code_P0335The crankshaft of the car mainly contains a series of cranks and crankpins, and all this is connected to the rod of the engine. This mechanical part is primarily used to perform a conversion between reciprocating motion and rotational motion. The OBD scanner is mainly used to find any issue in the whole system of the car. And when this scanner faces a problem in the crankshaft, it sends the P0335 code into the scanner. Here we are going to talk about the details of this generic code, P0335.

What is the meaning of trouble code P0335?

When the car doesn’t seem able to connect with the electronic control module or ECM and doesn’t get to scan the crankshaft positions, then your car’s OBD finds this trouble code P0335. The CKP sensor is mainly used to learn about your car’s running speed from the car’s computer. ECM is the primary information giver of the vehicle, and it collects the information when injecting the fuel or when the spark plugs should ignite the mixture of air and fuel

With the crankshaft, there is a Reluctor ring attached. And the CKP sensor attaches to this ring and works in conjunction. This sensor tells the ECM where the crankshaft is at any time. And the attached ring moved in front of the sensor, and it created a square wave voltage indicator. With the help of this process, the ECM of the car can easily find the location of the car’s crankshaft. 

So when the car faces any issue with detecting the location of the crankshaft at any time or if any don’t find the pulse of this part, it creates the trouble code P0335 and sends it to the car dashboard. Finding accurate ratings from CKP is mandatory. Otherwise, it also creates another issue in your engine system.

What is the reason behind the issue?

There are some reasons behind every troubleshooting, and this is also the same in this case. So let us find what the main reason for this trouble code P0335 is:

Common symptoms:

There is also a list of some primary symptoms of this trouble code, and if you know this, you can quickly notice the issue in a bit of time. The symptoms are given below:

How to diagnose the trouble code P0335?

After you confirm the issue is P0335, now it’s time to diagnose the location of the problem. Every professional starts their work with a scanner and runs through the history of PCM. All past and present codes are saved on the PCM, and freeze frame data helps a lot. After that, they first clear all code from the history and run the car for a test drive. Then again, use the scanner to find any issue there or not. If they find the code, then start their second stage, which means visual inception in the crankshaft and their every connection. 

If you are not professional but DIY in this field, then first find the RPM data from the engine. And you get this data from the crankshaft position sensor, and if you notice any unusual rating, then this trouble code is related to the sensor or the wiring connections. And if you don’t get it from there, you need to check the CKP square pattern. To find this, you can use the car manual, which will help you find the location of CKP in a bit of time. And when you see this go to the next solution stage.

Common mistakes

Some common mistake happens in this stage by any professional to DIY mechanics. And the main one is not following every step properly or diagnosing the whole system. And the most common thing ever over-overlooked is the position of the crankshaft sensor. Because every time it needs to be checked, any broken sensor ring or timing bolt is not overlooked.

How to solve the trouble code P0335?

There are some straightforward and standard methods to fix the error code P0335 from the dashboard, and those are:

These are essential solutions to fix this crankshaft issue in the car. After making any changes, just remove the code from memory and reset the system. Then run the car for a test drive; after that, use a scanner to diagnose the issue from the system. If you don’t find the code in the dashboard now, that means you just solved the error. And your car is ready to go. But if you face the error code again, then you need to go to the professional one. It will cost you money, but they can find the main reason behind this issue and solve it in a bit of time. That means saving some time.

The seriousness of the trouble code P0335:

Sometimes any user can find this code while driving the car, and if they don’t know about it, they panic. The main indication of trouble code P0335 is notified of some serious electrical problem or mechanical failures on the engine system. For this issue, users also face drivability problems, and the car also faces issues in driving or should not be moved. Some updated cars can run very hard and after some time, they die and don’t restart. For this reason, the user needs to find the issue and fix this as soon as possible to avoid further damage. 

The cost of repairing:

It’s really very important to fix the issue immediately. If you cannot fix it by yourself, you need to get help from a professional. And if the issue is related to a crankshaft position sensor, then you need around $250, for the timing belt $360, the timing chain $2000, and ECM $1100. But if you fix it first, it could cost less, but if you ignore this, it creates a mess in there and costs you more than you think.

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