Best Online Auto Mechanic Training

Best Online Auto Mechanic Training Courses Available in 2023

The recent pandemic has caused a shock to the world. The surge in unemployment has created a severe degradation in the life of people. Most of the graduates are confused about which career to choose. Nowadays, a flourishing sector is electric automotive. There is always a gigantic demand for an automotive expert. Are you eager to choose the automotive profession as a career? Then today, I will bring you some fantastic online courses and the automotive industry that will help you in every possible way to become an automotive professional. So let’s begin the discussion without any further ado. 

The list of best Auto Mechanic Courses available

  • Prodiags 
  • Auto-mechanic Pro
  • SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) 
  • I-Car
  • Pearson Automotive Video Library series by Eric Bergwall
  • Autoshop 101

Prodiags (all-in-one online auto mechanic training courses)

This program is best for beginners as it discusses each and every course in a detailed manner. You can choose the course that you want to do. They have a group of professional teachers who can elaborately teach all the methods of the courses with the following practical aspects. Let us check some of their brilliant auto mechanic courses available, 

  • Automatic transmission course

An automatic transmission is a complex process of transferring the gear to the next level during driving. It can be called the self-sufficient module that enables the driver to change the gear automatically with the help of the accelerator and brake. The automatic transmission components are the Torque converter, planetary gears, hydraulic controls,  shifting pressure control, etc.; this course may open a new horizon of mechanical strategy for you. You can easily repair any issues related to the automatic transmission. Automatic transmission course

  • The basics of the automotive electrical troubleshooting 

The electrical wirings and the circuits are mainly responsible for providing the necessary information and links between the main computer and the other related parts. The electrical terminals are related to the battery; the positive and negative connections with the wires make it possible for the flow of current and power. This course will be conducted with the electrical Circuit Diagrams and Markings, oscilloscope Operating, settings, accuracy, and Measuring tools, Operational Preconditions, Fixing the Short Circuit, Fixing the battery Current, and many other interesting features. After finishing the course, you can feel the difference. You will become an expert in electrical automotive. 

  • Rims and tires work

The section of the car that is mostly ignored while diagnosis is the rims and tires. In this course, you will study the details of the tire characteristics and requirements, rim characteristics and requirements, safe wheel or tire changing, an inspection of the tires and rims, wheel balancing, and so many more concepts. One of the most basic and interesting things is that you will know the complete procedure of changing the tire by following two different methods, the professional procedure, and the DIY procedure. You will also learn about wheel balancing and wheel characteristics. All the classes will be taken on a digital whiteboard, and the study materials will be clearly printed.Rims and tires work

  • Brake servicing and maintenance 

From our point of view, the most precious repair is the maintenance of the brakes. This system is responsible for decelerating the speed and velocity of the car. This main part can avoid severe accidents by stopping the car at the right time. Prodiags is providing a tremendous course on these parts where they will discuss the following topics, recognizing different structures, functionality and components, front and rear brake servicing, drum brake service, ground checks, vehicle lift ramps, electro-mechanical parking brakes, brake cylinder inspection, examining the brake fluid circuit, changing the fluid of the break, etc. This session will be taken with necessary pictures, simulations, graphs, records, and much more. brake maintenance

  • Charging Mechanism and battery repairing

The vehicle mainly runs on electricity and battery, that’s why it is one of the crucial repair systems in the vehicle. This course will discuss the details of the charging system, alternator structure and operation, alternator control circuits and operation, inspection of the starter battery, battery chargers, battery replacement, charging system voltage drops, maintaining vehicle memory circuits, and many more aspects. After you have finished the course, you will be given a course completion certificate from Prodiags. 

  • Starting and start-stop system

The car’s starting and stopping systems are the most crucial elements in the vehicle. In the beginning, you will learn about the basic car starting techniques. In this course, you will learn how to check the starter circuit correctly, measurement assessment and condition analysis, starter motors, parts and functionality, control circuits operation, start Stop system and operational use, and lots of graphs and charts with necessary pictures illustrated. Sometimes, the car’s motor produces loud rattling noise that actually detects any irregularities in the motor of the car. After this course, you will be familiar with the traditional starter and start-stop systems used in hybrid automobiles. Starting and start-stop system

  • Basic Electronics course

The electronic system in a car is one of the most complex operations you will ever see. The vehicle is full of Resistors, diodes, computer chips, spark plugs, electric wirings, LEDs, thyristors, transistors, and microcircuits that smoothly operate the car. This course will acknowledge you with the fundamentals of electronics, core information about integrated and programmable circuits,  basic electronic components functionality, voltage divider of the circuits, voltage stabilizing, amplification circuits, delay timer circuits, and lots of other parts of the system. Prodiags will show you detailed animations, descriptions, and data charts to help you understand the process of how electronics work.

  • Workshop on Safety 

Safety precautions are the prerequisite before starting any vehicle treatment operation. This course is mainly for the novice and the beginners. Here you will learn about the warehouses and washrooms, working with combustible materials, mechanical workwear, and workstation, basics of the power tools, accidental causes and emergency notification, initiating a resuscitation, general industry requirements for workers, and workshops, work position, and lifting giving appropriate first aid and many more other things. These are actually the basic guidelines before starting the program workshop. You must wear the mechanics’ uniform, gloves, boots, eyewear, and other accessories before you start the treatment of the vehicle.

  • Workshop on Waste recycling and sorting

Hazardous wastes are the biggest threat to the world right now. E-waste has the greatest impact on nature as they degrade nature badly. When you diagnose the car with too much waste like wiring, paints, contaminated fuel, E-waste, and lots of other car residues. The course provides you with the basics of sorting at waste stations, identification and sorting of service waste, identification and sorting of waste generation by repairs, etc. By doing the course, you will be more aware than ever of the proper dumping and recycling of waste, and you can contribute to nature by systematically disposing of the waste. This will increase your acceptability as an eco-friendly operational mechanic so that the customers may keep trusting you for any diagnosis and preparation of the vehicle. 

  • Common Rail fuel system 

This system can be denoted as the lifeblood of the vehicle system. In this course, you will get to know about the basic troubleshooting techniques of the common rail fuel system. You will also learn the low-pressure & high-pressure system components, injection pressure adjustment, ins & outs of the fuel flow and pressure, fixing the component faults, proper injection timing, and the advanced level mechanism of the common rail. Special classes will be held on the adjustment of the injection pressure and the fuel ignition process in the combustion chamber. That’s how you will interact with the common rail fuel system basics.common rail system

  • The Maintenance service 

A professional attitude in repairing and maintenance of the vehicle is a must for any mechanic. There is a hierarchy or order in any repair process of the vehicle, and if you do not follow the proper order of completing the task, your fixing procedure will get more complex. So it is imperative for you to take the course. This course offers the service work stage by stage, checking fluids and filters, inspection targets and strategies, actual service procedures, fixed and resilient maintenance programs, and many more behavioral adjustment techniques to handle the customers.

  • Hybrid and electric vehicle technology 

Hybrid and high voltage electric vehicle Technology cars possess the maximum risk of getting the human body electrified with the vehicle. So the EV and HEV maintenance and repair is a high-risk workshop. To avoid the health hazard, you will get to know the General Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology, mechanisms of the high-voltage system, procedures for de-energizing the vehicle, drive and charging mechanism of the EVs, dealing with the common HEV and EV faults, battery chemicals and magnetism procedure,  personal protective equipment (PPE) & hand tools, basics of the testing equipment and many more. You will be an expert in high-voltage systems and hybridization at the end of the course. 

  • Diesel Exhaust Gas Mechanism

Diesel emission is considered one of the biggest casualties, and to reduce the risk of this dangerous emission from nature, you must know the proper strategies. This course will teach you about treatment malfunctions, service and repairs, SCR catalysts, particle filter systems regeneration, EGR control techniques and repairs, cooling of exhaust gasses with circulation-boosting, and mechanism of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), exhaust gas components system regulation, etc. Diesel exhaust gas technology troubleshooting requires a long time, and spare parts are too expensive. This material will help you learn how to eschew hazards and develop the knowledge to become a more professional mechanic. 

  • Electricity and electrical Engineering (EEE)

The most crucial part of auto mechanics is electrical engineering. Prodiags provides an extensive course on electrical engineering. In this course, they will discuss the generator, actuator and detector, multimeter and its basic measurements, power clamp, voltage, resistance, current, and power, practical application of multimeter measurements, application of the electrical engineering variables, procedures of the power and voltage laws, the generation of the electricity. All the processes are discussed with elaborate mathematical applications of electro technics that will be easy for you to cooperate with.

  • OBD2 Self Diagnostics

An OBD2 is a self-sufficient diagnostic system of the vehicles elaborated as the Onboard diagnostic system. This is a system that has been incorporated into the cars made after 1996. An OBD2 scanning device can scan the whole vehicle and register the error codes that indicate particular problems in the car. An OBD2 diagnosis is very much common around the world. Almost all the repair shops and professionals apply the OBD2 scanner to identify the problem in the initial stage of the diagnosis process. The course includes the following understanding basics of self-diagnostics, component, and functional diagnostics, details about the malfunction indicator lights and diagnostic trouble codes(DTC), the process of OBD and OEM diagnostics, elaboration of the operating modes and PID codes, component diagnostics, freeze frame data, and code deletion and many more aspects of the OBD2 smart scanning. There are thousands of obd2 codes that denote the powertrain error codes, communication, chassis error codes, and many other basic codes. When there is any problem in the car’s system, the malfunction indicator lights (MILs) or the check engine light start to illuminate. After detecting the code, the mechanics try to repair the car’s faulty parts and check other basic components like the OCV, timing chain, camshaft pulley, sensors, and ECM. This is one type of basic course that you must undertake to make a mark in the industry. 

  • Light Vehicle Proactive Maintenance 

This program is for car owners to know about the sheer problems and how to address them. You may be able to know the behavioral condition and maintenance of your own car. This course will teach you observations and approaches to the vehicle, interact with the engine compartment and handle the rattling noise, check the tires and pressures, examine all the liquid levels and coolant, practical instructions from a professional, and many more. You would become a master of your own world as you can perform a quick check if the MIL starts to blink, change the tires in case of a leakage, or be able to monitor the overall system of the vehicle after a mild accident. All in all, this course will change and improve your knowledge regarding the overall maintenance of the car. 

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System 

Tire monitoring is another vital portion of the vehicle as the entire vehicle is carried through the wheels and tires. Customary leakages of the tires and degrading the tread depth affect the vehicle’s rotation and movement. In this course, you will get to know deeply about the Basics of Tyre Pressure and Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), direct and indirect  Tyre Pressure Monitoring, operating Principles of the components, pressure Transmitter Repairs, and the details of Tyre Work. This online training provides the basics of performing tire checks during routine servicing and replacing faulty tire sensors. The module also acquaints you with laws & and legislation, minimum requirements of operation, and differences in working procedures. The characteristics of the particular vehicle tires and minimum conditions for driving at the TPMS operations are all included in the course.tyre pressure monitoring system for car

  • The location of the Campus

This is the age of modern technologies. You can interact and communicate from any part of the world with others. Prodiags is a Finland-based auto repairing training school. But what if you are not in Finland, do not worry; this course is available to anyone in any part of the world. Just pay the tuition fees, and they will add you to their personal group. After payment, you will have access to all of their programs. You can download those materials from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. They have a well-organized website that you can visit and see the course details from there.

Course Fees

The course’s payment is divided into particular modules. You do not need to buy the whole package of the courses, and you can buy the particular course you want. Each module will cost about 25$ to avail. They will add you to their lifetime premium membership after you buy the course. The advantage of this is that you will get a discount on any of the courses if you buy any other course. They also provide you with the assistance of professionals if you do not understand any of the parts, which is absolutely free of cost. 

Admission Requirements

There are no hard and fast rules for admission to Prodiags. Just purchase the course you want and start the classes. But after payment, you need to apply for access to the course, which will take a few hours.

Outcomes of the Degree 

After you have finished the course, you will be awarded a professional degree on that particular course that may add massive weight to your curriculum vitae.

Auto-mechanic Pro Course Details

Another tremendous course available in the market is from the renowned Auto-mechanic Pro. This course is for everyone who wants to know the basics of automotive maintenance.  

Details about the Program 

They offer a series of extensive programs that will need nearly a year to finish the course. The program will comprise the following topics,  

Wheel Alignment, variable valve timing (VVT), waveform Library and Oscilloscope Settings, tires Sizes and Pressures, troubleshooting Charts, and turbochargers, starting Circuits, timing components, camshaft & crankshaft sensors, and Actuators, primary and secondary Ignition, mechanical Pumps, OBD2 fault codes, Engine Control Modules (ECM), sensors and Actuators, emissions, mechanical and electronic Fuel Injection, starting and charging circuits, basics of the electrics and electrical engineering, air Conditioning, anti-locking Braking Systems (ABS) and many more internal repairing parts classes. 

Each and every module is a  separate entity, and you can perform the modules based on priority. Each module is described with details and extensive data charts, diagrams, illustrations, necessary animation, and videos. Essentially this elaborated course can turn your career as a professional automotive mechanic.  

The location of the Campus

This course is run by a group of professionals where mechanics, engineers, and technicians are present, and they are from different countries. That’s why this course is fully operated online, and there is no actual campus of the Auto-mechanic Pro.  

Course Fees

The tuition fee is almost satisfying. They are allowing you to purchase the program for only 20$. I think this is a price-worthy program where you can acquire detailed knowledge about almost all the internal and exterior parts of the vehicle. The full course duration is about 12 months, and they may extend the period if new courses are added in the future. 

Admission Requirements

There are actually no actual requirements for admission. Simply pay for the course and avail of it. You can also download the sample modules for free before purchasing the full course. 

Outcomes of the Degree 

One major piece of information that I want to share with you is that they do not provide any certification after completing the course. This is the point they should upgrade as a professional certificate is always a significant document that develops the quality of the curriculum vitae.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

If you are a novice and want to begin your career with training in the automotive industry, then there is no better place than the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). This is an organization of professionals where all the courses maintain a higher standard. All the courses that the SAE offers are very much professional in nature. So can be sure about the quality of the course and they will provide a professional certificate after the completion of the program.

Course Details 

The extent of the SAE programs is really substantive and cannot be finished writing it here. They can offer you LIDAR, ADAR, and Autonomous Sensor Systems for Hybrid or EV Transmission and Drivetrain Maintenance and Repair. All the genres have thousands of courses available on the internet. All of their professionals are highly qualified and have decades of experience. You can surely purchase any of their programs without any hesitation.

The location of the Campus

The SAE has a network worldwide, but there is no specific campus. All the courses are taken online, and the provision of the certification is a fully digitalized system. If you want a home tutor, check out their website to find the facility of being taught by a professional. 

Tuition Fees and Types of Financial Aid Available

The tuition fee varies for different courses. You can visit their website for tuition fee details. In some special cases, There is Financial Aid Available. But that discount is available based on which medium you are choosing. The amount of financial aid is different online and offline. You need to fill out and submit a form beforehand to get financial assistance.

Admission Requirements

There are actually no actual requirements for entry-level admission. Simply pay for the course and avail of it. You can also download the sample modules for free before purchasing the full course. There might be some additional requirements for taking admission to high-level courses.

Degree Outcomes

The prime benefit for degree outcomes with SAE is that you can avail yourself of education, training, and certification through this elite organization. It is a matter of utter joy that they offer certification in multiple disciplines and levels. This degree may help you a lot in building a professional career in automotive electronics.

I-car online automotive courses

Among so many automotive courses available in the market, it is normal that you will get confused about which course to choose and why. The I-Car is providing you with an extensive automotive electronics course, including Bodywork, welding, non-structural, diagnostics, and auto damage appraisal. Let us check the detailed course outline. 

Details about the Program 

This course will include the estimator, Structural and non-Structural Technician, refinish Technician, electrical Diagnostic Technician, Production Manager, Auto Physical Damage Appraiser, mechanical Technician, and many other courses that may help to increase the overall efficiency of automotive electronics. 

The location of the Campus

I-CAR has over 500 training sites in the USA. Furthermore, they also hold partnership training programs with major companies and dealers. They also provide the courses online.

Tuition Fees

They have an extensive module and tier of courses, and you can choose any course that you want. They have a complete catalog of premium courses divided into the golden and platinum tier. As the tier advances, the courses become more professional. On their website, you can find the details of the modules and choose the best one that you want to do. 

Admission Requirements

There are actually no actual requirements for entry-level admission. Simply pay for the course and avail of it. You can also download the sample modules for free before purchasing the full course. There might be some additional requirements for taking admission to high-level courses.

Degree Outcomes

I-Car has its own certification module that is accepted around the world. The quality of the certification is decently satisfying, and it can be a top option if you want to start your career with a professional automotive degree. 

Pearson Automotive Video Library series by Eric Bergwall

If you are looking for a more detailed program about electronic automotive, this course will be a significant one for you. The famous automotive professional Eric Bergwall directs this course. Here is the detailed course outline, 

Detailed Automotive Course Overview 

This course includes a wide range of classes, and each of the topics is significant for knowing in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry. There are study questions, quizzes, tests, and other learning tools that will improve your knowledge regarding the basics of automotive. The most important chapter of the course is the L1 automotive performance technology, which clears all the performance tuning and updates concepts. 

The location of the Campus

This is entirely an online-based course that can only be found on the official website of the Pearson Automotive Video Library series. You can find this course locally as the Pearson automotive course is a renowned name in the education sector.

Tuition Fees and Admission Requirements

The tuition fee is not fixed. It varies on the basis of location, quality of the service and the course, and the quality of the instructor.

There are no fixed rules for getting admission. People from all over the world who have seen interest in the automotive sector can pursue the course.

Degree Outcomes

This is considered a valuable degree as it will create immense weight on your biodata. This course is hugely popular all over the world, and the demand for the course is always high.

Autoshop 101 automotive technician course

If you are hunting for a course on the basics and fundamentals of electric automobiles, this course is perfect. A professional named Kevin R. Sullivan operates the course. This course will be proven to be a beneficial one for you.

Detailed Course Overview 

This course contains all the basics, and it includes the electrical Circuits, electrical Fundamentals, control Devices, battery Basics and services, circuit Protection, variable Resistors, understanding Alternators and Logic Gates, analog Digital Meters, wire, Terminal, and Connector fixing, Starting and charging Systems, Wiring Diagram, electrical Diagnostic Tools, basics of semiconductors, transistors, Full details of the of Sensors & Actuators, Development of Multiplexing, understanding Relays and many more regular courses regarding the automotive.

The location of the Campus

All the courses are conducted through online media. There is no real campus of this organization. Here is a surprise for you. All the courses are free of cost. That means anyone who wants to be an expert in automotive can pursue this course.

Admission Requirements

There are no requirements for the course. If you are curious about automotive, then you are most welcome in this course.

Degree Outcomes

You will not earn any certificates as the course is totally free of cost. But it can play a salient role in choosing the right career; if you are interested in the automotive industry, then you are warmly welcomed through this course.

Final words

An effective automotive training course can change your horizon and perception of the automotive sector. Nowadays, a decent number of graduates want to start their careers as professional auto mechanics, as the demand in this sector is growing daily. Based on the above discussion, we find Prodiags is the best automotive course among all the courses as this is worth both your time and money. This type of extensive course with the shortest possible tuition fee is quite rare. If you pursue the course that Prodiags offers, you will become a professional mechanic within a few months. If you have that passion and intention to become a professional in the automotive sector, then no other article will benefit you like this one.

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