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MaxiSYS Series OBD2 Comparison: Autel MY908 Vs. MS908

Diagnosing engine performance is quite a difficult task for DIYers. So, if you’ve owned a car for several years, you must be aware of its engine performance. In that case, an advanced OBD2 is the most important tool to check the trouble code and fix it. There are lots of differences between professional and entry-level scanners. A professional one comes with lots of diagnostic features and functions, which is a bit more expensive than an ordinary one. On the other hand, an affordable car scanner comes with a very basic design and service functions. Professionals need the scanner to service thousands of different types and brands of cars daily. That’s why they need a special one.

So, today we are talking about two multitasking scanners from Autel called MaxiSys MY908 and MaxiSys MS908. If you need to buy a scanner for your car repair center and you are stuck between them, then go through the article. It may help you make the right decision.

Is Autel’s professional OBD2 scanner really good?

Autel is a trendy brand for every car owner. They have been providing very high-quality car repair elements at an affordable price for a decade. The main goal of every product is always to satisfy the customer. Autel is now a world leader in the manufacture and supply of car repair parts, diagnostic tools, and so on. The products of this company, starting from mid-range products to expensive ones, are easy to use and innovative.

And they always think about customer needs before designing every product. Thousands of engineers tried to make the best product for every customer. The best OBD reader is Maxi Das, and the MaxiSys series is now in the top position. They put 10% of their profits into future product development. And of all of those products, MY908 and MS908 are two of the best-selling products. I know the serial number confused you. And that’s why we are here to ease your hard time. Here we will talk about these two scanners, their differences, which one is perfect for you, etc. So before you make any decision, read this article to end up with the most suitable and ideal trouble-code reader.

What is this Autel Maxisys MY908 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner?

The MY908 scanner is mainly known as a wireless scanner with free TS401 TPMS service tools. This scanner is primarily designed for professional technicians. That’s why this is a little bit complex for regular use. It has wireless connectivity, so you don’t need to carry any cables or get a connection between your scan tool and the VCI device. The latest technology provides diagnostic facilities like advanced ECU coding, automation testing, adaption, and matching, etc., with the enhanced OE-level coverage of more than 80 US vehicles in Asia and Europe. With all these things, you also get some additional features like an oscilloscope and a digital inception camera.Autel Maxisys MY908 Scanner

With this MY908 scanner, you can get a rapid diagnosis for the Cortex -A9 quad-core processor and 32 GB solid-state device. Both of these items speed up the whole diagnosis process and save you time. The innovative technology of this scanner provides a user-friendly reader. The wireless system lets you connect this device with a tablet or big screen. From that, you can easily find any tiny faults in the scanner which are not noticeable in the scanner display. There are also some helpful services you can get, like anti-theft matching for safety, SAS reset can help you in the steering position, oil reset is used to shut down the warning light, etc. And with all of that, you also get many more features there.

What is this Autel MaxiSYS MS908 all-in-one scanner?

The Autel MaxiSYS MS908 scanner is designed with many powerful features and excellent quality. That is why this scanner is useful in difficult situations. The A-9 quad-core and 1.40 GHz processor give you 50% more speed than a regular scanner. And with that, you can easily find any problem with a 9.7 LED screen with a 1024×768 capacitive touch screen. And the Android operating system enhances the multitasking capability of this device. You also get 32GB of internal memory, so you can easily store many past trouble codes and essential information. Diagnostics at the OE level make this a perfect choice for every intelligent and technology-loving person.

You also get a 5MP rear camera with autofocus and a flashlight. You can use WiFi on this device, so you don’t need to worry about updating the machine. Just install Autel software from the internet, and then it will do the update by itself. You don’t need to worry about anything. This scanner has a built-in 11000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, giving you more than 8 hours of battery backup. So you don’t bother with cable and move it anywhere. You get strong rubber protection outside the scanner, which gives you easy storage and durability of the device in the garage.Autel MaxiSYS MS908

You also get a USB port and a microphone jack section to connect this easily. And these ports are critical for getting to the bottom of the problem. You also get a VCI connection for wireless communication with a long-range Bluetooth device. You also get a cloud-based data manager that will help you save all records about your care, issues, etc., on the Autel server for future customer satisfaction. If you want to store the issue for future use, you can print it out with the help of this scanner. And this scanner is perfect for the professional field because it gets you 80+ coverage of the car brand with so many features. So you don’t need to buy any other device for any selected car brand. You use this Autel ms908 scanner efficiently.

More Advanced Version- Autel MaxiSYS MS919 Scanner

Similarities between Autel MaxiSYS MY908 and the MS908 scanner:

There are many similarities you can find in both scanners. From the outside, it has everything the same, like a 9.7-inch capacitive touch screen with 1024×748 resolution. So that the weight and dimensions of both devices are the same, on the other hand, both machines work very fast because of the A9 quad-core processor. This makes it very powerful and fast to diagnose any fault in any car. You get 80+ car brand options in both scanners. Both devices have 2 GB of RAM and 11000 lithium-ion rechargeable battery backup. So you don’t need to worry about the cable. You get a USB and microphone port in each device so that you can easily attach any headphones and a big screen with your scanner to examine any car issues. Better 32GB solid-state memory helps you store a lot of important information there.

Both devices are used to level up the car’s OE. You can also get live data and freeze-frame data there. To know the car’s performance, you must see the emission rate, freeze frame rate, etc., with the help of this scanner. And both scanners give access there. You not only find the issue with scanners but also erase it from memory after solving it. There are also multiple language settings you get on both scanners.

So you need to go to the settings to set the language as your preference. Both devices can detect any problem with OBD2. It doesn’t give you any help in finding the problems with the OBD1 scanner. Both devices are fully updated, and they support WiFi. Install Autel software from the internet so that you can edit the system when you want. And you get one year of free software from the company after you need to buy the new version from them. And just like other audio devices, you also get a one-year warranty and free service from them.

Autel MaxiSYS MY908 Vs. MS908: Full Comparison

There is no difference between this Autel MY908 and the MS908 scanner. The price range is slightly different; the Autel MY908 is somewhat more expensive than the MS908 scanner. The MY908 scanner is specially designed for TPMS service tools. It covers all the things in this section. But MS908 is specialized from every angle. And they claim that this scanner is 50% faster than their old scanner. You can find some small differences in their scanners, but this is not a concern for any technician.Autel MY908 Vs. MS908 Scanner

Winner: Autel MaxiSYS MS908 or MY908?

  • For Fastest Diagnose: Buy the Autel MaxiSYS MS908
  • For Full TMPS Service: Buy Autel MaxiSYS MY908

From my observation, both scanners are best in their place, and this is not for a single car owner. Autel designed this scanner for professional-level technicians. There is no winner in this debate about which Autel scanner is the best. Both scanners are almost the same. The difference remains only in their price and outlook. So it depends on customer choice. But the MY908 and MS908 are both the best scanners at this price for technicians.

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