Topdon ArtiDiag500 vs. 600 vs. 800: Which one is worth the money?

Topdon ArtiDiag model comparisonIf you want an all-in-one OBD2 scanner for your personal use, then Topdon is now very popular for its different reset service functions. But you find different models of scanners like Topdon ArtiDiag500, 600, and 800, and it is hard to find the differences among them as all are quite similar. So, which one is best for you, and how do you find out? Here we are talking about the difference between three of their most popular Topdon scanners: the ArtiDiag500, 600, and 800. Let’s check some details about these three scanners:

Comparison Chart:Topdon ArtiDiag500 vs. 600 vs. 800


Topdon ArtiDiag500

Topdon ArtiDiag600

Topdon ArtiDiag800

Weight:2.64 pounds2.5 pounds7.83 pounds
System Diagnostics:Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRSEngine/Transmission/ABS/SRSFull systems
Screen size:5-inches5-inches7-inches
Advanced Service Function:0526
Battery Storage:6100 mAh6100 mAh6100 mAh
OBD2 Functions:10/10*10/1010/10
Operating System:Android 7.1Android 7.0Android 7.1
I/M Test:YesYesYes
Read/clear DTCs:YesYesYes
Live data:YesYesYes
Updates:LifetimeLifetime1 Year

Review of the Topdon Artidiag500 Full OBD2 Test Code Reader:

The Topdon Artidiag500 scanner is mainly popular for engine ABS and SRS transmission diagnostic service and full OBD2 testing. It also tests AutoVIN and car battery voltage with free Wi-Fi updates. This power device has a 5-inch screen size and an Android operating system. This affordable scanner can cover almost all cars on the market, and you get 10 test modes for diagnosing CAN cars. You can get real-time battery voltage status in real-time. You can share the result by email and get an old diagnostic result from history.Topdon Artidiag500 OBD2 Scanner

It’s straightforward to use for Android system 7.1 and makes it best for a single car user like you. Along with that, you can also get multiple language options; for that, you need to go to the settings and change it as per your preference. The seven-inch touchable screen helps you quickly find the exact issue in your car. With that, you not only read the code from the engine but also turn off the beneficial warning light. This device can also read the O2 emission rate of the engine and check the fuel efficiency of the vehicle’s engine. If you know a little about the car, then you must learn that the engine performance is a fundamental issue, and you need to check it for a period.

Topdon Artidiag600 Eight Reset Service Scanner Review: 

This scanner is mainly known as a scan tool for engines, SRS, ABS, etc., for oil, EPB, SAS, etc., and for resetting throttle matching car scanners. And with that, it also gets you a free Wi-Fi update, and this device is battery-powered. It has a 5-inch screen and the Android 7.0 operating system. These affordable scanners are very user-friendly and cover all the basic needs of a single car user. The device’s five most common maintenance options are oil, SAS, EPB, reset of TPMS, and throttle matching.Topdon Artidiag600 Eight Reset Service Scanner Review

You must know that sometimes learning the essential things about your car is very important, and this device gets you to access them quickly; you don’t need to do it manually. Also, you can save, share, or print every detail of the issue; sometimes, this history will help with future problems. The graphed data monitors of voltage tests allow you to learn about the battery’s performance. But you don’t get any functional tests or bi-directional functionality from this scanner. This scanner is very cheap, so this is perfect for DIY lovers to make a car repair element for themselves and save some money from car maintenance. And this scanner is OK with many old and new cars.

Topdon Artidiag800 SAS/EPB/TPMS/BMS/ scanner review:

If you need a device that gives you numerous reset services, then the Topdon 800 is a perfect choice. This is not a standard scanner or code reader. You can get the Android 7.1 operating system and a screen size of 7 inches. This scanner is the most upgraded in this series, with a multilingual setting that makes it more useful for every customer. This Artidiag scanner gives you access to the depth of all system and electronic items in the car, like ABS, SRS, wiper system, emission system, power strain, etc., and this helps you to locate the issue in a short time, but it doesn’t support the program.Topdon Artidiag800 OBD2 Scanner

The Topdon Artidiag 800 has 10 OBD test modes that not only read and clear the error codes but also read freeze frame rate, read live data, monitor O2, etc. All these functions cover over 15,000 car brands all over the world, like Ford, Cadillac, Jeep, etc., and eight languages help you operate the scanner for any person. The scanner has a touchscreen and a 1.5GHz quad-core processor with 2G RAM and 16GB of ROM. This scanner is an excellent option for DIY car mechanics, and if you face any issues with this, you can operate it with the help of Topdon. They give you 24/7 online support with their expertise.

Similarities of Topdon Artidiag800, 600, and 500 scanners:

There are many similarities you can find in these three scanners. These three scanners got 10 OBD2 tasks, and those are:

  • Monitoring oxygen sensor results,
  • Get all vehicle information,
  • Read the performed test of I/M,
  • The fuel tank test of EVAP.
  • Get live data,
  • Read and clear the DTCs,
  • View Freeze frame data,
  • Read the I/M status of the monitor,
  • On-board monitor test, and
  • Live data on the touchable screen.

Multi-Language support:

All these three Topdon scanners have multi-language settings. You just need to go to the settings and select your expected language to operate the scanner. This is beneficial for those who don’t have explicit knowledge of English. 

Supported protocols:

Topdon Artidiag 500, 600, and 800 use the same protocol. That means all these devices are compatible with those vehicles with KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 PWM, and Controller area Network. That is why all 10 OBD2  functions are supported in different cars.

Coverage of the vehicle model:

As I told you about the multi-language string of the scanner, this device makes it easy to operate the scanner for everyone and is helpful worldwide. All these three devices got the same protocol and a significant number of OBD2 functions, giving them access to almost every car brand on the market. This scanner is a compatible device for old cars like 1996 to the most upgraded ones like 2024. And this device is also trendy in America, Asia, Europe, etc.

No struggle with wire:

Top-down Artidiag 500, 600, and 800 scanners come with a 6100mAh battery. That means you don’t need to attach the scanner to your car to get its power. You can easily use it with the battery you get in this device. This feature makes this scanner very handy; you can quickly move the scanner here and there, with no distance limit for wire. 

RAM and ROM:

These three Topdon scanners have 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM as storage. And this not only assures a fast scanner with significant memory. You can quickly check the previous issue from saved memory. And share or print the case for future use.  

Best choice for DIYers:

All three scanners are very affordable in price. And many people love to repair their cars on their own. That’s why they need a basic scanner that can cover all primary issues in the vehicle and is affordable in price. And for this, all these three scanners are the best choice. 

Topdon ArtiDiag500 vs. 600 vs. 800: All the Differences

After knowing the similarities, it’s time to draw the difference between these three scanners.

Compare operating systems:

Topdon Artidiag 500, 600, and 800 scanners are android operated. But model 600 has an android system 7.0, and another two are upgraded scanners. Both 500 and 800 scanners have android system 7.1, making both more advantageous than 600.

System Diagnosis:

You can find a slight system diagnosis difference in these three scanners. Like Artidiag, 500 and 600 can only perform four vital car system diagnostics: engine, ABS, SRS, and transmission. And for me, this function is fine for a single car owner. You don’t need any advanced device to repair your car at home. But if you are interested in analyzing your car engine in-depth, the Artidiag 800 will help you there. With this scanner’s help, you can access ABS, SRS, wiper system, emission system, transmission, powertrain, and many more. And that’s why sometimes technicians also prefer to use it as a simple diagnostic tool.

The number of advanced functions:

There is a massive difference in the number of processes. Artidiag 500 is the most straightforward scanner of these three scanners, which is why it has not reset service compatibility. And Artidiag 600 is the upgraded version of the 500 scanners, and it can only perform five services: oil reset, SAS reset, EPB reset, TPMS reset, and Throttle matching. And from this perspective, I think Artidiag 800 is the winner. It has 26 enormous functions. The list of the advanced function of Topdon 800 are listed below:

  • Injector coding,
  • Malfunction light reset,
  • Steering angle reset,
  • Throttle matching,
  • Electronic parking brake reset,
  • Anti-theft device,
  • DPF  regeneration,
  • Tire pressure reset,
  • Gearbox matching,
  • Headlight control,
  • Initialize the AC system, etc.

These are the primary functions of this riding 800 scanner. With this device, you also get extra features like tooth learning, Adblue reset, coolant bleed, tire rest, window calibration, etc. But in my opinion, this function is not usable for your regular car, and this is mainly designed for professional use. So if you don’t want extra features, you don’t need to buy this scanner.

Price comparison:

There is a vast difference you see in these three scanners. You must notify the most updated scanner in this list is Topdon Atridiag 800, which is why the price is also higher than the other two. You can buy this if your budget is more than $400. But if you want a virtual device on a $120 budget, then Artidiag 500 is the best choice for you. If your budget is within this range, you can go with Topdon 600 scanner. All these three scanners are very good in quality, so you don’t need to worry about their durability.

Software update:

All these three devices have an android operating system and need to be upgraded continuously. You can get free updates in Artidiag 500 and 600 scanners for a lifetime, but 800 only offers a free update for one year. And buying the update is sometimes bothering some people, I think. 

Recommendation: Who is the winner?

Finding the best scanner from Topdon Artidiag500, 600, and 800 is tough. All these three scanners have the best features, so it mainly depends on the customer. From my perspective, if you need a scanner for your single car, I think you want only the essential functions in there. You don’t need any special functions there. And from budget and features, the Topdon 500 and 600 are in the same row. Artidiag 600 is more expensive than Artidiag 500. As a result, the Scanner Artidiag500 is the ideal scanner for you.

If you are a car lover and love to fix any issue yourself, then you need an advanced scanner, and the Topdon Artidiag800 meets all your needs. It’s a little bit expensive but gives you 26 functions. You can get this scanner, and many car mechanics also love this device.

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