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Launch OBD Scanner Version: USA VS China

Launch OBD Scanner VersionThe Launch is a very popular and trustable name in the automotive component world. This year, Launch took first place as the preferable scanner of the year. That’s why many people are interested in this brand and want to learn every detail. The Launch is a globally recognizable brand, and this multinational brand has many headquarters in different countries. Many people think the device also changes with the variation of head office. The principal head office was held in San Francisco, California, United States. This brand is also available in-store in China, the UK, etc. The Launch was founded in 1992 in China and was the first professional high-tech company. This brand still keeps its position. They not only produce OBD scanners for cars but also develop products for automotive diagnostics, auto testing, auto cleaning types of equipment, etc. 

What is the difference between US and China OBD scanners from Launch?

Many people think there are differences between Chinese and American-based products. Is it true or not? The Launch is very popular for automotive products. And the OBD scanners of this brand are all manufactured in China. That means every OBD scanner is made in China, and after the product is built, it goes to another country for selling. The product line for manufacturing an OBD scanner for cars is divided into two sections: automotive diagnostic and under-car service with lifting and alignment types of equipment.

Every Launch product comes mainly from China, but after reaching other countries, some product software changes with respect to those countries’ laws. And that the main difference lay in these two countries’ devices. The Launch team mainly makes all their devices in China, including R&D, then all the agents from different countries collect them from there, then sell the product in another country. They also manage customer issues country-wise.

Many people think China gives them technical support or not. At first, Launch is a very large company, and they try their best to support every user all over the world. And just for this purpose, they offer 24/7 service in the customer care center. For the users, they also appoint many expert engineers who are ready to help any user everywhere and anytime. So if you have this scanner, you can get help from anywhere. First, contact the agent from where you got the scanner. After that, they will help you out of trouble very easily. You don’t need to worry about your location at all.

Now you must hear from a local agent not to buy the scanner online or from those scanners not registered in the USA, Europe, or where you belong. It would help if you thought about why they were told not to buy one country’s scanner in another because it needs to change some features, including the country’s laws and other facilities. And this scanner also has a separate serial number for tracking down. So when you get a scanner from another country, there is a chance that the agent can’t help you accurately. Because they can’t provide the support in-depth, and that’s why you don’t get the expected result from there.


At last, I think the confusion between scanners from different countries of the Lunch brand is gone now. And the main thing about their popularity is that they provide the best kind of device at an affordable price. I don’t think it changes the product quality in the country. All launch products come from China and develop the Tech side of the scanner. And with the changing of time, their tech team works hard to develop every product and give a great device. People now love updated cars, and old-designed scanners don’t give them a proper support system. The Launch develops every product vehicle-wise. And they also try to attach features for diagnosing the old, vintage car also. So if you are a car mechanic, you can get a professional-level scanner from there.

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