XTOOL D8 vs. D7 Professional OBD2 Scanner

XTOOL D8 vs. D7 Professional OBD2 Scanner: Review and Specification

XTOOL D8 vs. D7 Professional OBD2 ScannerIf you love to work with cars, then you must know Xtool. They have provided the best type of car-related product for many years. And they designed many car repair products for a single car user to car mechanics. Here we are talking about their two selling professional scanners, D7 and D8. If you get stuck between these two scanners, this article will help you with this.

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Technical Specifications of XTOOL D8 & D7 Professional OBD2 Scanner

FeaturesXtool D8Xtool D7
Display:8-inch touch screen7-inch touch screen
Operating System: Android 5.1.1Android 5.1.1
Processor:  Quad-core 1.8GhzQuad-core 1.6Ghz
Storage:  2G+64G2G+32G
Battery Capacity:  10000 mAh4000 mAh
Digital inspection camera: YesNo
Rear Camera: YesNo
Videoscope: YesNo
ADAS Calibration Assistance: YesNo
Bidirectional Control Function:  YesYes
ECU Coding:YesNo
Active Test:YesYes
TPMS Reset/ Airbag Reset:YesYes
Price:Check PriceCheck Price

Xtool D7 ABS Bleed/Injector Coding/Bi-Directional Scanner Review:

Xtool announced their most updated scanner in 2024 is D7. This scanner helps you command a fixed module to perform any specific test and gets you different information about the module. With that, read and write the code, and observe the resting data to find any car engine trouble for further repair with one scanner. This scanner is also very popular as a fast scanner in the market. Let’s check the features of the scanner below:Xtool D7 Scanner Review

  • Outer Specification: Start the Specification with the size and weight of the D7 scanner. The weight of the D7 scanner is around 2.3 KG., and the size of the scanner is 31.5×27.5×10.5 cm or 12.4×10.83×4.3 inches. With that, it also has a microphone, dual speaker, and 3.5 mm stereo headset jack on different sides of the scanner. And all these jacks are very useful for finding any minor issue with the car engine. Sometimes the mechanic doesn’t find the problem from the OBD2 code, then they need to hear the sound of the car engine, and this jack helps them out.
  • Screen and processor: The D7 scanner gets a 7 inches LED capacitive touch screen, and the resolution of the display is 1024×600mp. The processor of the scanner is Quad core,1.6GHz. The memory of the scanner had 1GB RAM and 31GB ROM. 
  • Massive vehicle coverage: the D7 scanner has a robust OE-level diagnosis. And this supports 85+ car brands worldwide, and this number is still growing daily. 
  • Bi-directional Control: this scanner has a Bi-directional control ability. This receives data and sends commands in the car engine system to perform many active tests like EVAP test, Fuel pump test, Cycling A/C clutch ON/OFF, cooling fan test, EGR test, windows/ door lock, etc. 
  • Huge maintenance functions: the most fantastic part of the scanner is that it has more than 26 functions. This function immensely helps to maintain your car correctly.ABS bleeding, injector coding, key programming, oil reset, etc., are the primary maintenance functions you can get with this scanner. Some details of this function are given below:
  • Oil reset: D7 can reset the new calculation of engine oil for the life system. This gives an accurate reading of the following oil change in the engine.
  • BMS reset: this scanner helps to reset the battery to clear the fault information of the low battery. And this mainly protects the new battery.
  • DPF regeneration: D7 scanner can clear the PM from the filter of DPF with the help of oxidation or combustion, which is used to stabilize the performance of the car’s stabilizer.
  • Key programming: this scanner has the feature of disabling the lost key of the vehicle to protect the car from being stolen in the future and also allows you to add a new car key.
  • Inject the coding: the scanner can inject new code into the car engine, and this gets better at identifying the injectors so that it can accurately control the injection of fuel.
  • ABS bleeding: D7 scanner can perform the bleed of the brake system so that it can restore ABS braking sensitivity. This helps you to obtain a firm brake pedal.
  • Adjustment of SAS: with the help of the D7 scanner, you can clear the memories of the fault steering angle; that’s how it resets the steering angle sensor and, after that, turns off the warning light of SAS.
  • Airbag Repair: D7 scanner can reset the old settings of the airbag sensor. So after replacing the new airbag, it can remove the old data from memory.
  • Automotive diagnostic tools: the XTool D7 scanner has Auto VIN and auto scan facility. This scanner can automatically retrieve the vehicle number identification for all available system scans with a very quick diagnosis system. This scanner works with an 8+12 cable operator, and this features support only after the 2018-designed car. Dual-band Wi-Fi frequency gives the best connection speed for the scanner. And powerful key programming capabilities can easily read the pin codes and add new keys for remote learning and key matching.
  • Multi-language: this D7 also has multi-language options: Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic, German, etc., with English.
  • Battery: the scanner has a 4000mAh battery operated at 3.7V.this scanner is designed for passenger vehicles and mainly for car technicians.

Why do you need to buy this Xtool D7 scanner?

The D7 scanner has all the primary functions a car technician needs. And this scanner is designed for professional purposes, so the price is also higher than a basic scanner. As a professional scanner, the weight is perfect, I think. Carrying a heavy-weight scanner for OBD2 purposes is very bothersome, and this scanner is lighter than other scanners. The product quality of the D7 is the best, and with a quad-core processor, it works very fast. Every professional loves a faster scanner because it saves their examination time. 

On the other hand, it also stores the memory so you can easily find an old issue and get a printout of the code for future use. The design is handy and stylish, and the screen is big enough to see any minor issue. You can also hear the engine’s sound with the microphone jack port. This helps to find any small case in the car engine; with all that, this device came with a two-year service warranty and three years of free software updates. And a USB cable and manual also come with the scanner package.

Xtool D8 ECU Coding Professional Scanner Review

Another special scanner for professionals from Xtool is D8. This scanner has an advanced ECU coding system, bi-directional control, and OE leaves diagnosis systems with auto VIN scan technology. Let us see the details features of the scanner below:Xtool D8 ECU Coding Professional Scanner Review

  • Outer Specification: the size of the scanner is 27.4×17.5×33.8 cm or 10.79×6.89×13.31 inches. And the weight of this scanner is only 3 kg. There is also a USB 3.0 charging port, microphone, and speaker jack at the side of the scanner, which is very helpful in finding any issue with the help of engine sound. With that, there is also an 8.0-megapixel autofocus rear camera with a flash.
  • Operating system, processor, and memory: Android 5.1 operating system of the D8 scanner also has a quad-core processor with 1.8GHz. The RAM space is 2GB and ROM 64GB, so you get considerable memory space with a quick scan facility. And this memory is beneficial to save past issues in there, sometimes.
  • Battery: D8 scanner is very popular for significant battery backup. The D8 scanner has a 10000mAh battery, which gives you a long battery backup.
  • Multi-language settings: D8 scanners are prevalent worldwide, and multi-language is the main reason to make it easy for the user. You not only get English but also Spanish, German, Italian, Finnish, Japanese, etc., on this device.
  • Description of the Diagnostic operation: The D8 can read the DTC and data stream. It also performs the functional test for all coding systems. With that, it also has an instant decode system in many control systems like Steering angel, self-love, suspension, motor assisted, headlamp leveling, central locking, plip programming, navigation system, rollover system, cruise system, electronic parking brake, etc. 
  • Special maintenance functions: more than 30 special functions come with this scanner. Like:
  • Oil reset: it can close the light of the oil service and reset the service mileage. After that, it also services intervals after replacing the engine oil from the car.
  • Throttle Relearn:  D8 allows the throttle operation to reset the throttle actuators so that it can get an accurate rate of throttle, and this helps to keep riding and acceleration smooth.
  • ABS bleeding: after air exhaustion, the D8 scanner gets a firm brake pad.
  • Monitor the tire pressure: D8 also gets the depth access of the TPMS sensor and is recognized by ECU.
  • Immobilizer: if the car key is accidentally lost, this allows you to disable the old key and also helps you to add a new key to the car.
  • Parking brake reset: D8 can reset the electronic parking brake of the car with the old one for safety.
  • DPF regeneration:  this D8 scanner also allows to clear of the old PM from the DPF filter, enhancing the filter’s performance thoroughly.
  • Coding injector: D8 helps you write new code to the ECU  or inject or replace it. So that it can communicate with the system accurately when you change your ECU, it also helps you to identify the new cylinder to control the fuel injection.
  • DIY mode: many hidden functions remain in the car engine. You don’t know about this function when you are new to your car. D8 can get you access there and also help to solve this. If you love DIY with the vehicle, this will help you the most.
  • Reset BMS: after replacing the old battery, D8 can remove the old fault code from memory and protect the new battery.
  • Auto VIN scan: Xtool D8 has the most updated Auto VIN scan system, which helps technicians to identify the vehicles very quickly and also quickly scan all the diagnosable ECU. It also runs the selected method for scanning purposes. And this features a support car from 2006. There is also manual VIN input in this device which can be very useful when the customer has an old-aged car. Otherwise, automatic VIN helps technicians more.
  • ECU coding: with D8, technicians can match, read and learn about all details of ECU. This scanner also helps you customize the car, sometimes unfold hidden functions, disable any annoying functions, reprogram the adaptive data after repairs, or replace the ECU for many updated cars.
  • Bi-directional control: the most updated D8 has to actuate solenoids and actuators for active testing. It sends commands to the system to scan their working status but doesn’t use the control of the vehicle. So that it can read and erase the codes, view live data, retrieve ECU information, and serve all functions like ECM, TCM, ABS, SRS, BCM, TPMS, PMS, Fuel system, light system, etc. this also helps in maintenance system like operation skills, videos, etc. 

Why do you need to buy an XTool D8 scanner?

The D8 is the most updated scanner on the market now. This 8 inches big screen helps every customer and technician find the major to minor issues easily. The resolution of the scanner also gives a clear picture of the vehicle’s engine system. A 10000 mAh battery gives a long battery backup. This scanner has 64GB of memory, so it can store a huge amount of information there. Sometimes old data is very helpful in solving any instant issue in the car. Just like other Xtool devices, D8 also gets 3 years of warranty with 2 years of free updates. This android-operated scanner has many functions, more than 30. And with that 3 Auto VIN way to scan. And all these things made this scanner the best professional scanner on the market.

Comparison between Xtool D7 and D8 scanner:

The difference between D7 and D8 scanners is given below:

  • The number of special functions: D7 has 24 special functions, but the number of this option in D8 is 30. And this is a very good option for every professional car technician.
  • Memory: D8 scanner has 64GB of internal memory, and the D7 has 32 GB. And D8 offers more space than D8.
  • Display size and resolution: the screen size of the dddd8 is 8 inches, and the screen resolution is 1024×768mp and D7 has 7 inches touch screen with 1024×600mp. So if you need a clear picture from the scanner, then D8 is the best.
  • Battery: The battery of the D7 is only 4000, and the D8 has 10,000 mAh. So D8 gives you a longer battery backup than D7.
  • Auro VIN: D7 has two-way VIN, auto scan, and manual input. But D has extra options, and it can scan the trouble code. 
  • Price: there are massive differences between D7 and D8. And D8 is the most updated one, that’s why this is more expensive than D7, but I think it’s worth this price.

Ultimately, both scanners are very easy to use and specially designed for professional reasons. These two scanners have many functions, which is why they are not for single use. And the price is also much higher than a basic scanner. But for a single-person car, you don’t need a premium-quality scanner. One simple scanner is enough for you. So, after reading the article, I think you can easily decide which one you need for your garage.

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