Can Bluedriver program vehicle key fobs?

Can Bluedriver program vehicle key fobs?

Key fobs are typical for most current automobiles as they grow more technologically equipped. With the touch of a button, a key fob enables remote locking and unlocking of your car doors, trunk opening, and even vehicle engine starting. Whether you can program a new key for yourself or must visit a dealership may arise if you lose or damage your current one. This article will examine the alternatives accessible to you and whether the Bluedriver can program a key fob.

What is a Bluedriver? 

A portable diagnostic device called Bluedriver may be used to identify and resolve issues with the engine and gearbox of your automobile. It is a portable Bluetooth OBD2 gadget that connects to your smartphone via an app, making it simple to use. You may read and clear issue codes, see real-time statistics and run different system checks using the program.Bluedriver

Can Bluedriver Program Key Fob? 

Unfortunately, Bluedriver cannot program a key fob. Bluedriver is a diagnostic tool meant to help you identify and correct problems with your car’s engine and transmission. Key fobs and other automobile keys cannot be programmed with this device. These are some of the ultimate builds that the Bluedriver Program Key Fob has instilled.

What are alternative options for programming a key fob? 

You have a few choices for a new key fob. The initial choice is to visit a dealership. The majority of auto shops have the tools and expertise to program new key fobs for your vehicle. This is expensive, and you might have to schedule an appointment or buy a new key fob from the dealer. A third-party locksmith is an additional choice. 

The tools and knowledge needed to program new key fobs for your automobile are widely available among locksmiths. This alternative may cost less money, and you can obtain a new key fob programmed the same day as opposed to traveling to a dealership. 

Finally, you may also try to program a new key fob yourself. Although it could be the least-priced choice, this one might also be the most difficult. The owner’s manual for your automobile contains programming instructions that must be followed together with the acquisition of a new key fob. Self-programming a key fob can take some time, and it can take several tries to get it properly.

How to prevent unauthorized key fob OBD2? 

Key fob programming is not something Bluedriver can perform; hence there is no reason to stop it from doing so. There are actions you may take to prevent unwanted access to your automobile’s systems if you are worried about the security of the key fob programming in your car.How to prevent unauthorized key fob OBD2

Keep your key fob secure:

When not in use, storing your key fob in a protected area is crucial. This can prevent someone from stealing or accessing your key fob and programming it without your knowledge.

Use a key fob with rolling codes:

Many contemporary key fobs have rolling codes, which means that the code is altered each time the fob is used. By doing this, you can stop someone from stealing the code and using it to unlock your automobile.

Enable security features:

Security features on some automobile models might assist in preventing unwanted access to your vehicle’s systems. You might be able to enable a PIN or security code that must be input before the key fob can be programmed, for instance.

Keep your car software up to date: 

The auto industry frequently releases software updates for your car’s systems. These upgrades might increase system security. Keep the software on your automobile updated to guarantee that you have the most recent security features and protections.

Avoid third-party key fobs: 

While key fobs purchased from a third party could be less expensive than those purchased through the dealership, they might not have the same level of encryption or security. The easiest way to guarantee the security of your car’s systems is to utilize key fobs from the dealership or a reliable locksmith. You may aid in preventing illegal access to your vehicle’s systems and guarantee the security of your key fob programming by following these instructions.

Relations between the Blue Driver program fob and other mechanical parts

The Bluedriver diagnostic tool and other mechanical components of your automobile are not directly connected. Bluedriver does not interact with the key fob or any other mechanical components in your car; instead, it is made to assist in diagnosing and resolving issues with the engine and gearbox systems.Blue driver program

The car’s mechanical components may have an impact on how well your key fob functions. For instance, if the battery in your car is weak or failing, it might not be able to supply enough power to the key fob, which might lead to problems when trying to program or use the fob. Similar to how it can influence the functionality of your key fob and make it challenging to use if your car’s door locks or sensors are broken or not working properly. If this is the case, programming or using your key fob may not be possible until the mechanical issues with your automobile have been identified and fixed.

This is where the Bluedriver diagnostic tool might be helpful because it can show you any engine problems. Your transmission or other systems might impact your key fob or other mechanical parts’ functionality.


Despite being a fantastic diagnostic tool for your automobile, the Bluedriver cannot program a key fob. When you need to program a new key fob, your best alternatives are to visit a dealership or a private locksmith. Remember that programming a new key for yourself will keep the software on your automobile updated, but it is difficult and time-consuming. Whichever choice you decide on, be sure you always have a backup key fob available in case you misplace or break the first one.

In conclusion, even if there is no direct connection between the Bluedriver diagnostic tool and other mechanical components of your automobile, it is crucial to maintain the functionality of these systems in order to guarantee the proper operation of your key fob and other electronic components. The Bluedriver can assist you with identifying and resolving any problems with your car’s mechanical components that could influence how well your key fob works. 

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