P0341 error code: Camshaft position issue resolved

P0341 codeThe car camshaft is mainly used to rotate the shaft of the engine and then activates the intake and exhaust valve of each cylinder. So if any issue happens, then the powertrain control module or PCM sends a trouble code into the dashboard of the car. And when the car faces any issue related to the camshaft position in bank 1, it sends code P0341 to the system. Learning this code is very important because if you are new to your car, you don’t have any idea which codes are dangerous and which are mindless. So if you are interested to learn about the trouble code P0341, you need to read the whole article.

What is the meaning of the trouble code P0341?

The trouble code P0341 indicates the issue with the camshaft position sensor performance. The engine needs to rotate the camshaft synchronizing with the car’s crankshaft. And the engine computer or ECM continuously takes this performance from the crankshaft position sensor or CKP. After getting the result, it compares it with another signal coming from the camshaft position sensor. If ECM finds any under or over-ranged signal from this comparing value, it can easily detect if any issue happens there. Then it shows error code P0341 on the user’s car dashboard.

So when the car faced any issue in its camshaft position sensor’s A circuit range in bank 1, it triggered the error code P0341. And it’s essential to know that this code won’t be set until the cam sensor is completely removed from the sensor. But the sensor determined pulses were not matched with the pulses of the crankshaft sensor. So this code only happens when a car faces any issue with its camshaft sensor.


There is no single reason for this error code P0341, and there are a bunch of different reasons behind this issue. And if you want to learn about the car repairing method, you just need to know the basic reason for every car’s error code. And just like that, let us learn what the main reasons behind this issue are:

  • Defect in the camshaft position sensor
  • Short or loose connection in wiring connections
  • Inappropriately installed sensor
  • Damaged Reluctor wheel sensor
  • Issues with timing
  • Damaged/ stretched timing belt
  • Issues with a variable timing mechanism
  • Old and poorly performed battery
  • Defective starter motor
  • Defect in the connection of PCM

Common Symptoms

Just like cause, there are many symptoms you can notice if you find this P0341 code on the car. And those basic symptoms are given below:

  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Hesitating when starting the car, sometimes not starting at all
  • Surging at low-speed drive time
  • Stalling issue of the engine
  • Sometimes automatically start limp mode
  • The idling of the car engine is either too high or too low
  • Increase consumption of fuel
  • Misfire or running rough while driving the car
  • Spins the issue of the car engine but doesn’t start it
  • Engine power loss(very little)


The main issue of this P0341 code is starting the car. You can drive your car with this code in the scanner. But there are a few consequences you may face while driving it. For a faulty camshaft sensor, the engine faces a hard time starting, stalling, and sometimes doesn’t start at all. And if you succeed in starting your car, you face some issues like rough run, jerk, or misfire. I know this is not comfortable for every car driver. And the check engine light is another issue, and it may stop to test the emission of the car. So that user doesn’t get any idea about the vehicle’s fuel consumption. It just reduced fuel economy. So if you have had this issue before, you must know how uncomfortable it is to drive a car with this error code P0341.


The mechanics follow many easy steps. So if you are new at this, you must follow all these steps very carefully, then you can easily find where the issue happens. And if you succeed in knowing where the problem is, you can easily solve this error code on your own, which means DIY it. This not only saves your time but also saves some money for your car maintenance budget. So let us check how to diagnose the car to find the issue P0341:

  • At first, every technician attaches a digital car scanner to find the car’s past and present stored code. From the codes and document of freeze frame data, they at first verify the issue of a vehicle,
  • After finding the code, at first, they clear all this stored code from the car, run the engine for testing purposes and then again run the scanner to check if the code is still in the engine system or not. If they find the code, they take the next step.
  • Then they visually inspect every part of the wiring and connections in the crankshaft and camshaft sensor. Mainly they want to know if there is any damaged or broken wiring or not.
  • Then disconnect all the resistance and signal voltage of the camshaft and check each part very carefully.
  • Check the sensor connection to see if there is any corrosion there or not,
  • At last, check the Reluctor sensor, whether it’s working perfectly or not. Sometimes the damaged camshaft gear from there also creates this issue in the car.

If you are new with your car and don’t know about car parts, then you can get help from the car manual. From this book, you can easily find every part of every sensor with a pictorial diagram. And from the OBD sensor, you can also find where the main issue is located. So try to use the manual if you are a noob in this field. 


A few mistakes happen when you diagnose this P0341 code. The first one is failure to check and remove the damaged camshaft when it has excess metal because it occurs erratically or has no readings in the sensor. Another one is when failure is duplicated, mistakenly replacing the sensor. And there is totally no need to change the old one.

How to fix the error code P0341 in the car?

There are a few easy steps you can follow to solve the trouble code P0341, like:

  • If the issue is in the camshaft sensor, then replace it.
  • If the Reluctor is damaged, change the defective one and install a new one.
  • Verify all sensor inputs and check if the exact voltage is present there or not. 
  • If there is any loose or broken connection in connectors or wiring, first try to repair it. But if it’s not possible, then change the broken one and fix the connectors just like before.
  • Check the continuity from the PCM, and you need a digital multimeter. If there is any continuity present in there, replace the camshaft position sensor. 

You can get help from online auto repair resources and guides if you get confused with all these methods. It contains all details of every car, including thousands of these kinds of issues and their solutions. They just make it easy to solve this type of issue for every model car. But if you are still unable to fix the issue on your own, then contact your mechanic and get help from there. They use many updated scanners and devices to find the exact problem for this code. It saves you some time and also ensures that the code is solved.

How much does it cost to fix the error code P0341?

The cost mainly depends on the issue-related devices. It’s also different in labor cost and car model. Because each car has a different kind of sensor and wiring system, that’s why the price also differs from one model to another. Labor costs also depend on how damaged your car is and how much time they need to solve this in your car. So it’s really tough to tell you the exact amount of budget it needs to fix.

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