P2092 Code

P2092 Code: Meaning, Symptoms, Causes and the Best Way to Fix

The car’s camshaft is primarily used to measure any fixed cylinder’s fuel injector, and coil firing synchronizes in sequence. And if this sensor fails to perform this calculation, it loses its ability to transfer data. This sensor mismatch also causes an issue with fuel delivery and ignition timing for a few possible errors. And for that, you will experience sintering, poor accelerator performance, low power, and, worst of all, and the system will be shut down. We’re talking about the error code P2092, which is associated with this camshaft position actuator. And the details about this problem, including how to fix it, are given below.

What is the definition of the engine code P2092?

The diagnostic trouble code, abbreviated as DTC, is a generic error code that can be read by all OBD scanners. This trouble code P2092 indicates that the engine control module (ECM) discovered a low control circuit in the camshaft position actuator in Bank 2. This code may differ depending on the car brand, model, version, powertrain configuration, and so on, so before making any changes, learn everything you can about your vehicle.

Diagnostic code OBD-II P2092 is linked to the bank 2 A camshaft position actuator control circuit. P2092 is set, and the check engine light illuminates when the Engine Control Unit (ECU) detects incorrect signals inside the A camshaft position actuator control circuit code. Some automobiles may require several failure cycles before the check engine light comes on.the engine code P2092

The camshaft position actuator control circuit’s role is to monitor differences between the camshaft/s and the crankshaft and deliver a signal to the ECU. This is accomplished through the employment of camshaft and crankshaft position sensors, which convert fluctuating degrees between the camshaft/s and the crankshaft into a voltage signal that the ECU uses to alter the timing and maximize engine performance. This code is A Camshaft Position Actuator Control Circuit Low Bank 2 and denotes a detected low electrical condition within the previously mentioned A camshaft position actuator control circuit on bank 2.

The timing must be examined with the appropriate test equipment, and the settings must be exact for the engine to function properly. If the timing reading is off, it means that the belt, chain, gears, essential timing components, etc., are damaged or worn. When a timing belt or chain has recently been replaced, this code may have been caused by the timing components being out of alignment.

Common signs:

You must pay attention to certain signs in your automobile if you want to rapidly fix this issue. Like:

  1. MIL or Malfunction Indicator Light is turning on,
  2. Low oil pressure,
  3. Misfire in the engine,
  4. Decrease engine performance,
  5. Increased fuel use,
  6. Illuminated service soon light,
  7. Rough engine idle,

What are the reasons behind this code?

 There are also some different reasons for this trouble code P2092. Like:

  1. Old timing chain
  2. Damaged camshaft variable timing solenoid
  3. Fault in variable timing actuator
  4. Low level of engine oil
  5. Damaged or burn fuse
  6. Incorrectly installed timing component
  7. Damaged connectors and wiring
  8. Defective ECU
  9. Corroded wiring

How do I diagnose the problem?

When you are familiar with every aspect of error code P2092, you must be eager to learn how to fix it. To resolve this issue, you must adhere to a few straightforward instructions. Like:

  1. The first step in troubleshooting any fault is to look up Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for the individual vehicle by year, model, and engine combination. In some cases, directing you in the proper way can save you a lot of time in the long run.
  2. The second step is to examine the oil level and the condition of the oil. The right oil pressure is critical to the operation of this circuit. Then, find all of the components in this circuit and do a comprehensive visual inspection to look for visible flaws such as scraping, rubbing, bare wires, or burn spots. Check the connectors for security, corrosion, and damaged pins. This procedure must involve all sensors, components, and the ECU.
  3. This procedure needs the use of a digital multimeter as well as specific technical manuals for the vehicle. An oil pressure gauge and timing light are also helpful in this situation. Different voltage requirements will apply depending on the year and the kind of automobile.
  4. The timing must be examined using the appropriate test equipment, and the settings must be exact for the engine to function properly. If the timing reading is off, it means that the belt, chain, or gears—essential timing components—are damaged or worn. When a timing belt or chain has recently been replaced, this code may have been caused by the timing components being out of alignment.
  5. The camshaft and crankshaft sensors are typically given a voltage reference from the ECU of around 5 volts. In order to ensure that the wiring, connections, and other components are in excellent working condition, continuity testing may be necessary if this approach reveals the lack of a power source or ground. Always conduct continuity testing with the power off, and the typical resistance value for wiring and connectors should be 0 ohms. Resistance or a loss of continuity is a sign that the wire is defective, open, or shorted and that it needs to be fixed or replaced.

The problem may be solved easily as well. Simply carry out this action to fix the issue. You might consider how crucial it is to break this code. The problem must essentially be resolved as quickly as possible. Because if you notice an issue with the automobile, it might cause damage or perhaps an accident while you’re driving. The break is connected to this issue. Therefore, whenever you see the code P2092, I always advise you to fix the issue.

Some mistakes you must avoid when diagnosing the problem:

You may have often made some common mistakes to find out the problem. Like:

  1. Forget to check the freeze frame data, which determines the condition and depends on whether the DTC was set.
  2. Forget to check the vehicle’s document to know if the code is correct; this is the exact code for the system.
  3. Sometimes the diagnostic equipment could not scan the problem properly from the DTCs.
  4. Always check the compatibility with the car; check the replacement equipment of the parts.
  5. Forget to run the performing test to determine the problem with any component.

How to fix the trouble code P2092?

  • The oil pressure gauge lowers engine wear and guarantees that the car engine does not overheat and continues to function smoothly. When viewing the oil pressure gauge, keep in mind that the pressure will be higher in cold weather due to the increased thickness of the oil. Visit us to purchase a high-quality oil pressure gauge online.
  • A common reason for this P2092 error code is a crankshaft malfunction. So replacing them now will be a wise move.
  • Another cause of the P2092 issue is a malfunctioning Valve Timing (Vvt) Harness and its components. An immediate replacement is required to fix this issue.
  • Does the engine light on your automobile turn off suddenly after you reset it, or is it still on? The following are some typical symptoms of a malfunctioning engine control module in your car.
  • The PCM acts as the main computer system in the mechanism of an automobile. This auto part is in charge of all the constituents and the functions they execute. Because it is so vital to the operation of all the pieces, any flaw in it will damage practically every aspect of an automobile.
  • The ECU is a crucial component of the onboard computer in your automobile. It controls a large number of systems and subsystems in the engine, drive train, and other crucial parts of your automobile. Visit us to get high-quality ECU online.

To diagnose an OBD code problem, seek the assistance of a skilled mechanic. To resolve this issue, use high-quality diagnostic tools. Purchase new tools and equipment from us!

The seriousness:

Code P2092 indicates a serious failure in the camshaft actuator control circuit on bank 2. The camshaft will be unable to advance or retard as necessary, resulting in a loss of power. The engine may enter failure management mode on some vehicles, limiting throttle control.

Repair Cost:

The cost of repairing the trouble code P2092 from cr is unpredictable. Because there are many reasons behind this issue, ensure the reason for this trouble code. The cost-specific parts in car tools and parts differ from the brand. The cost range is $110 to $150. And any professional needs a minimum of one hour to fix this, and this cost also differs from one garage to another, one place to another. 


Finally, you are aware of the cause of error code P2092. The car’s camshaft sensor was involved in this problem. The code must be read again as quickly as possible. With this code, operating your vehicle is simple. However, this problem raises the cost of automobile maintenance and increases fuel consumption. Additionally, this error code reported that there was black smoke and a strong smell coming from the exhaust area. Try to resolve this issue as soon as you can because this smoke is bad for the environment.


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