Phoenix Plus is the best scanner. Because the Price of this scanner was very low, it got many more maintenance services. The multi-language option makes this scanner usable all over the world and makes this a global version scanner. And it has no IP limit, and everybody uses this scanner. 

The most updated operating system mainly assures the fast scanning way of Phoenix plus. And professionals always prefer the fastest scanner to save time. In my opinion, the Topdon Phoenix Plus scanner is the best of all these three scanners.


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